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1. Who is Garud?
2. How Garud Became Vishnu's Ride
3. Garud Frees His Mother
4. How Vinataa Became the Slave of Her Sister?

How Vinataa Became the Slave of Her Sister?
Maharshi Kashyap Jee was married to Daksh's 13 daughters. Among them were Vinataa and Kadroo also. Kadroo had all kinds of Naag as her sons and Vinataa had 2 sons - Arun and Garud.

Once Kadru and Vinataa started an argument on Uchchshraivaa horses' tails hair color. Kadroo said - "Uchchshraivaa horses' tail is of black color." Vinataa said - "No, His tail is white." Kadroo said - "No, His tail is black." Both entered into argument and the argument came to an end with a bet. Kadroo told that they would confirm this when the horse would appear there again in the sky. If his tail was black then Kadroo would win and Vinataa would be her slave; and if the tail was white then Vinataa would win and she would be her slave. Vinataa agreed upon this as she was sure of her knowledge.

Now next day when Uchchshraivaa horse appeared again in the sky and both saw that the tail of the horse was black. Thus Vinataa lost the bet and she started her life as a slave of Kadroo. In fact Kadroo knew that the horse's tail was white, but because of fear to lose the bet she asked her sons (Naag) to wrap around his tail so that it would look black. (read the in-between story here) And she was successful, the tail looked black and she won the bet. Vinata started her life as the maidservant of her sister Kadroo.

When Garud came to his mother and asked her what he could do for her, she asked him to free her from this slavery. Kadroo told him the whole incident. Garud became so angry that he vowed to eat all Naag. Since then Garud became the enemy of Naag. Wherever he saw a Naag he used to eat it. And since then their enmity is well known and Naag are always careful about their lives. Even Kaaliya Naag also hid himself in Kaaliya Daha only because of fear of Garud. Then Krishn danced on his heads and made him fearless saying that "when Garud will see His footprints on his head he wouldn't say anything to him." and sent him to sea.

How Vinataa Was Released From this Slavery?

[From Mahaabhaarat, Aadi Parv-7]



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