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Krishn Kills Shaalv

[3-15] Yudhishthir said - "O Vaasudev, Please tell us in detail how did you kill the King of Saubh?" Krishn said - "Listen, hearing that Shishupaal (Shrutshravaa's son) of was killed by me, Shaalv came to Dwaaraavatee and besieged the city around and above and started fighting with the city. He showered a heave shower of weapons. At that time our city was well protected from all sides by Gad, Saamb, Uddhav and others. They announced in the city that nobody should drink. Vrishni and Andhak knew that if they were careless they would be killed, they kept watch. Police sent all dancers, and singers out of Aanart Desh. All bridges over the rivers were broken, ground was made uneven two miles around the city, holes and pits were dug. Our city was well protected lie the city of Indra. All streets of the city were filled with elephants and horses. At that time there was no person who was not paid in gold, allowances, wages, ration etc. Thus, O lotus-eyed, our city was guarded by Aahuk (Ugrasen)."

[3-16] Vaasudev continued - "Shaalv was coming to us with his lots of elephants, cavalry, four kinds of army, etc. He stopped our water supply and his army spread in our city. Seeing that army, our princes proceeded to fight with them - Chaarudeshn, Saamb, Pradyumn etc came out and started fighting with them. First Shaalv's General Kshemvriddhi was fighting with my son then came a Daitya named Vegvat to fight with him. Saamb killed him, then came Vivindhya named Daitya. Chaarudeshn fought with him and killed him. Then came Shaalv himself. Seeing him coming all people rushed back, but Pradyumn proceeded and asked his people also o proceed with him. The Dwaarakaa people stayed back to fight."

[3-17] Vaasudev continued - "Pradyumn proceeded and fought with Shaalv, the King of Saubh. Both fought like Indra and Vritra.

[3-18] Vaasudev continued - "Once Pradyumn got fainted so his charoiteer (son of Daaruk) took him away from the field. But on the way he came into senses and said to him - "What did you do, O Son of Soot? This is not the custom of our race." The charioteer said - "O Son of Keshav, I have fulfilled only my duties. As you protect me, I also protect you. This wretched is stronger than you. I am taking you anyway, you are alone and these people are many." Pradyumn said - "Never do this again, take me there. Never run from the battlefield again. What Saatyaki (the grandson of Sinee) will say that I have fled from the battlefield? What Saamb, Chaarudeshn, Gad, Saaran, Akroor etc will say? Take me to the battlefield soon."

[3-19] The charioteer said - "I am afraid, I cannot take you there. You are much afflicted and it is my duty to save you. But since now you are in your senses I will take you there. I am the son of Daaruk, see how I enter the army of the enemy." Thus the charioteer took him towards the battlefield, The fight began again. Once Pradyumn made Shaalv senseless. Shaalv rose up again and started showering his arrows on Pradyumn, Pradyumn cut all those arrows by his Brahm Astra. Then he took another terrible arrow and was about to shoot at Shaalv that Devtaa sent Indra, Kuber and Naarad to Pradyumn with a message that "Shaalv will not be killed by you, so you keep this arrow back. he cannot be killed by you in this fight. The Creator has written his death by Krishn, so let this not be falsified." Shaalv who had fallen down, rose and went away through the sky.

[3-20] Vaasudev said - "When Shaalv had returned from Aanart Desh, I came there after the completion of your Raajsooya Yagya. I found Dwaarakaa devoid of its splendor. I got suspicious. I asked Hridikaa's son Kritvarmaa - "Why these people are so lusterless?" Then he told me the whole story of Shaalv's invasion on Dwaarakaa. At the same time I made up my mind to kill Shaalv. I told Aahuk (Ugrasen) and Aanand-dundubhi (Vasudev) to stay back in the city. I told them that I would not enter the city till I kill Shaalv. The Braahman read the words of benevolence on me and I set off towards Shaalv. Riding on my chariot yoked with Sugreev and Shaivya horse and blowing my Paanchjanya conch I came to Maatrikaavart country. When Shaalv saw my chariot, he repeatedly challenged me for the fight. So we fought fiercely for some time. Shaalv was fighting with me his illusory fight."

[3-21] Vaasudev said - "Sometimes he fought from sky, and sometimes from the ground. Once he covered my whole chariot with his arrows. My charioteer Daaruk got confused and was unable to stay in the battlefield, Blood was flowing profusely from his wounds. At the same time a man came from Dwaarakaa and delivered the message of Aahuk - "O son of Vrishni Race, listen to what Aahuk has said to you, that in your absence, Shaalv came today and has killed Vasudev so now no need to fight with him any more. Come and save your Dwaarakaa." Hearing this I could not decide what should I do? I had handed over Dwaarakaa to Saatyaki, Pradyumn, Chaarudeshn, Saamb and Balaraam Jee etc. Even Indra could not have killed Vasudev. But it is clear that Vasudev is dead and so also others are dead.

Thinking thus I started fighting with Shaalv afresh. But then I myself saw Vasudev falling from the chariot. Seeing that I swooned away and sat on the side of the chariot. My father looked like dropping bird. I concluded that It must be the illusion and then I again rose to fight with Shaalv."

[3-22] Vaasudev said - "I again starting shooting numerous arrows at Shaalv's chariot that once it was all covered with them and I could not see it. When it was seen, he showered a heavy rain of stones on me. My chariot and I all covered with them. Somehow I came out of that heap. Daaruk said to me - "Exert yourself and slay him. Don't make any consideration for him, do not delay any more. This man will not be killed by small weapons." I thought he was right so I started the fight afresh. I fixed Aagneya Astra on my bow and sent it with my Sudarshan Chakra. They burnt the Saubh city and killed Shaalv. I blew my conch with cheerful heart. Daanav fled in fear. Thus after destroying the Saubh and killing Shaalv, I came back to Aanart Desh. Thus for this reason I could not to Hastinaapur. If I had come, Suyodhan would not have been alive or the dice game would not have taken place. But now the water has gone over the head. Tell me what can I do now?"

After this Vaasudev got prepared to come back from there. he consoled Yudhishthir, and started for Dwaarakaa along with Subhadraa and Abhimanyu. After Vaasudev had left Dhrishtdyumn also left for his city taking Draupadee's sons with him. King of Chedi Desh, Dhrishtketu also started for his city Sooktimatee along with his sister. Kaikaya also went away after taking permission from Paandav. But Braahman, Vaishya and public of Yudhishthir's city did not leave them. With that multitude of the people the Kaamyak Van looked so extraordinary. After everybody left Yudhishthir ordered his people to make his chariot ready.


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