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All Daitya have been born from Kashyap and Diti. Once Kashyap Jee bestowed her with a Var that she would have a son named Vajraang whose all body parts will be as strong as Vajra. So at an appropriate time a son was born to Diti. His body was so strong that he could not be killed even by Indra's Vajra. As soon as he was born, he knew all Shaastra and he asked his mother - "Tell me what can I do for you?" Diti got very happy to hear this, she immediately said - "Indra has killed my many children, so you go and kill him." He immediately went and brought Indra tied. At the same time Brahmaa Jee and Kashyap Jee came there. Seeing Indra tied, they asked him - "He is Devtaa of Devtaa, what are you going to do of him?" He said - "I don't know, I have no enmity with him. I just obeyed my mother. It is my duty to obey you also, so I free him." And he freed him.

Then he said - "I wish to do Tap, bless me so that I can fulfill my Tap without any obstacle." Brahmaa Jee said - "If you will obey my instructions, your Tap will be fulfilled without any obstacle." Then Brahmaa Jee created a large-eyed maiden and gave her to him and sent him to do Tapasyaa. Her name was Varaangee. He did Tap lifting his arms for 1,000 years, then he resided under water for 1,000 years. When he was under water, Varaangee sat on the shore of the pond and started doing Tapasyaa herself also  without eating and drinking.

Vajraang's time was up for Tapasyaa, so Brahmaa Jee came there and asked him to ask for a Var. He said - "My mind should always be pious, I should attain eternal Lok, and I should always be loving Tapasyaa till I live." Brahmaa Jee said - "So be it" and went to his Lok. Vajraang came back to his Aashram, but he did not find his wife there. He was hungry so entered the forest to have some fruits. There he found his wife weeping sitting under a tree hiding her face behind the tree. He consoled her and asked her - "Who did what to you?"

Varaangee said - "Indra has misbehaved with me. I wanted to die, but since you have come now, so give me such a son who can remove my sorrows." Although Vajraang could revenge from Indra, if he wanted to, but he decided to do Tap again. Knowing his intention, Brahmaa Jee came to him and said - "There is no need to do any more Tap, you will have a very mighty son named Taarak."

Vajraang got very happy to hear this and went back to his wife. Varaangee had a very mighty son after 1,000 years. As that Daitya was born, the whole Prithvi shook. He immediately grew up and Kujambh and Mahish etc Daitya appointed him as their King. To defeat Devtaa he did severe Tapasyaa - 100 years without eating, 100 years taking only Panchaagni, 100 years by chewing only leaves, and another 100 years by drinking only water. When Brahmaa Jee appeared to bestow him Var he asked him - "I should not be killed by anyone." Brahmaa Jee said - "This cannot happen, who has taken birth, has to die, just think of that thing from which you do not have any fear." After a long thought he said - "Then I should be killed by a 7-day old child." Brahmaa Jee said - "So be it." and went to his Lok.

After getting this Var, he invaded Indra. Indra also got ready with 330 million (33 Crore) Devtaa, but lost the war. He went to Brahmaa Jee for help, Brahmaa Jee said - "He cannot be killed by anybody. Only a 7-day old child can kill him and such a child will be of Shiv and Umaa only, the daughter of Himaalaya.

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