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1. Who is Garud?
2. How Garud Became Vishnu's Ride
3. Garud Frees His Mother
4. How Vinataa Became the Slave of Her Sister?

Who is Garud?
You must have seen Garud. Where? As Vishnu's ride. Garud Jee is the ride of Naaraayan, or Vishnu. Who is he? Garud is one of the three principal animal Deities in Hindu religion - Garud (bird face and human body), Hanumaan (monkey face and human body), and Ganesh (elephant face and human body). He is not worshipped separately like other animal gods, but is worshipped together with Vishnu.

Garud is the son of Kashyap Jee and Vinataa. Brahmaa Jee's son is Mareechi and Mareechi and Sambhooti's son is Kashyap Jee. Kashyap Jee married 13 daughters of Daksh Jee. One of them was Vinataa. Garud Jee is the son of Kashyap Jee and Vinataa. He has a brother also named Arun. He is the ride of Soorya Dev. He is not a Devtaa as such, but still he is a lesser Devtaa.

He has several names - Chirad, Gaganeshwar, Kaamaayush, Kashyapi, Khageshwar, Naagaantak, Sitaanan, Sudhaahar, Suparn, Taarkshya, Vainateya, Vishnurath and others. He is very important in Hindu religion - so much that one independent Upanishad, the "Garudopanidaad"; and a Puraan, the "Garud Puraan", are devoted to him. His earliest reference is found in Ved by the name of Shyen, where this mighty bird is said to have brought Amrit to Earth from Heaven.

In Bhagavad-Geetaa, 10/30, Krishn says, "Of birds, I am the Garud."  Worship of Garud is believed to remove the effects of poisons from one's body. Garud plays an important role in both Raam and Krishn Avataar periods. During Raam Avataar period, he saved lives of Raam and Lakshman when Meghnaad used his Naag Paash and they fell down unconscious. Hanumaan Jee called Garud and he ate all Naag.

During Krishn Avataar period, Krishn and Satyabhaamaa ride on Garud to kill Narakaasur Raakshas. On another occasion, Hari rides on Garud to save his devotee Elephant Gajendra. It is also said that Garud's wings chant the Ved when he flies.



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