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Tenaalee Raam's Story No 1

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1-Tenaalee Raam and a Boy

Chaanakya Neeti is a very famous book of Chaanakya and can be used even today. His Shlok No 230 says - "Moorkheshu na Vivaado Kartavyah", means one should enter into argument with an idiot. To support this statement there is story of Tenaalee Raam -

"Once Tenaalee Raam was going along a street. A young son of the village chief was playing nearby. He picked up a small stone and threw at Tenaalee Raam. The stone hit him at his back and it hurt. But Tenaalee Raam did not protest, because he knew that it was useless to say anything to him. If he scolded the boy, his idiot father would come to his son's rescue and he would not be able to win him, so he with a lot of showy affection, called the boy and congratulated him on the accuracy of his aim. Then he took out the smallest coin from his pocket and gave it to him as a prize.

The boy got very happy to get that coin for his aim. He took the coin and asked him - "Can I throw more stones on other people?" Tenaalee Raam said - "Yes, why not? But this time you throw a big stone at a big strong man and that also at his head. You know, your stone was small and I am very poor that is why I could give you only a smallest coin, but if you will throw a big stone at a big strong man's head, he will surely give you lots of money." and went away his way.

The naughty boy followed the advice of Tenaalee Raam to the last word and the results are unnecessary to describe.

The End



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Created by Sushma Gupta on 5/27/2001
Modified on 04/01/14