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Kirmeeraa Vadh

[3-4] Dhritraashtra said - "O Kshattaa, I want to now about the killing of Kirmeeraa, tell me how this encounter took place between Kirmeeraa and Bheem." Vidur said - "Listen to it. I heard it when I was with Paandav. After Paandav were defeated in the Dice game, they traveled for three days and three nights and came to Kaamyak Van. While all were asleep, just after the midnight, Kirmeeraa named Raakshas came in the forest. Sages etc used to move from there in the night because of him. Paandav at that time were entering the Van, and they saw flaming eyes in front of them blocking their way. He was yelling and roaring, his eyes were of copper color, his eight teeth were peeping out of his mouth he started creating demonic illusions before Paandav. They thought as if the whole forest was in motion. He was standing before them like Mainaak Parvat. Krishnaa had never seen such a Raakshas. She got afraid and closed her eyes. Her hair which were disheveled by the hands of Dushaasan were spread among five Paandav. Seeing her so scared the five Paandav took care of her as the five senses are influenced by their subjects. Then Dhaumya read some Mantra and destroyed the Raakshas' illusions so that he could be killed.

Yudhishthir asked him - "Who are you? And whose son are you? What do you want from us?"
The Raakshas said - "I am the brother of Bakaasur, and my name is Kirmeeraa. I live here in this Kaamyak Van and I eat people who come here by killing them. Who are you who have come here as my food. Today I will kill you and eat you up."

Vaishampaayan Jee said - "Hearing this Yudhishthir told his introduction - "My name is Yudhishthir, I am Paandu's son and these are my brothers. We have lost our kingdom, so we have come here to pass our time in your Kingdom. Vidur continued - "Kirmeeraa said to Yudhishthir - "By my good luck today my wish will be fulfilled. I have been looking for Bheem, but I could not find him. Now who has killed my brother [Bakaasur] is standing here before me. He killed my brother who was living there in Vetrakeeya Van by virtue of his science. He killed him in the guise of a Braahman. In fact he had no power in his arms. Bheem is the one who killed my friend Hidimb too and attracted his sister. And now he has come in my forest when the world is half sleep. Today will kill him and will be indebted from the debt of those Raakshas whom he has killed. If Bak had let him free, I will kill him today before your eyes. O Yudhishthir, As Agastya ate Vaataapi, I will eat Bheem.".

Vidur further said - "Yudhishthir said -"It can never be so." In the meantime, Bheem tore up a tree of 10 Vyaas length and plucked its leaves. At the same time Arjun also set his Gaandeev, but Bheem stopped him [using his Gaandeev] and forwarded towards the Raakshas hurling his tree like Maghaavat's Vajra or Yam's mace to his head. The Raakshas remained unmoved, but he also uprooted a tree and threw at Bheem. Both were looking like Sugreev and Baali fighting with trees. In this process a large part of forest was destroyed. When Bheem saw that the Raakshas got tired fighting with him, he twined his arms around the Raakshas and said - "You will not be able to wipe the tears of Bak and Hidimb, because you are now going to the abode of Yam." and killed him. After this all went to Dwait Van led by Krishnaa.

Vidur said - "Thus Kirmeeraa was killed by Bheem. Paandav then started living there peacefully. When I was passing by that forest I saw his body lying on the way, and I heard this story from those Braahman who gathered around Paandav."

Vaishampaayan Jee said - "Hearing the account of the killing of Kirmearaa by Bheem, Dhritraashtra drowned in his thoughts.

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