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Hodjaa's Story No 10

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10-Hodjaa as a Coachman

Once Hodjaa took up a job of coachman. One day his master asked him to go to some disreputable area of the city. As they came nearer to that area, his master said - "Carefully, This area is full of thieves."

The master's destination had come, so he got down and entered a house. After a while the master thought to check on his coachman, so he asked from that house window - "Is everything all right? What are you doing?"
Hodjaa replied - "I am sitting here wondering what happens to a man's lap when he gets up."

A little later the master again shouted from the window - "What are you doing?"
Hodjaa again replied - I am wondering what happens to a fist if the fist is opened."

Master was happy to know this. He boasted to his host - "My coachman is is not an ordinary man. He is a philosopher."
Half an hour after the master again checked on his coachman - "What are you doing now?"
Hodjaa replied - "I am wondering who stole the horses?"

The End



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Created by Sushma Gupta on 5/27/2001
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