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Krishn and Other Kings Come to See Paandav

[3-12] Vaishampaayan Jee said - "Hearing that Paandav have been in exile, many kings - Andhak, Bhojak, Vrishni, Paanchaal, Dhrishtketu (the King of Chedi Desh), Kaikaya brothers etc came to see them. All of them were very angry. Vaasudev was also there. All surrounded Paandav and asked them - "What should we do for you?" Keshav said - "This Earth is going to drink the blood of Duryodhan and Karn, Dushaasan and wicked Shakuni. After killing them in battle we will coronate Yudhishthir on the throne." When Yudhishthir saw that Janaardan was bent upon to kill all people, Arjun tried to pacify Him by describing His feats in yester years.

He said - "O Krishn, You wandered on Gandhmaadan Parvat as a Muni for 10,000 years. You lived only on water near the Pushkar Lake for 11,000 years. Then you stood on one leg, your arms upraised, only on air in Badaree Van for full 100 years. You did a Yagya on the banks of Saraswatee River without your upper garment for 12 years. You did Tap for 1,000 celestial years in Prabhaas Kshetra standing on one leg. Vyaas Jee has told me that You are the Creator, You are the Yagya, You have killed Narakaasur and got earrings from him. After floating on primordial waters, You became Hari, Brahmaa, Soorya, Dharm, Dhaataa, Yam, Anal, Vasu, Vaishravan, Rudra, Kaal, and directions.

You have killed Aahvriti at Jarooti, Krit and Shishupaal, Jaraasandh and Shaivya and Shatdhanvaa. You brought the daughter of Bhojaa [Rukminee] defeating Rukmee in battle. You killed Indradyumn and the Yavan Kaseruman. You killed Shaalv (the King of Saubh) and destroyed Saubh city. You killed Raajaa Bhoj who was like Kaartveerya himself, and Gopati and Taalketu. You inhabited Dwaarakaa for yourself and will submerge it in the ocean later. In the beginning Brahmaa himself sprang from your navel, and when Daitya Madhu and Kaitabh wanted to kill Brahmaa, Shambhoo sprang up from your forehead, thus these two deities came out of your body to do your work. Naarad has told me this. Whatever acts you did in your boyhood, nobody else can do it."

Vaishampaayan Jee continued - "After saying all this to Krishn, Paandav (Arjun) got silent. Krishn said - "You are mine and I am yours. Therefore what is mine is yours. Who hates you hates me as well. You are Nar and I am Naaraayan. We are born here with a purpose. You are from me and I am from you. No one can understand the difference between us."

Vaishampaayan Jee continued - "Hearing this all filled with anger. Draupadee rose and went to Krishn and said to Him - "Asit and Deval have said that You are the only Prajaapati and the Creator of this world. Jaamdagnya (Parashuraam) says that you are Vishnu. Kashyap Jee says that you are born as Yagya from Truth. Naarad calls you the Devtaa of Saadhya. You play with all Devtaa as children play with their toys. Since you have affection towards me, I wish to tell you my grieves - "Hey Krishn, How can I, the wife of Prithaa's sons, the sister of Dhrishtdyumn and a friend of yours can be treated like this? I was dragged to the court, in blood stained single cloth. Seeing me in that condition the sons of Dhritraashtra laughed at me. I blame only Paandav who kept seeing their wife insulted. Fie on the might of Bheem and fie on the Gaandeev of Arjun. Everybody, however weak, protects his wife. By protecting one's wife one protects his family and that is why the wife is called "Jaya". A wife should also protect her husband because it is he who is going to take birth from her womb.

Paandav always protects him who asks them for protection, still they did not protect me who asked for it. I have five sons of exceeding energy: Prativindhya by Yudhishthir, Sutasom by Vrikodar, Shrutkeerti by Arjun, Shataaneek by Nakul and Shrutkarmaa by the youngest (Sahadev). O Janaardan, it was necessary to protect me for their sake. Fie on that Gaandeev which none else can string except Arjun, Bheem and yourself. Fie on the strength of Bheem, and fie on the prowess of Arjun, because Duryodhan is still breathing after doing this to me. Even before, when Paandav were children, he has driven them and their mother out of their kingdom. Bheem digested the poison also given to him in his food. Rather he came back with more strength.

Again at Baaranaavat, it was he who killed the favorite charioteer of Duryodhan, ot washe who set the fire in that house and when Kuntee got scared, it was only he who carried all of them to bring out of danger and came to the Hidimb Van. And when Hidimb smelt the smell of human being and wanted to eat them, he sent his sister Hidimbaa to bring them to him. But his sister fell in love with him, woke him up from sleep by caressing his feet and warned him to leave that place. Only he saved all of them from Hidimb's clutches. He married Hidimbaa and had a son named Ghatotkach from her. When they came in Ekchakraa Nagaree. There also he killed a cannibal Bakaasur he was like Hidimb. Then they all came to he capital of Drupad, and O Krishn as you took Rukminee, Savyashachee took me there. Arun won me in the Swayamvar. I am living in such a distressful situation without Kuntee. I, born in a great race, came to the world in a highly extraordinary way, wife of five Paandav each of whom is like Indra himself, foremost of women had to suffer in this way?"

After saying this Krishnaa broke into tears. She further said - "I have none - no husband, no son, no brother, nor you. I am unbearably grieved by Karn's speech, that is why I am always have to be protected by you." Krishn said - "O Fair Lady, Those people's wives will also weep like you seeing their husbands lying dead on the ground. So you don't weep, I will use my all powers to help Paandav, and you will be the queen once more. The Heavens might fall, or the Himavant might split, the earth might be rent, or the waters of the ocean might dry up, but my words shall never be futile." Hearing this Draupadee looked at Arjun and Arjun assured her that Krishn's words cannot be untrue.

Dhrishtdyumn said - "I will slay Drone, Shikhandee will slay Bheeshm, and Bheem will slay Duryodhan and Arjun will slay Karn. We are invincible even by Indra what are these Sons of Dhritraashtra.

Vaishampaayan Jee said - "After saying this all looked at Vaasudev and Vaasudev spoke thus --

[3-13] Vaasudev said - "If I had been in Dwaarakaa, this calamity would not have happened. And if they had invited me for this gambling match, I would have come and stopped this game with the help of Bheeshm, Drone, Kripaa and Baahleek by telling them its many evils and you would not have come to this situation. I would have told them about the son of Veersen as how he was deprived of his kingdom. I would have told them that how once a man ha started the game he continues to play. Women, Dice, hunting and drinking are the four vices to which prosperous people get addicted to. Only those people who have become addicted to these vices, know about their evils.

If Dhritraashtra had agreed me, all would have been saved, and if not, then also I would have compelled him [to stop that game] by force. And if those present there would have supported them, I would have slain them. O Kauravya, It was all because of my absence from Aanart Desh. When I came to Dwaarakaa, I knew all about this from Yuyudhaan (Saatyaki). As soon I heard it from him, I came running here. I am so sorry that you have fallen in this misfortune."

[3-14] Yudhishthir asked Krishn - "O Krishn, Why did you have to go out? Where did you go and what did you do there?" Krishn said - "I went to Shaalv city. I had to go there, because as you know that I killed the son of Damaghosh, Shishupaal, because he could not tolerate my Agra Poojaa at that time. So Shaalv could not tolerate his killing, and he came to Dwaarakaa to attack me. I was not there as I was here with you. He came there in his Vimaan made from precious metals and that is why it was called Saubh. He fought with Vrishni princes mercilessly he destroyed Dwaarakaa and asked - "Where is that wretched Vaasudev? Tell me where is He? I will go there wherever He is; and I will not return unless I have killed Him." He further said - "He has killed my brother, who was a boy only of tender years, not when he was in the battlefield, but was completely unprepared."

When I returned home, I knew what he, the King of Maticka, said about me. So I set out to slay him. I found him on an island in the ocean. I blew my conch Paanchjanya and challenged Shaalv for a combat. At that time I killed many Daanav, that is why I could not come to you. But as I became free from that I cam here to see you."


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