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In Hastinapur

[3-4] Vaishampaayan Jee said - "After Paandav had left for the forest, Dhritraashtra got very sad, he said to Vidur - "Your understanding is as clear as Bhaargav's (Shukraachaarya). You now about moralities in a very minute way and you treat all the Kaurav equally, so please tell me what is proper for them and me. Whatever has happened has happened, now what can we do to save our roots, so that everybody is happy." Vidur said - "The three things - Arth (profit), Kaam (pleasure), and Moksh (Moksh), all have their roots in Dharm (virtues), and kingdom also depends on Dharm, that is why you should treat everybody with Dharm. Your sons have deceived Paandu Putra, you can give them all back whatever they have lost in this game. This is the highest morality for a king, and the same is your primary duty. If you want that your sons remain good, you must act on this line. Because, if you will not do this nobody can stop Arjun and Bheem to fulfill their vows. What is there in the world which Savyashachee cannot attain. Who can face Bheem?

I told you even before, when your son was born that leave your son, but you did not listen, now I am suggesting you again to act, if you will act on this line, you will not regret it. Instead of your son, you should give the kingdom to Paandu's sons and let Ajaatshatru rule righteously over the world. Duryodhan, Shkuni and Karn should wait upon them. Dushaasan should also ask for the forgiveness of Bheem and Draupadee. You also return all royal marks to Yudhishthir. Since you have asked me what else can I advise you?"

Dhritraashtra said - "You have said only about Paandav and myself, but not for ours. I do not accept that. How could you think all this? It seems that you are not friendly to me. How can I leave my sons for Paandu's sons. Vidur, you are not talking right, I thought you were very good. You may stay or go." Vaishampaayan Jee said - "Saying this Dhritraashtra rose from his seat and went to his inner apartments, Vidur also went away saying, "This family is gone."

Paandav in Kaamyak Forest

[3-5] Vaishampaayan Jee said - "Paandav set off towards west, Kurukshetra from Gangaa and worshipped Saraswatee, Drishdwatee and Yamunaa on their way to Kaamyak forest on the bans of Saraswatee. Many Muni, birds and animals lived in this forest. Vidur always wanted to see Paandav, so he alone went to see them. He saw Yudhishthir sitting with Draupadee at a rest. When Yudhishthir saw Vidur from a distance, he asked Bheem - "What message Khattaa is bringing for us now? Has Shakuni sent him again to play Dice game and win our weapons? O Bheem if somebody again invited me for the game, I will not be able to say "no"."

Vaishampaayan Jee said - "Seeing Vidur coming everybody rose and welcomed him. After they had exchanged usual greetings, Paanav asked him the reason of his coming. Vidur said - "After you have left, Dhritraashtra called me and said - "This has happened like this, now tell me what should I do which is good for Paandav as well as for me. I told him what he should do, but he did not like it nor I could suggest him any other way, and as a descent man cannot be brought back to a family of evil people, I could not bring him back. I am sure that [his this action] will destroy the whole family. I have come to you to give a good advice, what I said in the assembly, I repeat it here, "that wise man who has been done all wrong by his enemies, patiently bids his time, and multiplies his resources, as men by degrees turn a small fire into a large one, rules alone this entire earth. He that enjoys his prosperity with his followers creates sharers of his adversity, this is the best means of securing followers, and it is said that he that has his followers, wins the sovereignty of the world. That is why, O Paandav, you divide your prosperity with your followers, behave truthfully towards them, and converse with them agreeably. Share also your food with them. And never boast thyself in their presence!. This behavior increases the prosperity of kings.'

Yudhishthir said - "I will do as you have said to me. This is very useful advice of yours. If you can advice to me regarding time and place, I will follow it carefully."

[3-6] Vaishampayan Jee said - "After Vidur had left to see Paandav, Dhritraashtra repented for his action and remembered Vidur for his good advice. He got to the door but fell down on the way senseless. When he came in the senses he got up and said to Sanjaya who was standing beside him, "My friend and brother is like Dharm Raaj himself. Go and bring him to me soon." He was so sad that he said to him again - "Go and check that my brother whom I have expelled in anger is still alive. Go and bring him soon otherwise I will die." Hearing this Sanjaya set off towards Kaamyak forest to bring Vidur. When he arrived there he saw Yudhishthir and Vidur sitting there. Sanjaya greeted them and Paandav also welcomed him respectfully. Sanjaya said - "O Kshattaa, Dhritraashtra has remembered you. You come and take care of him."

Vaishampaayan Jee said - "Hearing this, with the permission of Paandav, Vidur came back to Dhritraashtra. Seeing him Dhritraashtra said to him - "With my good luck you have come back to me. Without you I thought I have not slept for days." Vidur said - "I have forgiven you, you are my superior. O King, Your sons are as dear to me as Paandav, but because Paandav are in distress, my heart weeps for them." Vaishampaayan Jee said - "After talking to each other in sympathetic way both felt comfortable.

[3-7] Vaishampaayan Jee said - "Hearing that Vidur has come back, Duryodhan got very sad. He called Shakuni, Karn and Dushaasan and said to them - "Listen, that the learned Minister of wise Dhritraashtra Vidur has come back. Tell me how the Paandav can be kept out of way, if I will ever see them again in the city, I will leave food and drink whether they are a threat to me or not; or I will take poison, or I will die by hanging myself." Shakuni said - "What foolish things you are talking about? Paandav have gone to forest with a proper pledge, so you cannot see them here. Paandav follow Satya (truth) very sincerely, they cannot agree with your father. Even if they come back, we will watch them." Dushaasan spoke - "O Uncle, Your words are always full of wisdom." Karn said - "We have to see that your will is fulfilled. Hopefully they will not return, and even if they return, you can defeat them again in Dice game."

Vaishampaayan Jee aid - "Hearing Karn, Duryodhan turned his face from his counselors. Karn gain spoke - "We are all servants of the King Duryodhan, so we should do what he likes. Let us go now to the forest and kill Paandav. When they had died, only then we will get peace in our minds. Kill them when they are helpless, and we can do this." Hearing this all got very happy and set off to the forest to kill them. Vyaas Jee saw them going on their mission so he came and stopped them from going and  he himself came to Dhritraashtra.

[3-8] Vyaas Jee said - "O Dhritraashtra, I tell you which is good for all Kaurav. I am not happy that Paandav were defeated cunningly and sent to forest. As their exile will finish after 13 years, they will attack you with their terrible weapons. Why your wicked son wants to slay Paandav just for kingdom? If he will kill them in forest, he will lose only his own life, so let him be quiet. You are as honest as Vidur, Bheeshm, Kripaa Drone and ourselves, but your son's jealousy will bring only great harm to you. That is why stop him from doing such acts. You should do what is beneficial to you soon, otherwise the time will run out."

[3-9] Dhritraashtra said - "O Muni, I myself did not like this Dice business, but my fate was taking me there. Neither Bheeshm, nor Vidur, nor Drone, nor Kripaa liked this game, but because of my paternal love I could not throw my son." Vyaas Jee said - I know, It is very difficult. It is only because of Surabhi, Indra came to now that the son has the highest value among all the possessions a man has. I tell you the conversation between Indra and Surabhi. Long time ago, once Surabhi came weeping to Indra's court, so Indra asked her - "Why do you weep Surabhi? Is all well?" Surabhi said - "Everything is well, Indra, but I am grieving for my son. The husbandman is taking lots of work from my weak son, because of which my son has fallen and is about to die. The other one who is stronger, he has to carry more load now, I also grieve for him. His whole body pains because of being beaten by whip."

Indra said - "When thousands of your sons are treated like this then why do you weep for only this one?" Surabhi said - "Although I love my all sons equally still I weep for this one because he is weak and innocent." Hearing this Indra understood that a son is dearer than one's own life." Vyaas Jee continued - "Indra immediately showered heavy rain causing the husbandman to stop his work. In the same way, O King, you should also love all your sons equally but it should be more for the weak. And as my son Paandu is to me, you and Vidur are also to me. It is with the same affection that I am telling you all this. You have 101 sons, but Paandu has only five. The way they are passing their days, how can they survive, I grieve for them. So let all Kaurav live in peace, if you desire."

[3-10] Dhritraashtra said - "I know it, and Bheeshm, Drone also told me this. If you are kind on Kuru, then you may advice my son Duryodhan." Vyaas Jee said - "Maitreya Muni has returned after seeing Paandav in the forest, he wants to see us, he will tell your son the welfare of this race. And whatever he advises must be followed, because if what he told you, that is not done, he will curse you in anger."

Vaishampaayan Jee said - "After saying this Vyaas Jee went away and Maitreya Jee came in. Both Dhritraashtra and his son greeted him and asked his welfare. Dhritraashtra asked - "Was you journey from Kuru-Jaangal a pleasant one? Are Paandav living happily? Are they going to stay there for their term? Will their brotherly love towards my son will be affected [by this exile]?" Maitreya Jee said - "Visiting many pilgrim places I came to Kuru-Jaangal, and I got surprised to see Yudhishthir there in Kaamyak forest. And I heard about the serious mistake committed by your sons. The cheating your son has done with Paandu's sons is going to bring a great danger to them. That is why I have come to you. I love you and I am very pleased with you. Why are you overlooking such things which are going to harm all? You are not in good books of ascetics."

Vaishampaayan Jee continued - "Then Maitreya Jee turned to Duryodhan and spoke to him in soft words - "Listen to me carefully, I am telling you for your good. Do not quarrel with Paandav, rather think about the good about both you and Paandav. They are very mighty, of 10,000 elephants, they have killed enemies of celestials also, such as Hidimb and Kirmeeraa; Bheem has killed Jaraasandh too. Who has Vaasudev as their relative, and Drupad's sons as their brothers-in-law, who can who an even touch them? So make peace with them, listen to me and do not be angry."

Hearing this, O King, Duryodhan beat his thigh and scratched the ground but didn't say a word. Seeing this Maitreya Jee became angry and cursed him touching the water - "Since you have not heard my advice, you will reap the fruits of your actions. Bheem will surely break your thigh in the war with his mace." When Muni had said so, Dhritraashtra began to pacify the sage, but Maitreya Jee said - "O King, If your son will make peace then this curse will go wrong otherwise not."

Dhritraashtra wanted to know the might of Bheem, so he asked Maitreya Jee - "How was Kirmeeraa killed by Bheem?" Maitreya Jee said - "I will not talk to you again because your son does not respect my words. When I am gone, Vidur will tell you." Saying this Maitreya Jee went away and Duryodhan got perplexed at the killing of Kirmeeraa [at the hands of Bheem].

3-Van Parv - Aaranyak Parv Ends Here


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