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1. Who is Garud?
2. How Garud Became Vishnu's Ride
3. Garud Frees His Mother
4. How Vinataa Became the Slave of Her Sister?

Garud Frees His Mother
When Garud told everything to his father Kashyap Jee, he became very happy and asked him to do anything for his mother whatever she wanted. Garud Jee came to Vinataa and asked her - "Mother, What can I do for you?" Garud went to his mother and asked her as what he should do for her, then he would go to Vishnu. She said - "My son, Kadru is my sister and your step-mother. She has cheated me and made me her slave. When I will give her her desired thing then only she will release me from her slavery." Garud said - "You immediately go there and ask her what does she want?" Kadru said - "I want Amrit". Vinataa got worried hearing this and said to Garud, "She wants Amrit." Garud said - "You don't worry about it. I will bring Amrit for her."

Garud took some sea water and flew. The dust which was coming after him because of his wings movement also came with him. He extinguished the fire which was working as the boundary wall of the place where the Amrit was kept, by sea water. The dust which was coming along with Garud filled Devtaa's eyes who were keeping watch on Amrit. so they could not see Garud. Garud picked up the pitcher of Amrit and started his journey back. When Indra saw a bird taking Amrit he said - "Who is this who is taking Amrit?" Garud said - "I am taking your Amrit, you may take it from me. You can show your bravery." 

Indra showered arrows at Garud but Garud wounded Airaavat and proceeded towards Prithvi. Indra said - "O sinless Garud, If you will give this Amrit to Naag's mother then all Naag will be immortal, so if you agree with me then I will bring this Amrit from there." Garud said - "My mother is in trouble because of this slavery. When she gets free from it and everybody knows that she has become free from her slavery, then you can bring that Amrit from there."

Garud brought the Amrit and gave it to his mother, and she gave it to Kadroo. Now her mother was a free woman. In the meantime Indra kept a poison pot in the place of the Amrit pot. Kadru called her sons and gave that poison to them saying - "May these Amrit drops always be in your families' mouths and you always be satisfied with this." After giving Amrit to his mother Garud came to Vishnu. Who reads or hears this story he gets free from all sins and goes to Dev Lok."

[Padm Puraan, 1/26]



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Created by Sushma Gupta on January 15, 2002
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