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Why only Yudhishthir should be the King of Hastinaapur?
Dhritraashtra cites some examples where the people with some shortcomings were not appointed the king and says - "In this way, although I am the eldest but since I am physically defective I was also excluded from the kingdom and Paandu became the king. After his death this kingdom must pass to his sons. When I could not get the kingdom, how can you get it? You are not the son of a king and therefore you have no right on this kingdom. This kingdom lawfully belongs to Yudhishthir because he is the eldest son of the king. You are not a son of king. Then how can you be the king over other's share? Give half the kingdom to Yudhishthir and live happily with your younger brothers."
[MBH, G-5-Prewar/20]

Does anybody know that Yudhishthir's chariot used to run four finger up from the ground, because he was a Satyavaadee (truth speaker); but he told one lie and since then his chariot started to touch the ground. What was that lie, and when and why did he tell it?
On the 15th day of war, Drone was slaying Paandav's army like anything. Everybody got worried seeing this. Then Krishn suggested to kill him, but how to kill him? Krishn also told Paandav that onc Drone said - "If I hear the news of my son's death, I will drop my weapons." So if somehow he is given this news that his son Ashwathaamaa died, he would drop his weapons and it would be very easy to kill him." Now Ashwatthaamaa was immortal, so how this news should be given to him? There was an elephant named Ashwatthaamaa. Krishn suggested that kill him and spread this news that "Ashwathaamaa died".

But there was another problem, if somebody else will say it, maybe Drone does not trust him, but if Yudhishthir would say it, he will surely believe it. Yudhishthir was not ready to tell this lie to his Guru, but somehow he got ready. Bheem killed the elephant and shouted "Ashwatthaamaa died, Ashwatthaamaa died". The same thing happened which was feared. Drone heard it, but did not believe it; an was not ready to believe it until he heard it from Yudhishthir. fter all Yudhishthir had to tell it. Drone asked - "Yudhishthir, Has Ashwatthaamaa died?" First Yudhishthir did not speak anything, but on asking again he said "Yes." and whispered "elephant" to save himself from telling the lie. Drone believed it, he dropped his weapons and went to Heaven before Dhrishdyumn killed him.

Yudhishthir was the incarnation of Dharm. Give an example when by observing his Dharm and saved his brothers' lives.
When Paandav and Draupadee were in exile, once Draupadee felt thirsty and asked to bring some water. Nakul spotted a lake nearby and went to bring water from there but did not return. Then Yudhishthir sent Sahadev, Bheem and Arjun, but nobody returned from there. Yudhishthir had to go there himself, and what he found that his all brothers are lying dead, but there is no sign of fighting or wounds on their bodies. He could not think how did his all so brave brothers died without fighting with anybody. As he tried to take water from the pond, that he heard a vice - "This water is mine. If you want to take water, first reply my questions then only you can touch this water. If you did not obey me your condition will also be the same as that of your brothers."

Yudhishthir was the follower of Dharm. He knew it was not Dharm to take anybody's thing without his permission, so he agreed to answer his questions, but he asked th voice to show his identity first as he had killed his all the for brothers, while even Devtaa could not dfeat even one of them. So the vice appeared.  That man asked him 64 questions and he answered them correctly. The man said - "I am very happy with you, ask for any one brother's life whom you love most." Without any second thought he asked him to give life to Nakul. The man asked - "Why didn't you ask the life of Bheem or Arjun who are so mighty?" He again followed his Dharm and said - "Because he is my second mother's son. Kuntee has her one son alive, at least Maadree's one son should also be alive." The voice said - "Bless you. I am very pleased with you."

Yudhishthir asked - "Who are you who is the guard of this water?" The voice said - "I am a Yaksh." Yudhishthir again said - "You cannot be a Yaksh, because a Yaksh cannot give life to a dead. Tell me truly, who are you?" The said - "You are right that I cannot be a Yaksh. I am Dharm, your father. I had a desire to see my son that is why I played this drama. I give life to all your brothers. Your name will be the greatest name that will be remembered in coming age. Only our names will have this greatness - your name, the name of king Nal of Nishadh kingdom, The name of Seetaa - the wife of Raam and Krishn." and he disappeared.

How come that all Paandav and Draupadee were not recognized in their A-Gyaatvaas period?
Yudhishthir got this boon from his father Dharm after answering his all questions correctly. That is why none was recognized in Viraat's palace.
Arjun had an indirect boon (or curse from Urvashee) and boon from his father Indra that he would not be recognized in his A-Gyaatvaas period.



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