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Hodjaa's Story No 1

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1-Hodjaa Outwits His Donkey

Hodjaa loved his donkey very much. At times he used to carry salt to sell in the market. One day when he was carrying his salt on his donkey, a river came on the way. The day was very hot, so donkey thought if I make only one plunge in the water, I will feel cool and my master will also not feel bad. So it just took a plunge in the water for a couple of moments and started again on its journey.

Now with this activity, its some salt was dissolved. It felt lighter and so it was happy. Next day, again it did the same thing, and the same thing happened again. Some salt was dissolved and it felt lighter. Now the donkey knew the trick. It started doing this daily.

Now Hodjaa was perplexed. What was happening to his salt. Why it remained less after reaching in the market. One day he observed his donkey. He understood now, why it was happening so. Next day he tied the baskets full of cotton and set on his journey.

Donkey was very happy with its trick, so it played it again. This time when it took the plunge into the water, it didn't get lighter, rather it felt much heavier. Cotton had soaked the water so it became heavier.

The donkey had very rough time with this load, but could not understand, where it made the mistake. So it stopped playing the trick, and Hodjaa used to go to market safely .

The End



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Created by Sushma Gupta on 5/27/2001
Modified on 06/04/13