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Sarg 64-Who Can Cross the Sea?

Now Vaanar knew about Seetaa and Raavan from Sampaati so they were very happy and they came to the northern sea shore of the southern sea. They searched for Seetaa there including sea but couldn't find Her there. So now the question was how to cross such a huge sea which was full of huge terrible animals? Angad consoled his frightened army saying - "You should not be sad because the despair creates many troubles and decreases the strength and courage, and it will not let us our mission successful."

All sat surrounding Angad. The night was passing slowly, Elderly monkeys asked all - "Who is that brave who can cross this sea? And who can be other than Baali's son Angad or even Hanumaan who can cross this sea? (see "Why Not Angad or Hanumaan?" in side bar)

Then Angad asked - "Now who is that who can cross this sea to do Sugreev's work so that we can finish our work and meet our families? Who is going to cross this 100-Yojan sea (see here explanation for Yojan measurement) and will take us to Sugreev and Lakshman happily? Whoever wants to show his strength, tell us." Hearing this the entire monkey group got dumbfounded. Nobody could speak anything.

Sarg 65-All Vaanar Tell About Their Powers

On Angad's request all Vaanar told about their powers individually and according to their turn. Gaj Vaanar said - "I can go up to 10 Yojan." Gavaaksh said - "I can go up to 20 Yojan." Sharabh Vaanar said - "I can go up to 30 Yojan." Rishabh said - "I can go up to 40 Yojan." Gandhmaadan said - "I have the power to go up to 50 Yojan." Mayand told his power to go up to 60 Yojan. Mahaatejaswee Vaanar Dwivid told to go to up to 70 Yojan. Sushen said - "I can go up to 80 Yojan."

Hearing all this old Jaambvaan said - "There was a time when I was young, I had the strength, but because of my old age I am now unable to to go anywhere. But since Raam's work must be done, so even at this age I can go to up to 90 Yojan." He said gain after a brief pause - "I had lot of strength before. I circled Prithvi in Raajaa Bali's Yagya when Vishnu incarnated as a Vaaman Avataar. But perhaps 80 Yojan will not be enough at this time." Angad respected Jaambvaan and said - "By your grace I can go up to 100 Yojan, but I am not sure about my return, as I may not be able to use my power at that time."

Jaambvaan said again - "Hey Yuv Raaj, I know your power very well. You can go up to 100,000 Yojan, but this does not seem proper [that you yourself should go there]. You are our leader, your job is to order us [and we are there to carry them out]. To protect you is our Dharm. Because it is your responsibility to find out Seetaa. And we will accomplish it through you."

Angad said - "If I do not go for this work, nor any other Vaanar goes for it, then we should immolate ourselves. And if we go to Sugreev obeying his orders then only we will be saved, otherwise we are all dead. Therefore I do not see any other way to do this work." Jaambvaan said - "You will surely succeed in your mission." and went towards Hanumaan.

Sarg 66-Jaambvaan Reminds Hanumaan His Powers

Jaambvaan said to Hanumaan - "Why are you sitting here alone? Why don't you tell these Vaanar their duty. You are like Sugreev, you are like even Raam and Lakshman. You have the grace like Kashyap and Vinataa-Putra Garud. I have seen that mighty Garud catching snakes in sea, the same strength and power is in you too. I have seen more strength in you, then why don't you come forward? Or why are you not remembering it?

There was an Apsaraa named Punjikaasthalee. She was known as Anjanee. She was married to Kesaree named Vaanar. She was very beautiful. She could take form according to her own wish. She came to Vaanar Kul (family) by a Shaap. She took birth in Mahaatmaa Kunjar Vaanar's house and was married to Vaanar Kesaree. She used to wander around in human form clad in beautiful clothes on Parvat. Once she wore yellow silken clothes with red border. Vaayu dev saw her and pulled her red border and saw her beautiful face and body. Vaayu Dev got attracted to her and hugged her dearly. The woman got frightened, and said - "Who is that who is trying to break my Paativrat?"

Vaayu said - "I do not want to break your Paativrat therefore you don't doubt it. [I am the all permeable Vaayu Dev.] My hug will give you a mighty and brave son. That son will be like me in jumping and swimming etc." Your mother got very happy to hear this from Vaayu. You were born in a cave.

When you were a child, you saw the rising Sun and thought it was a fruit. You jumped up to 300 Yojan to get it. You did not care for Sun's heat also. When Indra saw you coming in Antariksh (sky), He got angry and hit you with His Vajra. When you fell with its hit you broke your left cheekbone that is why your Hanu (chin) became slanting and that is how your name is Hanumaan. When your father heard that you were hit by Indra, he stopped flowing in Trilok. All Devtaa got worried.

Then all Devtaa pleased Vaayu and Brahmaa gave you a Var that you will not die by any weapon or missile in battlefield. Indra also gave you a Var of Ichchhaa Mrityu. So Hey Hanumaan, you are the son of Kesaree and you have the grace of Vaayu. Today we are struggling for our life and you are here in our midst like other Sugreev.

When I circled Prithvi 21 times, then we had medicines (by churning them Amrit was extracted) with the permission of Devtaa. At that time I was very mighty, but now I am old. At this moment you are the only person among us who is the mightiest and brave, therefore get up and go on this mission. Your escape velocity is unparallel to anybody else. As Vishnu measured this Prithvi in three feet, you also show your strength." Hearing this Hanumaan showed his huge form.

Sarg 67-Hanuman Describes His Powers

All Vaanar got very happy to see Hanumaan's huge body. They al got up to see him in happiness. is physique was an unsurpassable one. Hanuman gathered his strength by shaking his tail. All Vaanar prayed him. He said - "I am the son of high-speeded, brisk paced, life-sustaining Vaayu Dev and my speed is like my father's speed. I can go round the Meru Parvat thousand times without taking rest. Or shall I skew down the ocean with the speed of my arms and shove up all marine animals?

This sea, which is the dwelling place of Varun Devtaa, will leave its limits with my thighs' power. Shall I make thousands of circumambulations of Garud, the  king of the birds, while he is in the sky . I can go to Astaachal with the Sun and arrive there before him. I can cross the sea and come back without stepping down on land. I can crash mountains. I fly in the sky like Garud or Vaayu Dev, nobody can surpass me in speed. (see "Hanumaan's Powers" in side bar)

When I will be over the sea my size will be like Vishnu's when He measured Tri-Lok in His three feet. I will definitely find Seetaa, so you should be happy. I can go up to 10,000 Yojan and can bring Amrit from Brahmaa and Indra." All Vaanar got very happy to hear Hanumaan. Jaambvaan said - "O Son of Kesaree, Today you have comforted all sad Vaanar. By the grace of elders and Guru you will surely accomplish your mission. We will wait and pray for you here standing on one leg until you come back."

Hanumaan said - "Whosoever he might be (animate or inanimate thing), nobody can bear the brunt of my bouncing. This Mahendra Parvat is very high, let me kick start from here. So Hanumaan started climbing Mahendra Parvat where trees always flowered and had fruits on them. It started sinking with the weight of Hanumaan. Animals got frightened and ran away from that Parvat. Gandharv also left that mountain and Hanumaan easily crossed the sea from there. The mountain sank down after Hanumaan took the leap.






Why Not Angad or Hanumaan?
This is the protocol of military etiquette not to use high rankers for fight, the same protocol is being used here as Angad is Crown Prince and Hanumaan is the Commander-in chief.






































Hanumaan's Powers
Hanumaan is counting his powers: (1) None has ventured to measure its circumfrance, nor its height so far; (2) None has turned the table of ocean - shall I make it so now?; (3) Unheard is the fact that marine fauna has ever come up - shall I make them come out now? (4-5) Garud might help in future and none has dared to come in the way of Garud;


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