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3-About Gaandhaaree

Gaandhaaree's 100 Sons
Gaandhaaree already had the boon of 100 sons from Shiv Jee, then why did she ask for the same boon from Vyaas Jee?
(see G-1-Beginning/6)
Vyaas Jee has given Gaandhaaree's 100 sons' names at two places, G-0-Prolog/15  and G-1-Beginning/7, but both lists do not match each other. Beside not only these lists, the names which appear in war period of 18 days, to whom Bheem killed, also do not match any one of the lists - see their names here.

Gaandhaaree's Bliss to Duryodhan
We have heard that Gaandhaaree put a protection Kavach on Duryodhan's body on the evening of 17th day of Mahaabhaarat war so that she could save her remaining only son from Bheem. She sent him to take bath in Gangaa River and asked him to come back naked before her. Then she would open her eyes to have a look at him before Bheem fulfills his two vows - to break his thigh and kill all her 100 sons. Krishn heard that. He knew the power of Gaandhaaree. So when Duryodhan went to take bath in Gangaa River and he was coming back from there, he met Krishn. Krishn asked him, "Where are you coming from at this hour of the night?" He told Him everything.

Krishn said, "Will you go naked in front of your mother?" Duryodhan said, "That is what she has said to me." Krishn said, "You are a grown up man, won't you feel shy going naked before her?" Duryodhan said, "I also asked her the same thing, but she said, "I am your mother, you shouldn't feel shy coming naked to your mother." Krishn said - "That was when you were baby, but now you are grown up, after all she is a woman, whether she is your mother or whoever; but she is not your wife. So at least you should wear a loin cloth before going to her."

Duryodhan understood this and he went to her wearing a loin cloth. When Gaandhaaree removed the cloth strip from her eyes for the first and last time, since the time she tied it at the time of Bheeshm's coming to Gaandhaar for marriage proposal for Dhritraashtra; she removed that strip for the first time just to save her son. She cast her gaze at him for a few seconds, and his whole body became of iron. When she had done this, she found him wearing a loin cloth. She was expecting him standing naked before her.  She beat her head saying "Now nobody can save you, my son, nobody. I wanted to make your whole body of iron so that Bheem could not break your thigh but you covered that part of your body so it has remained weak. Now Bheem's vow will be fulfilled." And Duryodhan came back from there. That is why Bheem could break his thighs, otherwise he could nowhere else hurt his body by his Gadaa.

We don't find this incident in Mahaabhaarat. Where is this incident? It should have been between  G-6-War/30  and  G-6-War/40 somewhere. Or it never happened?
It has been shown in MBH Serial also.

Gaandhaare's Niece Dhritraashtra's Second Wife
Vettam Mani's Pauranik Encyclopedia, against the entry Samhata/Sanhata, mentions that she was Gaandhaaree's niece and Dhritraashtra's second wife. This would make Dhritraashtra's marriages incestuous. Mani does not give any references here.

Does anyone know anything about this?



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