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Krishn-4:  Krishn's Deeds

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Krishn-4:  Krishn's Deeds

1. Krishn's Birth
2. Krishn Kills Kans
3. Krishn Kills Others
4. Krishn's Deeds
5. Krishn Helped Othersl

In His Krishn Avataar Vishnu did many great works.

1. He Killed Pootanaa when He was 6 days old.

2. He killed Shakat and Trinaavart Raakshas when He was 3 months old.

3. He gave salvation to Yamalaarjun when He was only 8 months old.

4. In His 6th year He did many things - He killed Vatsaasur, Bakaasur, and Aghaasur. He made Kaaliya Naag fearless. He saved Brij from Daavaanal (terrible fire), from python Vidyaadhar, and brought His Nand Baabaa back from Varun Lok.

5. He killed Sudarshan, Chandrachood, Arishtaasur, Keshee, and Vyomaasur in His 10th year.

6. He lifted Govardhan Parvat on His left pinki for 7 days and 7 nights continuously to save Brij people from Indra's anger - heavy rainfall.

After He left Brij for Mathuraa, the list of His heroic deeds is endless.

7. He killed the elephant Kuvalayaapeed.

8. He killed Mushtik and Chaanoor, two musclemen and Kans in Kans' court.

9. Then He killed Jaraasandh, Kaalyavan, Shambaraasur, Bhaumaasur, Paundrak, Kaashee Raaj, Shishupaal, Shaalv, Dantvakra, Vidoorath, Balval and Vrikaasur.

10. When He went for His education, he learned 64 arts; after His education He gave Guru Dakshinaa by bringing His Guru's dead son back (at the same time He mkilled Shankhaasur also); He constructed Dwaarakaa; He gave salvation to Muchukund; He gave His Darshan to Jaambvaan bear; and showed the most generous behavior with His childhood friend Sudaamaa.

11. He had 16,008 wives, but 8 were His chief queens - (1) Rukminee, (2) Satyabhaamaa, (3) Jaambvatee, (4) Kaalindee, (5) Satyaa, (6) Mitravrindaa, (7) Naagnjitee, and (8) Lakshmanaa.

12. He brought His 6 dead brothers back to show to His mother Devakee at her request.

13. He brought back a Braahman's children back to life.

14. And the latest, He revived Pareekshit when Ashwatthaamaa tried to finish Paandav Kul by his Brahmaastra. Uttaraa was pregnant with Pareekshit and he aimed Brahmaastra at her.

15. Everybody knows that He was the Saarathee of Arjun and discoursed him on his duties which is known as "Geetaa" (Shree Mad-Bhagvad Geetaa) today, when he refused to fight with his cousins Kaurav. The Geetaa has been translated into more than 150 languages worldwide and is widely popular in other countries than Bhaarat Varsh.

16. In the last He killed His own kinsmen through Braahman's curse, drowned Dwaarakaa in the sea, discoursed on Bhaagvat Dharm to Uddhav Jee and went to His own Param Dhaam.



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