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Before MBH Story

What was the Name of Raajaa Ugrasen's Court and Who Built It?
Ugrasen's court's name was Sudharmaa. It was built at the time when Dwaarakaa was built by Vishwakarmaa.
[MBH, G-5-Prewar/20]

Why Shaantanu was called Shaantanu?
Because he was very quiet type in nature, and whoever he touched, he not only he felt pleasure but was restored also to youth, that is why he was called Shaantanu.
[MBH, G-1-Beginning/2]

What was Satyavatee's original name?
Since she was brought up by a fisherman and smelled like a fish, she was called Matsyagandhaa. Later by the grace of Maharshi Paraashar she started smelling so sweet that her body smell used to spread up to one Yojan (8 miles) around, so she got the name Yojangandhaa. Smelling this body smell only King Shaantanu came looking for her.

About Yudhishthir

What was the name of Yudhishthir's Royal Court? And how large it was?
Yudhishthir's Royal Court's name was Maya Sabhaa, because Maya Daanav built it, and it was built in 2,500 square yards area.

Who was Yudhishthir's father?
He was Dharm Raaj's son.

Yudhishthir's chariot used to be four finger up on the road. After telling a lie it started touching the ground. What was that lie?
On Krishn's advice, he told Dronaachaarya that "Ashwatthaamaa died." which was a lie as his son was alive, only an elephant was killed.

About Bheem

What was the condition under which Bheem married Hidimbaa?
After killing Hidimb, his sister Hidimbaa asked Bheem to marry her. First he was reluctant, but later agreed being repeatedly insisted. He agreed on the condition that he would spend the time from dawn to dusk with her and during the dark hours he would remain with his brothers, and this would continue till they had a son. She bore Bheem a son, Ghatotkach who grew up as soon as he was born. When the Paandav left the forest, Bheem had to leave her as they were on a war campaign. It isn't clear whether they ever met again.

Who was that warrior from Paandav's side who saved Arjun's life?
Bheem's son Ghatotkach. Karn had a Power obtained from Indra to kill Arjun. Ghatotkach created such a havoc in the battlefield that Karn had to use that Power on Ghatotkach instead of Arjun, although Karn never wanted to use it on him; and thus saved Arjun. Krishn told this.

Who was Ghatotkach's mother?
(1) Draupadee
(2) Subhadraa
(3) Hidimbaa*
(4) None of the above

Which Raakshas was killed by Bheem in Ekchakraa Nagaree?
(1) Baanaasur
(2) Bakaasur*
(3) Mayaasur
(4) Vrishabhaasur

Which king was killed by Bheem for Yudhishthir to perform his Raajsooya Yagya?
(1) Jaraasandh
(2) Shishupaal
(3) Kritavarmaa
(4) None of the above

About Arjun

Who Was Arjun's Father?
(1) Ashwinee Kumaar
(2) Indra*
(3) Soorya
(4) Yam Raaj

How Many Names Arjun Had?
Ten.  (1) Arjun, (2) Phaalgun (3) Jishnu (4) Kireet, (5) Shwetvaahan, (6) Vibhatsu, (7) Vijaya, (8) Paarth, (9) Savyashachee, and (10) Dhananjaya. All these names together can be found in MBH, G-4-Van/64 with their meanings, when Prince Uttar confirms from Arjun, if he was really Arjun, he should know Arjun's 10 names. At that time Arjun tells him all his names along with their meanings.

How Many Marriages Arjun Made and Where?
He married four women - Draupadee in Kaampilya Nagaree, Uloopee at the source of Gangaa River, Chitraangdaa in Manipur region, and Subhadraa in Dwaarakaa.

How Many Sons Arjun Had?
Four. Arjun had four wives - Draupadee, Uloopee, Chitraangadaa and Subhadraa. He had one son from each of them - Shrutkarmaa from Draupadee, Abhimanyu from Subhadraa.
[G-3-Youth/13 and 14]

Where was Abhimanyu born?
Abhimanyu was born in Indraprasth after Krishn and Balaraam had presented the Paandav marriage gifts for Subhadraa.

Do you know that one of Arjun's wives was able to give boon to him, who was she and what boon she bestowed on him?
It was Uloopee, the Naag Kanyaa. She bestowed him the boon that "he would be invincible in water and he would be able to defeat every amphibious creature." MBH, G-3-Youth/13. That is how he could take out the five crocodiles from the sea.

Which was the first celestial weapon Arjun got?
Arjun got his first celestial weapon from Drone. Drone got is from his Guru. First it was with Brihaspati then Brihaspati gave it to Bharadwaaj, Bharadwaaj gave it to Agnivesh, and Agnivesh gave it to Drone, and drone gave it to Arjun.

Arjun had Gaandeev bow and two inexhaustible quivers and a celestial chariot. Who gave them to him and when?
Agni Dev brought them from Varun Dev and gave them to him to help him burn Khaandav forest.
[ MBH, G-3-Youth/16]

What is the name of Arjun's conch? And who gave it to him?
Arjun's conch's name was Devdatt. Maya Daanav brought it from Bindu Sar (Bindu Lake) when he went there to bring some materials to build the royal court for Yudhishthir in return for saving him by Arjun from the fire.

Who quenched the thirst of Bheeshm while he was lying on the bed of arrows in the battlefield?

Who provided the pillow to Bheeshm while he was lying on the bed of arrows in the battlefield?

Which Apsaraa wanted to marry Arjun when he was in indra Lok?
(1) Menkaa
(2) Tilottamaa
(3) Rambhaa
(4) Urvashee*

What things Arjun got in gift?
(1) When Paandav were going to Paanchaal Desh to attend Draupadee's Swayamvar, Arjun met a Gandharv, named Angaarparn. He defeated him so he taught him a Vidyaa named Chaakshushee by which he could be invisible and gave 100 celestial horses.
[MBH, G-3-Youth/6]
(2) Later when he was going to offer Khaandav forest to Agni Dev, he said to him that he did not have proper means to fight with the living beings in the forest, so Agni Dev gave him one Gaandeev bow, 2 inexhaustible quivers, a sword and a chariot.
[MBH, G-3-Youth/16]

What happened to the chariot of Arjun after the war?
After the war, his chariot got burnt. first Krishn asked Arjun to get down from the chariot and then He Himself got down from the chariot. And as soon as He got down from the chariot, the chariot burst into flames; only Krishn's presence kept the chariot and the celestial weapons from destroying them earlier. Krishn revealed that the gods allowed this war to relieve Earth of her great burden (similar to Troy).

About Bheeshm

What was Bheeshm's Mother's name?

What was Beeshm's real name?
Since Bheeshm was Gangaa's son, he was known as Gaangeya, but Gangaa named him as Devavrat.

Why was he known as Bheeshm?
When Gangaa had left Shaantanu, Shaantanu fell in love with Satyavatee, a fisher girl. When he approached her father, he refused to marry Satyavatee to him on the basis that the astrologers had told him that Satyvatee's children would rule the kingdom, and he had already declared Devavrat as Crown prince of Hastinaapur. Shaantanu could not do injustice with his eldest son, so he came back and got quiet. Devavrat came to know about all this. He went to Satyavatee's father and took the vow that he would never ask for kingdom. On asking if his children claimed the kingdom...? He again took a vow that he would never marry, would remain without family throughout his life and serve the Hastinapur king as if he were his father. Aakaashvaanee said - "From today you will be known as Bheeshm because of your Bheeshan (terrible) vow." Since then he became known as Bheeshm and people forgot his real name.  Bheeshm means very great. Since he took a great vow, he was named Bheeshm.

After the Vow taken for his father to marry him to Satyavatee his father also bestowed a boon on him, what was it?
When his father heard this vow of remaining Brahmchaaree throughout the life, he also bestowed a boon o him, that he would die only when he would want to die. The death would not come to him without his wish. This was Ichchhaa Mrityu Var.

How did Bheeshm use Ichchhaa Mrityu Var?
He used this Var two times - one, at the MBH war - he remained in the battlefield for 10 days till he himself did not disclose the secret of his death; two, after he had fallen; he kept himself alive until Hastinaapur was in secured hands.

Who was Bheeshm's Guru
Although Bheeshm got educated from several Guru, but he is known as Parashuraam Shishya as his all war education was given to him by Parashuraam Jee.

Why did Bheeshm wait to die in Uttaraayan period?
Bheeshm waited for Uttaraayan for his death on the Shar Shayyaa (bed of arrows) because he could, as he had the boon of Ichchhaa Mrityu bestowed by his father Shaantanu. He had to die in Uttaraayan period as if he died at some other time he did not get salvation and he had to take rebirth which he did not want.

Who quenched the thirst of Bheeshm while he was lying on the bed of arrows in the battlefield?

Who provided the pillow to Bheeshm while he was lying on the bed of arrows in the battlefield?

Who was destined to kill Bheeshm?
Shikhandee. In his previous life he was Ambaa, and in that life she vowed to be the cause of the death of Bheeshm. She did Tapasyaa also for Shiv Jee for this and asked him a Var also to kill Bheeshm, so with that Var she was born as Shikhandee and killed Bheeshm. Bheeshm knew about it, he followed his rule of war that he wouldn't use any weapon on any female. He treated him a a female and did not counterattack him.

For how many days Bheeshm lay on the bed of arrows?
56 days

About Draupadee

How many sons Draupadee had and what were their names?
Five sons, one from each Paandav. Prativindhya from Yudhishthir, Sutasom from Bheem, Shrutkarmaa from Arjun, Shataaneek from Nakul and Shrutsen from Sahadev.
[MBH, G-3-Youth/13]

How many times Krishn helped Draupadee?
Two times
(1) Once when Dushaasan was pulling her cloth in the Dyuoot Sabhaa at the order of Duryodhan. He increased her cloth and Dushaasan got tired of pulling her cloth.
(2) Second time He helped her when Paandav were in 13 years of Vanvaas and Duryodhan sent Durvaasaa Rishi to Paandav to become angry with them and curse them. Durvaasaa Rishi told Yudhishthir that he would come and have food with them. Draupadee had finished her food, so she could not offer them food. Krishn came, found a grain of rice in the Divine pot, and satisfied the whole world with that and saved Yudhishthir from Durvaasaa's curse.

How many Times Draupadee was insulted by Others?
Five times -
(1) First time by Duryodhan when he showed his thigh and asked her to sit on it
(2) Second time by Karn when he called her prostitute in the dice court
(3) Third time by Dushaasan when he brought Draupadee dragging by her hair and tried to pull her dress to make her naked.
(4) Fourth time by Jayadrath when he had abducted her in the absence of Paandav
(5) Fifth time by Keechak in Viraat Nagar when he misbehaved with her.

About Paandav

What was the name of the first daughter-in-law of Paandav family?
(a) Draupadee
(b) Subhadraa
(c) Chitraangadaa
(d) Hidimbaa

Which Paandav vowed to kill Dushaasan when he molested Draupadee?
(1) Yudhishthir
(2) Arjun
(3) Bheem*
(40 Sahadev

Paandav jointly had many sons, who are the famous ones?
Bheem's son Ghatotkach and Arjun's son Abhimanyu

Who was the eldest Paandav's son?
He was Ghatotkach, as he was born from the first wife of the Paandav (Bheem's wife Hidimbaa) during the time they were living in the forest after Baaranaavat incident. Other Paandav were not even married yet.

Which Paandav brother was the first to get married?
It was mighty Bheem who got married first. After Duryodhan attempted to kill the Paandav in Baaranaavat by setting fire to their palace (made of lac), the Paandav escaped. On their way a Raakshas Hidimbaa, Hidimb's sister, impressed by his strength, chose him as husband and they had a son called Ghatotkach.

Who was the youngest son of Paandav?
he was Abhimanyu. He was Arjuna and Subhadraa's son. Arjun married Subhadraa in the end of his 12 years self-exile. He was born in Indraprasth. When he was killed in MBH war, he was only 16 years old - the youngest warrior of the MBH war.

Who is Barabareek?
Barabareek was the son of Ghatotkach and the grandson of Bheem Sen Paandav. He offered his head as "Guru Dakshinaa" to Krishn and now he is worshipped as "Khaatoo Shyaam". Among all the Paandav brothers, it was Bheem who got married first to Hidimbaa and he had the son Ghatolkach from her.

About Guru

Who was Drone's father?

What was the name of Drone's son?

What was the name of the mother of Ashwatthaamaa

What Guru Dakshinaa did Drone ask from Eklavya?
(1) Right index finger
(2) Wealth
(3) A quiver full of arrows
(4) Right thumb

Parashuraam Jee was the Guru of Bheeshm and Karn. He was the destroyer of Kshatriya.
(1) True
(2) False

Who was that boy who had to lose his thumb while paying Guru Dakshinaa to the man who was not even his Guru.
Eklavya gave his thumb to Drone.

From where the MBH war starts?
MBH war starts from Geetaa. As Arjun came in the battlefield, he asked Krishn to take his chariot in the middle of the both the armies and when Krishn parked his chariot in the middle of both the armies, seeing his relations, friends, elders etc Arjun kept his bow down and said to Krishn - "I will not fight." At that time Krishn discoursed Geetaa to him and prepared for fight. Then only he got up and picked up his bow to fight, and started fighting.

Who shot the first arrow in the Mahabharat war?
Disrespecting the elders, Dushaasan, the younger brother of Duryodhan shot the first arrow in the battle of Mahaabhaarat.

Who was the first Commander-in-Chief of Kaurav army?
(1) Bheeshm*
(2) Karn
(3) Drone
(4) Ashwatthaamaa

How many Commander-in-Chief were appointed by Duryodhan for his army?
(1) 1
(2) 3
(3) 4
(5) 5

He appointed 5 Commander-in-Chiefs for his army - Bheeshm, then Drone, then, Karn, Shalya, and lastly Ashwatthaamaa.

Who never knew that he was a Paandav even being their brother?



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