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Hodjaa's Story No 8

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8-The Donkey's Relatives

One day Hodjaa loaded some vegetables on his donkey and set to market. After a distance the donkey stopped going further and stayed where it was. Now Hodjaa was in a hurry, first he coxed the donkey to get moving but when it refused to walk further, then he started beating it.

Seeing this people gathered around them.
One man asked Hodjaa "Why are you beating this poor creature?"
Another man said, "You are a merciless man who is beating a speechless animal."
The third man said, "Do not beat it, it will go its own."

Hodjaa was still in anger, he said to the donkey, "If I knew that you had so many relatives around, I would never have beaten you. I can see that you have a large family here."

Hearing this the people left and went away their way leaving Hodjaa with his donkey.

The End



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Created by Sushma Gupta on 5/27/2001
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