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There are many humorous stories among which Akbar-Birbal stories are number one, but there are some other ones also. They are like Akbar-Birbal stories. Akbar-Birbal stories are from North India from Akbar's court, but there are some other stories famous from south India also. They are also like Akbar-Birbal stories, but they are of Nasreddeen Hodjaa (of 13th century AD)  Nasreddeen Hodjaa's Stories, Tenaalee Raam's Stories (of 16th century AD), etc.

Other Stories

Nasreddeen Hodjaa
About Nasreddeen Hodjaa
List of Hodjaa Stories

1. Hodjaa Outwits His Donkey
2. Fast Horse
3. Hodjaa Tells a Story
4. Mullaa's Flattering Answer
5. The Mullaa Uses His Head
6. Fast Horse
7. Milk for Mullaa
8. Donkey's Relative
9. Hasty Reward
10. Hodjaa as a Coachman

Tenaalee Raam
About Tenaalee Raam
1. Tenaalee Raam and a Boy
2. Tenaalee Raam and Eggplant

Humor Stories
1. God is Missing
2. Power of Number Nine
3. Story of Tomato

Here are given some, hope you will enjoy them. Mind it, they are humorous stories, not the jokes.



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