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11-Taarakaasur-2: Taarakaasur is Killed        Contd... From     Previous Page

After this, Paarvatee was born in the house of Himaalaya and Mainaa. Indra immediately sent Naarad Jee to Himaalaya's palace to orient his mind to marry Paarvatee to Shiv Jee. So he did. Himaalaya thought to take his daughter to Shiv Jee, so that he can marry her to him. In the meantime Indra sent Kaam Dev to break Shiv's Tap and make him agree to marry Paarvatee. [At that time Shiv was doing Tap because he was very sad after Satee had immolated herself] But Shiv burnt Kaam Dev by opening his third eye. Hearing this Himaalaya got very disappointed, so he decided to go back to his home, but Paarvatee did not agree to go back. She proposed for Tap and she started doing tap to get Shiv Jee as her husband. She did severe Tap and she got succeeded in marrying Shiv Jee.

Birth of Ganesh - Once Paarvatee rubbed Ubatan on her body and whatever Ubatan fell on the ground after rubbing, she made a figure of a man whose face was of elephant and threw it Gangaa River. Gangaa regarded Paarvatee her friend, so as she threw that figure in Gangaa River, it started growing and became a man. Paarvatee called him her son, Gangaa also called him her son, and Devtaa called him Gaangeya. Brahmaa Jee made him the leader of Gan - Ganapati.

Birth of Kaartikeya - After 1,000 years, Paarvatee gave birth to Kaartikeya. He was born with a powerful Power, spear and Ankush in his hands. Because he was born to kill Daitya, that is why he was called Kumaar. He had 6 faces and that is why he was known by Vishaakh, Shanmukh, Skand, Shadaanan and Kaartikeya names. All Devtaa appointed him as the Army Chief of Devtaa army. Kuber gave him 1 million Yaksh army, and all Devtaa gave him something or the other him to equip him to be worthy to fight with Taarakaasur.

On asking by Kumaar "What should I do for you?", Devtaa told him about Taarak and requested him to kill him. He agreed, so Devtaa led him to the place of Taarak. In the meantime Indra sent his messenger to Taarak informing him that Devta were coming to fight with him. Taarak thought "Who could he be to whom he has not defeated and he is coming to fight with him?" The then he heard the noise of some people's coming to his place. Hearing this he remembered Brahmaa's words and his own wish that "I should be killed by a7-day old child."

He got sad thinking thus, but still he came out with his army and asked the boy - "O Child, Why do you want to fight with me? You are still a child." Skand said - "I am invincible in spite of being a child, come and fight with me." Both started fighting. Kaalnemi etc Daitya ran away from the battlefield seeing Skand's bravery. Then Skand threw his Power at the chest of Taarak, it pierced his chest and Taarak fell down on the ground. Thus the 7-day old child, Shiv Paarvatee's son, killed Taarak and made Devtaa comfortable.

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[Padm Puraan, 1/24]



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