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There are many forests, Van, Gardens, Upavan mentioned in our Hindu scriptures

Badree Van - This is nearby area of Badree Naath place of pilgrimage

Dandak Van - Dandak Van is where Raam stayed with His brother Lakshman and wife Seetaa. And from where Raavn abducted Seetaa.

Dwait Van - Dwait is the name and Van means forest. Paandav lived here while they were in 12 years exile.

Kaamyak Van - Kaamyak Van was near Hastinaapur. It was the first place where Paandav stayed after the journey of three days and three nights. Here only they met Kirmeeraa, the brother of Bakaasur, and Bheem killed him. Here only Vidur came to see them.

Khaandav Van - It was in Khaandavprasth area. Arjun satisfied Agni Dev by burning it and got Gaandeev bow, two inexhaustible quivers and a Divine chariot from him.

Madhu Van - The old name of Mathuraa Nagaree. First Dhruv was sent here to do Tap. Before that it was under Madhu named Daitya that is why it was called Madhu Van. After that it came under Lavanaasur. Later Shatrughn killed Lavanaasur, coronated his son there as its king. He inhabited it as Mathuraa Nagaree.

Madhu Van - This Madhu Van is mentioned in Tulasee's Maanas. It is not a place as such. It was a forest belonging to Sugreev. Hanumaan and his Vaanar ate lots of fruits here and destroyed it without the permission of Sugreev while coming back from Lankaa after having search Seetaa.

Naimish Aranya - This area is famous as Muni's dwelling where they do many Yagya, discourses etc. It is also considered a holy place - a Teerth. Most scriptures are said and heard here.

Nandan Van - A mythical garden. Garden of Indra in his capital Swarg.

Ritumaan Garden - Varun's garden in the city of Nimlochanee Puree, located to the west of Meru Parvat.

Saugandhikaa Van - Where Bheem wanted to go to bring the flower for Draupadee. [MBH, G-4-Van/26]

Vetrakeeya Van - Bakaasur lived in Vetrakeeya Van. When Paandav were living in Ekchakraa Nagaree after escaping from Baaranaavat fire incident, Bheem killed him because he was troubling its people.

Vrindaa Van - Near Gokul, where Krishn lived for some time. Here He did Raas Leelaa also with Gopee.


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