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1. Who is Garud?
2. How Garud Became Vishnu's Ride
3. Garud Frees His Mother
4. How Vinataa Became the Slave of Her Sister?

How Garud Became Vishnu's Ride?
Garud is the ride of Naaraayan, or Vishnu. How did he become His ride, it is an interesting story.

Garud is the son of Kashyap Jee and Vinataa. As Garud came out from the egg, he grew very huge within no time. As he had grown, he asked food from his mother. Mother got very happy to hear this, but she could not feed his huge body, so he asked him to go to his father to get his food. Garud went to his father and asked him about his food. Kashyap Jee said - "There live a tortoise and an elephant on an island, they always try in search of an opportunity that one may eat another. You may go there and eat both of them." Garud flew and came to the island. He found both tortoise and elephant there. He picked them up in and flew again in search of a place where he could sit comfortably and eat both of them.

There was nothing which could support his weight, even Mandaraachal Parvat could not tolerate his weight, so he flew and flew up to 200, 000 Yojan and saw a very huge Jaamun tree. He thought it could bear his weight, so he sat on one of its huge branch, but as he sat on it, it broke. Many animals and Rishi were there under it, so he had to hold it in its paw and again fly where he could eat his food.

Vishnu saw all this. He assumed human form and asked Garud - "Who are you and where are you going carrying tortoise, elephant and this big branch?" Garud said - "I am Garud, Kashyap and Vinataa's son. I am carrying these as my food. I am looking for some place where I can eat them comfortably." Vishnu spread His arm and said to him - "Come and sit on my arm and eat your food." Garud said - "How can your arm support me when so huge trees and mountains cannot bear my weight? Nobody can support my weight except Naaraayan." Vishnu said - "You try my arm. Finish your food first then you will know everything about me."

Garud threw the branch, sat on His arm, and ate his food, then asked - "Now tell me, what can I do for you?" Vishnu said - "I am Vishnu, and I want you to be my ride." Garud said - "I am blessed by your Darshan, but I will have to take my parents' permission before I give my consent for this." Vishnu said - "You be immortal, your Karm and grace should be like mine, you can go anywhere, your all desires should be fulfilled, and you can get the food of your liking without any problem. You will soon make your mother happy." And He went away.

When Garud told this to his father he became very happy, he said - "Today I am blessed, our family is blessed. Even great Rishi cannot get Vishnu's Darshan, and you met Him so easily. Now you go and do something good to your mother."



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Created by Sushma Gupta on January 15, 2002
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