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Krishn-2: Krishn Kills Kans

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Krishn-2: Krishn Kills Kans

1. Krishn's Birth
2. Krishn Kills Kans
3. Krishn Kills Others
4. Krishn's Deeds
5. Krishn Helped Others

1. Pootanaa -
Kans thought and thought. He came to conclusion that the child could not be taken away very far in just one night, so he called Pootanaa she-demon and asked her to look for newborn children in nearby villages and kill all of them. Pootanaa killed all the newborn children in nearby villages but when she came to kill Krishn and tried to kill Him by breastfeeding Him poisonous milk, He bit her so hard that she died.

2. Shakat -
Kans was very surprised to know that how Pootanaa, who herself was very powerful, died by an infant. But the child was still an infant, so he sent Shakat named Raakshas to kill that one remaining child. He assumed the form of carriage (like bullock cart without bullocks) and stood in the courtyard of Nand Jee. Yashodaa put Krishn to sleep under it. Krishn felled it by throwing His legs several times and thus he was also killed. Everybody was very surprised to see that how such a little child did that.

3. Trinaavart -
After Shakat was killed Kans sent Trinaavart. He came like a storm in the village, but Krishn flew him

5. Bakaasur -
Kans then sent Bakaasur who was in the form a Bak (crane). He stood opening his large mouth. Krishn's playmates started playing with it. Krishn knew what was it, so He entered his long beak and increased His size so that

6. Aghaasur -

7. Pralambaasur -
Kans then sent Pralambaasur to kill Krishn. He came and joined Krishn's playmates group. They started playing a game in which the defeated boy had to carry the winner boy on his back to a certain point. In this game Pralambaasur lost and Balaraam won so Pralambaasur carried him on his back. As he carried him, he started flying and took him high in the sky. First Balaraam did not understand it, when he came to know about him, he killed him in the sky itself.

8. Daavaanal -

9. Vidyaadhar Python -
Kans then sent Visyaadhar python to swallow Krishn. He set himself a bit far from the village and when Krishn and His playmates came to play, he opened his mouth so big that they took it as a cave and started entering it. Krishna knew that it was not a cave, He tried to stop them but they entered with their childlike nature. rishn decided to enter it in the last. And when He entered it last, the python shut his mouth and tried to swallow them, but Krishn again increased His size and ripped his stomach. All came out from its stomach. They were very surprised to see that they were in a snake's mouth.

10. Sudarshan

11. Chandrachood

12. Arishtaasur

13. Keshee

14 Vyomaasur

A news reached to Kans that a child had lifted Govardhan Parvat for 7 days and 7 nights continuously on his left pinki. Hearing this he got sure that he was the same child who was born to kill him. So he made a plan to kill him through his musclemen in a competition. He sent Akroor Jee to bring both of his nephews to Mathuraa on his invitation for Dhanush Yagya. He had a very old Shiv bow. Some Pandit had told him that if he heard the sound of its breaking, he should take it as the hint of his death. When Akroor Jee brought them both to Mathuraa, Krishn cured a Kubjaa and broke the bow even before meeting Kans. So as he heard the sound, it confirmed him that his death was near.

15. Kuvalayaapeed Elephant
Kans got an elephant ready to welcome his nephews at the gate of the Rangbhoomi. As Krishn and Balaraam entered the rangbhoomi with Akroor Jee the elephant attacked Krishn. After a short fight, He killed him.

16. Chaanoor and Mushtik
These were the two very mighty musclemen with whom Krishn and Balaraam had to wrestle. When Krishn and Balaraam had come inside, Kans welcomed them and asked them to wrestle with his people. They wrestled with them and killed them.

17. Kans
After killing Chaanoor and Mushtik in the Rangbhoomi, Krishn killed Kans.



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