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Sarg 1-Hanumaan Flies to Lankaa

After that Hanumaan desired for the search for Seetaa who was taken by Raavan. Hanumaan's neck and head became very high in the sky. He roamed on the grassland which looked like of emerald. Hanumaan was standing at the foot of the mountain Mahendra where lived many elephants, serpents, Yaksh, Kinnar, Gandharv etc. He saluted to Indra, Brahmaa, Bhoot (all living beings) etc and got ready to leave. Turning towards eat he saluted to his father, Pavan Dev. He treaded on the land uprooting many trees and killing many animals. 

The mountain shook, and its all flowers fell down, it looked like a mountain of flowers. Its water started gushing, its gold and silver came out in streaks. Vidyaadhar etc cried and went away from there leaving their golden pots and eatables thinking that some kinds of ghosts were destroying it. Their women left their jewelry and went away with their husbands. They stood in sky with the power of their Vidyaa (learning, or knowledge), and continued to look at that Parvat. Chaaran and Siddh who lived in the sky, told them that Hanumaan who himself was like a mountain was going to cross the sea to do Raam's work. Thus Vidyaadhar did Darshan of Hanumaan.

Then Hanumaan looked at his path, took a deep breath, pressed the mountain and said to all Vaanar - "I am going to Lankaa, if I don't find Seetaa there then I will go to Dev Lok, and if I don't find Seetaa even in Dev Lok then I will bring Raavan himself. Whatever the way, I will surely return after doing Raam's work - either by Jaanakee's news or Raavan along with his Lankaa." After saying this Hanumaan took a flight towards the sea. Many birds and trees also flew with Haunmaan in the same direction.

As Hanumaan flew, trees which were without flowers fell into the sea. When he was flying, air came out of his sides which looked like comets. He looked like Sun and his shadow was falling in the sea. The air which was coming out of the body of Hanumaan was pushing back the sea waves. His face was shining like Sun. Thus Hanumaan looked like a meteor going through he sky with great speed from north.

At that time his shadow in the water was looking like a boat driven by wind. Wind released from Hanumaan and from clouds shook the sea a lot. Its waves looked like a thin cloud from sea to sky. As the waves rose to sky, the animals living in the sea were shown around. 

Hanumaan's shadow was 10 Yojan wide and 30 Yojan long and it was following Hanumaan. Many colored clouds were flying with him. Sometimes he hid behind them and sometimes he came out of them, thus he looked like a Moon hiding behind and shining from clouds. Sun protected him from His heat because he was going to do Raam's work. Vaayu also helped him in flying. Devtaa, Gandharv and Daanav etc showered flowers on him.

When the sea saw Hanumaan flying over him, he thought that he should also do something good to him. He thought that he would provide him with a place to rest to Raam's servant as he was created by Raajaa Sagar, so he requested Mainaak Parvat - "You have the ability to go up and down, that is why I say to you that you rise and respect to Ikshwaaku Vansh people, because they are respectable to me and they are more respectable to you. So you help us.

Raise yourself above the water and provide the ground to Hanumaan to take rest on you. You should do this seeing Raam's gentleness, exile of Seetaa, and Hanumaan's efforts." Then that Mainaak came out of the sea immediately shining forth like a Sun. Sky's hue became yellow because of its golden peaks..

As Hanumaan saw it rising in the middle of his path, he thought it as an obstacle so he pushed it down with his speed. Mainaak fell down but got happy to see Hanumaan's strength and speed. Then he took the human form and said to Hanumaan - "You have taken up a great task of crossing the sea so come and take some rest on me. The ocean was developed by Raghu's dynasty. When a service is done, a returning service needs to be rendered, it is an ancient tradition. So please accept Saagar's hospitality and take some rest on me. Here are some very sweet fruits, Kand and roots, you may eat some and then leave for you forward journey.

Besides, you have some relation with me too. You are famous in Trilok. You are the son of Vaayu (Wind). If I worship you, that means that I have worshipped Vaayu also that is why you are respectable. 

Besides, there is another reason. Parvat used to have wings and wandered around like Garud in Krit Yug. Devtaa, human beings, Rishi got scared of such flying mountains lest they fall on them, that is why Indra cut the wings of many mountains with his Vajra. Indra came to me also. At the same time Vaayu picked me up and threw me far away in this sea. That is why my feet and wings are still secured and I am indebted to your father for this. That is why I wanted to welcome you. Both, sea and I, will be very glad to have you here."

Hanumaan got very happy to hear Mainaak and said - "Mainaak, I am very pleased with you, but because of the importance of my work, I am unable to stay. Secondly, I have vowed not to stay anywhere in between, therefore do not be sad on my not staying." Then he touched the mountain and flew towards Lankaa with a great speed. 

Then Hanumaan flew on the path of his father. Devtaa praised Mainaak's action also and Indra made him fearless. Mainaak stood still there and Hanumaan leapt over him.

Then Devtaa, Gandharv spoke to the mother of Naag Surasaa that "you take a mountainous form and create an obstacle to Hanumaan for an instant. We want to find out his strength." Surasaa did so. She took a horrible form and appeared in front of Hanumaan in the middle of the ocean which feared all.

She stopped Hanumaan and said - "Today Devtaa have given me good food, so I will eat you. You come into my mouth." Hanumaan said - "Dasharath's son Raam and Lakshman came to Dandak Van with Seetaa. In the absence of Raam and Lakshman, Raavan abducted Seetaa. I am going to Seetaa as Raam's messenger. You live in Raam's kingdom, so you should also help Raam. Let me finish Raam's work then I will come myself to you and you may eat me."

Surasaa said - "Nobody can go ignoring me. This is boon to me. If you want to go, you will have to enter my mouth first." Speaking thus she stood in front of Hanumaan opening her mouth. Hanumaan got angry at this and expanded his body up to 10 Yojan long and 10 Yojan wide. Surasaa opened her mouth up to 20 Yojan long. Hanumaan expanded his size up to 30 Yojan long. Seeing this Surasaa expanded her mouth up to 40 Yojan high, and Hanumaan expanded his body up to 50 Yojan high. Surasaa made her mouth 60 Yojan high and Hanumaan expanded his body up to 70 Yojan high Surasaa made her mouth 80 Yojan high, so Hanumaan became 90 Yojan high. 

Immediately wise Hanumaan shrunk his size to a thumb size, entered Surasaa's mouth and came out in a moment. He said - "O daughter of Daksh, I greet you Ma, I did as you said, now I go to look for Seetaa." Surasaa came to her real form and said - "Hey Vaanar, Your mission will be accomplished. Go and bring Seetaa and Raam together."

Hanumaan went on his journey as before. Then there was a Raakshasee names Sinhikaa who saw Hanumaan's increased size. She thought "After a long this big animal has come in my sight, this will be a good meal for me". Thinking thus in her mind she attracted his shadow and grasped it. Hanumaan got worried as who was stopping him going forward. He looked all around and found a large animal coming up the sea water. Then he remembered that "maybe this was the animal Sugreev was talking about."

So he expanded his body like a cloud in the rainy season. Sinhikaa also expanded her mouth equal to the middle of Paataal Lok. Immediately Hanumaan shrunk his body and fell into her mouth. He tore up her internal organs and flew out of her mouth and to the sky. Seeing that animal killed creatures of sky blessed Hanumaan for the success of his work, that whoever has the four qualities - courage, vision, intellect and skill, he can not be defeated.

Then Hanumaan saw many trees at the end of his 100 Yojan flight. He got down there and saw an island also in the region of Malaya. Hanumaan thought, "Seeing my huge body and speed Raakshas will be curious", so he changed his size to a very small size. He decided his mission and he appeared on the high peak of Lamb mountain. He cast a glance on Lankaa from there.







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