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Yudhishthir Gets Akshaya Paatra

[3-3] Vaishampaayan Jee said - "Yudhishthir then came to Rishi Dhaumya and said to him - "Braahman are following me and I do not have anything to support them, nor I can I abandon them. What should I do in this situation?"

Vaishampaayan Jee said - "Dhaumya replied - "In the beginning of the Time, all creatures were born with hunger. Seeing them hungry, Savitaa took pity on them and took the responsibility of their food. He went to North and collected water, then went to South, and collected water from there too. He stood over the earth with that water. The Moon converted the energy of Sun's rays into clouds (vapor) into rains and caused plants to spring up. And that is how all creatures of the earth get their food from the Sun. So you also pray to the Sun. The great kings such as Kaartveerya, Vainya, Nahush, all have helped their people in sorrow by meditation, so you also do the same."

Janamejaya asked - "How did those kings worship Soorya?" Vaishampaayan Jee said - "Listen, first you withdraw your mind from worldly things and fix a time, then I will you tell you in detail. Then recite 108 names of Soorya as Rishi Dhaumya told to Yudhishthir -

(1) Soorya, (2) Aaryaman, (3) Bhag, (4) Twashtaa, (5) Pooshaa, (6) Ark, (7) Savitaa, (8) Ravi, (9) Gabhastimaan, (10) Aj, (11) Kaal, (12) Mrityu, (13) Dhaataa, (14) Prabhaakar, (15) Prithvi, (16) Ap, (17) Tej, (18) Kha, (19) Vaayu, (20) Som, (21) Brihaspati, (22) Shukra, (23) Budh, (24) Angaarak, (25) Indra, (26) Vivaswaan, (27) Deeptaansu, (28) Shuchi, (29) Sauri, (30) Shanaishchar, (31) Brahmaa, (32) Vishnu, (33) Rudra, (34) Skand, (35) Vaishravan, (36) Yam, (37) Vaidyutaagni, (38) Jatharaagni, (39) Aindhnas, Tej Saampati, (40) Dharmdhwaj, (41) Vedkartree, (42) Vedaang, (43) Vedvaahan, (44) Krit, (45) Dwaapar, (46) Kali - full of every impurity, (47) Kalaa, (48) Kaashthaa, (49) Muhoort, (50) Kshap, (51) Yam, (52) Kshan, (53) Samvatsar-kar, (54) Ashwatth, (55) Kaal Chakra, (56) Vibhaavasu, (57) Purush, (58) Shaashwat, (59) Yogee, (60) Vyaktaavyakt, (61) Sanaatan, (62) Kaalaadhyaksh, (63) Prajaadhyaksh,  (64) Vishwakarmaa, (65) Tamonud, (66) Varun, (67) Saagar, (68) Anshu, (69) Jemoot, (70) Jeevan, (71) Arihan, (72) Bhootaashraya, (73) Bhootpati, (74) Srastree, (75) Samvartak, (76) Vanhi, (77) Sarvaadi, (78) Alolup, (79) Anant, (80) Kapil, (81) Bhaanu, (82) Kaamadaa, (83) Sarvatomukh, (84) Jaya, (85) Vishaal, (86) Varad, (87) Maanas, (88) Suparn, (89) Bhootaadi (90) Sighrag, (91) Praan Dhaaran, (92) Dhanvantari, (93) Dhoomketu, (94) Aadi Dev, (95) Aditi Sut, (96) Dwadashaatmaar, (97) Aravindaash, (98) Pitri, (99) Maatri, (100) Pitaamaha, (101) Swarg Dwaar, (102) Prajaa Dwaar, (103) Moksh Dwaar, (104) Tripishtap, (105) Deh Kartaa, (106) Prashaantaatmaa, (107) Vishwataatmaa, (108) Vishwatomukh, (109) Charcharaatmaa, (110) Sookshmaatmaa, the merciful Maitreya.

Here 110 names of Soorya are given instead of 108.

These are the 108 names of Soorya told by Brahmaa himself. For the acquisition of prosperity I bow down to you O Bhaaskar, blazing like unto gold or fire, who is worshipped of the gods and the Pitri and the Yaksh, and who is adored by Asur, Nishaachar, and Siddh. He that with fixes attention, recites this hymn at sunrise, obtains wife and offspring and riches and the memory of his former existence, and patience and memory. So one can recite this hymn.

Vaishampaayan Jee said - "Hearing this from Dhaumya, Yudhishthir got engaged in meditation with the desire to support Braahman. He offered flowers to him, stood in water looking at Soorya, subsisted on air alone, doing Praanaayaam, he started reciting the hymn and prayed him.

Vaishampaayan Jee said - "Pleased with the austerities of Yudhishthir, Vivaswaan appeared before him and said - :You will get whatever you desire for. Accept this copper vessel. As long as Paanchaalee will hold this vessel without partaking of its contents - fruits and roots and meat and vegetables cooked in your kitchen, these four kinds of food shall from this day be inexhaustible. And, on the fourteenth year from this, you will regain your kingdom."

Vaishampaaya Jee said - "After saying this Soorya Bhagavaan disappeared. Whoever wish for any boon, recites this hymn everyday in both Sandhyaa, however difficult the wish may be, the person is male or female, attains his desired wish. Brahmaa Jee told this hymn to Sakra (Indra), Sakra told this to Naarad, Naarad told this to Dhaumya and Dhaumya told this to Yudhishthir; and that is how Yudhishthir's all wish were fulfilled."

Vaishampaayan Jee said - "After getting the boon, Yudhishthir came out of the water, touched Dhaumya's feet and embraced his brothers. The he went to the kitchen with Draupadee and started cooing food himself. That food increased and got inexhaustible. After he had fed Braahman and his brothers, he ate the food himself and Draupadee ate in the last. As she took her meal the food was finished. Later Paandav set out for Kaamyak Van.


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