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Paarvatee : Daughter of Himvaan

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Paarvatee: Daughter of Himvaan
[From Maanas, Baal Kaand]

After Satee had immolated herself in Daksh's Yagya Agni, she was born in Himvaan's house from his wife Mainaa. They named her Umaa. One day Naarad Jee came to Himvaan's house. Himvaan honored him, brought his daughter and asked him about her life. Naarad Jee said - "Hey Himvaan, Your daughter is very qualitative but there is a line in her hand which says that she will get such a husband who will be indifferent and whose guise will not be auspicious, but she will be the best among Pativrataa women and all Pativrataa women will worship her. Even all Devtaa will worship her." Himvaan got a little worried hearing all this about her husband and asked Naarad Jee about this in detail.

After pondering over Naarad Jee said - "Nobody can destroy the line of her husband, but there is a way to get a good husband. If your daughter does Tap to get Shiv Jee as her husband then whatever qualities I have told you about her husband, they will all be true in him." After advising thus Naarad Jee went away. Mainaa did not understand what Naarad Jee said about Umaa, but she just requested her husband that he should marry Umaa only to that groom who is worth marrying Umaa, otherwise he should not marry her, better she remains unmarried.

Himvaan said - "Listen, Naarad Jee's words cannot be a lie. He has said that our Umaa can get Shiv as her husband if she can do Tap for him. So if you wish for her good, go and advice her to do Tap to get Shiv as her husband." Mainaa got worried thinking about the Tap for her tender age daughter, but could not do anything else, so she went to Umaa and advised her accordingly. Umaa got very happy to hear this and went to forest to do Tap.

Umaa did Tap by eating only roots for 1,000 years, by eating only leaves for 100 years, then by drinking only water for some time, and after that she ate only dry fallen leaves for 3,000 years. But when she stopped eating those leaves also, she was called as Aparnaa (A=no, Parnaa=leaves). At that time a Divine voice aid - "You have done a great Tap, now you go back to your home, you will get whatever you wish for. When you will see Sapt Rishi then you will know the truth of this Divine voice."

Darshan of Sapt Rishi and Umaa's Marriage
At the same time a very fierce Daitya arose whose name was Taarakaasur. He got a boon from Brahmaa Jee that he would die only by the hands of a 6-day old son of Shiv Jee. He asked this boon from him because at that time Shiv got very sad after Satee's death and was sitting in Samaadhi, so there was no chance of his marriage, leave alone the child. Devtaa also got worried by this boon, because how to get Shiv's son? How to prepare Shiv for another marriage and get a son to kill Taarakaasur.

So they sent Kaam Dev to break his Samaadhi. Kaam dev spread his Maayaa, but Shiv got angry at this, and as he opened his third eye in his anger, Kaam Dev got burnt to ashes. His wife Rati came weeping and asked for the life of her husband. Shiv assured her that she will meet him when he will be reborn to Krishn as His son, so she went away. Seeing Shiv's Tap broken Devtaa got very happy and told him their problem. Shiv assured them that he would do something for them.

On the other hand, when Shiv was in Samaadhi reciting his Isht Dev Raam's name, Raam also appeared before him and said - "Hey Shiv, Why are you doing so hard Saadhanaa? Give me one boon ." Shiv said - "Prabhu, Order me, whatever you will tell me I will do." Raam said - "See, Satee has been born in Himvaan's house. She is doing very severe Tap o get you as her husband. Obey me and marry her." Shiv said - "Be it so." Shiv sent Sapt Rishi to test her love for himself.

Sapt Rishi went to Umaa and asked her why she was doing so severe Tap. Umaa said - "I wish to get Shiv as my husband, that is why I am doing this Tap." Sapt Rishi said - "But there are other superior Devtaa to Shiv, why not you choose from them. One of them is Vishnu." Umaa said - "If you have proposed me before I could have thought about Him but not now. Now I have lost my heart to Shiv, now whatever he is, he is mine." Sapt Rishi understood that Umaa will marry Shiv only, so they blessed her and sent Himvaan to bring her home. They themselves went to Shiv to report this.

Umaa also went home. Sapt Rishi went to Himvaan's house and proposed for Umaa on behalf of Shiv. Hmvaan got very happy to hear his proposal and he sent invitations to all Devtaa. All Devtaa were very happy, they all set off to take part in Shiv's marriage. Shiv came to Himvaan's house, married Umaa and took her to Kailaash. They lived happily there for a long time. Then they had a son named Kaartikeya who killed Taarakaasur when he was 6 days old.



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