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Krishn-3:  Krishn Kills Others

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Krishn-3:  Krishn Kills Others

1. Krishn's Birth
2. Krishn Kills Kans
3. Krishn Kills Others
4. Krishn's Deeds
5. Krishn Helped Othersl

After Krishn had killed Kans, He killed many others also.

1. Jaraasandh -
After Krishn killed Kans, Jaraasandh got very angry with Him because He made his two daughters (Asti and Praapti) widow. So he used to attack Mathuraa to kill Him. he attacked Mathuraa 17 times, each time with 22 Akshauhinee army, but neither he could kill Him nor he could defeat Him. Krishn knew his history and powers, so when Yudhishthir wanted to do his Raajsooya Yagya, He advised him to win Jaraasandh first. Since he was very mighty, he could not be won, he had to be killed. Now who will kill him? There was only one person who could think of fighting with him - Bheem. So He took Bheem and Arjun with Him and arranged a fight between them. The fight continued for 29 days, still neither Bheem could kill him, nor anybody could won each other. Then Krishn had to tell Bheem by sign as how to kill him. He followed His directions and killed him.

2. Kaalyavan -
Kaalyavan was a great friend of Jaraasandh. When he heard that Krishn had killed his friend Jaraasandh, he came to fight with Krishn. After a while Krishn ran away leaving the battle ground. He took him to a cave where King Muchukund was sleeping. He covered him with His Peetaambar (yellow cloth) and hid behind a wall. As Kaalyavan entered the cave he saw a man covered with Krishn's cloth, so he took him as Krishn and shouted - "O Krishn, You are sleeping here to cheat me. I know that it is you, I kill you just now, you cannot escape me now." Hearing his voice, Muchukund woke up and as he cast a look at Kaalyavan (that who was he who woke him like this?) he got burnt to ashes. Thus He killed Kaalyavan.

3. Bhaumaasur -
Bhaumaasur was Prithvi's son. When Vishnu was bringing Prithvi out from the sea assuming Varaah form, He touched the Prithvi. Because of His touch, Prithvi gave birth to this Daitya. At the same time she asked a boon from Vishnu - "I wish that he should be killed by me only." Vishnu said - "So be it." Later when Bhaumaasur became very mighty and it was necessary to kill him, He took Satyabhaamaa with Him to kill him. Satyabhaamaa was the incarnation of Prithvi. When both were fighting He asked Satyabhaamaa to kill Bhaumaasur. She obeyed Him and killed Bhaumaasur. After killing him she asked Krishn that why He asked her to kill him. Krishn told her the whole story.

4. Paundrak -
This King considered himself as second Krishn and lived in the same guise. He used to abuse Krishn so He attacked him and killed him in the battlefield.

5. Kaashee Raaj
Hearing the killing of his brother Paundrak, Kaashee Raaj created a Krityaa who followed Krishn to kill Him. But Krishn released His Chakra. Seeing it that Krityaa ran away and killed Kaashee Raaj himself.

6. Shishupaal -        See also Jaya and Vijaya
Shishupaal was Krishn's father's sister's son. He was born with 4 arms and three eyes. Seeing this his mother got frightened and was going to throw him out, that an Aakaashvaanee said - "Do not throw him, he will be a very mighty king." Then she asked it - "Who will kill my son?" The Aakaashvaanee again said - "In whoever's lap his 2 arms and third eye fall down, he will be his killer." Since then his mother gave the child in everybody's lap to check who was going to kill her son. Once Krishn and Balaraam came to their house with their mother to see the child. She asked them also to take the child. When Balaraam took the child, nothing happened. She gave it to Krishn also, but Krishn didn't want to take him. But His mother and Balaraam insisted Him to take the child; but as soon as He took him his two arms and the third eye fell.

Seeing this Shishupaal's mother started crying. She asked Him - "Will you kill my son, your own brother?" Krishn got embarrassed. Shishupaal's mother said - "Promise me you will not kill my son." Krishn said - "If it is destined like this, what can I do." Ten after a while He said - "Yes, I can do one thing, I will pardon his 100 abuses to me because of which I should have killed him." Hearing this Shishupaal's mother got quiet thinking "this is enough for me."

So when Yudhishthir did Raajsooya Yagya and everybody gathered there, the question of Agra Poojaa (who should be worshipped first) rose and several people suggested several names. But Sahadev said - "There is no need to think, there cannot be any other except Krishn who should be worshipped first." At this many kings started abusing Krishn. Shishupaal also abused Him. Krishn started counting them, He even warned him that He had promised his mother that He would pardon only his 100 abuses, not any more, but Shishupaal was so proud that he did not pay any attention to this warning. As soon as he abused Krishn the 101s time Krishn hulled His Chakra and killed him. A light came out of his body and got absorbed in Krishn's body. He had got Mukti.

7. Dantavakra -
After Krishn killed Shishupaal, his brother Dantvakra got very angry and came to fight with Him. A great fight took place between them. Eventually Krishn killed him. A light came out of his body also, like Shishupaal's body and got absorbed in Krishn's body. He had got Mukti.

9. Shaalv -

10. Vidoorath -

11. Balval -

12. Vrikaasur -



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