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Paandav's Digvijaya

[2-25] Vaishampaayan Jee said - "Arjun took his best bows and a couple of inexhaustible quivers and the chariot and said to Yudhishthhir - "I have got everything - bow, weapons, great energy, so now we need to fill our treasury. Let me go around and control kings to pay us tribute. I wish to go to North on an auspicious Lunar day." Yudhishthir said - "Set out to fulfill your objective and by God's grace you will surely get success in it. Ask Braahman to bless you." So Arjun set out in his chariot got from Agni Dev with Bheem and Nakul and Sahadev. Arjun conquered the North, Bheem conquered the  East, Sahadev conquered the South, Nakul conquered the West."

Hearing this Bhagadatt (son of Bhaumaasur) said - "As Kuntee is your mother and Yudhidhthir's to, I shall do all this."

[2-26] Vaishampaayan Jee said - "Arjun said - "If you have promised to do this, you have done all for me." Thus controlling the King of Praag Jyotishpur, Arjun proceeded further in North. He won mountain tracts and outskirts and all hilly regions and took tribute from all. He next proceeded towards Vrihant, the King of Ulook. Vrihant came to fight with him with his Chaturanginee army, but the invincible king of mountains could not tolerate Arjun's prowess and came with the wealth to him. He took his kingdom, but extended friendship with him. He then proceeded towards Senbindu and expelled him from his kingdom. He then defeated Modpur, Vaamdev, Sudaamaa, Susankul, and northern Ulook(s). Then at the order of Yudhishthir, Arjun did not over from the kingdom of Senbindu, but just sent only his troops. He stayed in the city of Devprasth and won those five countries from there only. After winning these countries Arjun defeated King Vishwagashwa of Puru's race. He then brought under him the seven tribes called Utsav-Sanket.

Then he won Kshatriya of Kashmeer, King Lohit, Trigart(s), Daarav, Kokonad; won Avisari town and King Rochmanaa in Urag town. Then he took over Sinhpur which was well protected by various weapons. After that he took over Suhmaa and Sumalaa, Baahleek(s), Daarad and Kaamboj, and Rishikaa(s). He took eight horses which were of the color of parrot's breasts, and other horses of peacock color born in northern and other regions. At last he conquered all the Himaalaya and Nishkoot Mountains and came to White Mountains.

[2-27] Vaishampaayan Jee said - "Then Arjun came to Limpurush country ruled by King Durmputra. After winning it he came to Haratak ruled by Guhyak(s). Ater winning them he came to Lake Maanas and won the regions of Gandharv. There he took many kinds of horses - Tittiri, Kalmaash, Mandook from them. Then he came to Harivarsh. There came certain frontier-guards of huge bodies and endued with great strength and energy with gallant hearts, said, "O son of Prithaa, this country can be never conquered by you. If you seek your good, return from here. If any human enters this region, he is sure going to perish. Here live Northern Kuru(s), here cannot be any war here. Even if you will want to see anything here, you will not be able to see anything with your human yes. If you want anything else from here tell us, we will do the same."

Arjun said - "I wanted the supreme authority of Yudhishthir here, but if your land is closed for human beings, I will not enter it but give something to Yudhishthir as tribute." So they gave him many celestial clothes, ornaments, silk of celestial texture, and skins of celestial origin. Thus Arjun almost all countries of North, and brought much wealth from there. He came back to Sakraprasth (Indrprasth) and handed over all the wealth to Yudhishthir.

[2-28] Vaishamaayan Jee said - "Bheem went in the Eastern direction. First he went to Paanchaal, conquered the tribes there, then he conquered Gandak(s) and Videh(s), Dashaarn(s). In the country of Dashaarn, its ruler Sudharmaa came to fight with Bheem with bare hands, but got defeated. Then Bheem defeated the King Rochman of Ashwamedh. Then he came towards South to the country of Pulind and conquered the kings Sukumaar and Sumitra. Then he came to mighty Shishupaal, the King of Chedi Desh. Hearing that Bheem has come to his country, he came out of the city and welcomed him with respect. He offered his kingdom to Bheem and asked him - "What are you up to?" Bheem told him the intentions of Yudhishthir. He stayed there for a whole month (30 days), then he proceeded from there.

[2-29] Vaishampaayan Jee said - "Then Bheem vanquished the King of Kumaar Shreneemat; and the King of Kosal Brihadwal; then he defeated the King of Ayodhyaa Deerghayaaghn. Then he won Gopaal Kaksh, and Malla(s), and foothills of Himaalaya. Then he won the country of Bhallat; defeated the king of Kaashee, Subaahu; and King of Supars, Krit; Matsya, Malaad, Pashubhoomi, Madahar, Maheedar, Somdheya, Vatsbhoomi Bharg, Nishaad etc. Then he proceeded and defeated Janak of Videh, seven kings of Kiraat around Indra mountains; then Dand and Dandadhar and then he came to Magadh (Girivrij). He took the tribute from Jaraasandh's son Sahadev, and defeated Karn (it is not clear that which Karn was this?). He defeated the king of Madagiri, Vaasudev (the fake one) king of Pundra; king of Bang; kings Samudrasen, Chandrasen and Taamralipt and all Mlechchh. Thus Bheem brought lots of wealth to Yudhishthir.

[2-30] Vaishampaayan Jee said - "Sahadev also proceeded towards south and brought under his control Shoorsen and King of Matsya. He defeated Dantvakra, the King of Adhiraaj, took tribute from him and re-established him on his throne; defeated Nishaad, Shreneemat (don't know how many Shreneemat are there - see also in the previous paragraph). He defeated the kings of Avantee Vind and Anuvind; and proceeded towards Bhojkat. There he fought with its king Bheeshmak for two whole days anddefeated him. He defeated the king of Kosal and eastern Kosal (how many Kosal were there? - see the previous paragraph). Then he defeated Vaataadhip, and Pulind.

Sahadev fought with Pandrya for the one whole day and proceeded towards south. Sahadev defeated Maind and Dwivid Kishkindhaa after fighting with them for 7 days. They gave him many jewels and blessed them for completing Raajsooya Yagya by Yudhishthir. Then he forwarded towards Maahishmatee and fought with its king Neel. his fight was very fierce as Fire god himself was assisting Neel. Sahadev could not think as what should he do?"

Janamejaya asked - "Why Agni Dev became hostile against Sahadev who was fighting for the sake of a sacrifice (to please Fire god)."

Vaishampaayan Jee said - "It is said that while Agni Dev was living in Maahishmatee, he became a lover. King Neel had a daughter who was very beautiful. She always used to stay near her father's sacred fire and the fire used to blaze with more vigor. And it so happened that the fire would not blaze with Neel's fan until it was blazed by the gentle breath of her lips. Then everybody knew that Agni Dev wanted her as his bride and she also accepted him. One day Agni Dev assumed the form of a Braahman and was enjoying the company of that girl, that he was spotted by the king. Filled with rage, the king ordered to punish him, at this the Braahman blazed up and seeing this the King bent his head to him. Then the King gave his daughter to him. Thus Agni Dev became gracious to the King Neel. He then asked the King to ask for a boon, and the King asked that his army should never be panic during the fight. So from that time, whoever king does not know this and invades him, is consumed by Agni Dev. And also from the same time girls from Maahishmatee could not marry others. Agni Dev gave them them the boon to roam about with anybody they like and not to be bound with one man.

Sahadev seeing the fire stood unmoved like a mountain. He purified himself and prayed the Fire god like this - "I bow you, my efforts are only for you. You are called Paavak because you sanctify everything. You are the mouth of gods and you are Havyavaahan because you carry the Ghee poured on you. You are called Jaatavedaa because Ved have emerged for ministering you. You are called Chitrabhaanu because you are the chief of Devtaa, Anal, Vibhaavasu, Hutaashan, Jwaalaa, Shikhee, Vaishwaanar, Pingesh, Plavang, Bhooritej. You are the same from whom Kumaar (Skand) has taken birth. You are called Rudragarv and Hiranyakrit. O Agni Dev, grant me energy, O Vaayu Dev, grant me life. Let Earth grant me nourishment and strength; and let Water grant me prosperity. O Agni Dev, please purify me."

Vaishampaayan Jee said - "He who will pour Ghee in Agni reciting these Mantra will always be blessed with prosperity and will be cleansed from all his sins." Sahadev said to Agni Dev - "O Carrier of Libations, Please do not obstruct the sacrifice." After saying this he spread some Kush grass and sat down expecting the Fire. Fire god assured Sahadev and said - "Rise up from this posture, I was just testing you. I know about you and Yudhishthir's intentions. As long as Neel will have descendent his family line, I will protect this town, however, I will fulfill your wish too." Sahadev got up satisfied and Agni Dev disappeared. King Neel came there and at the command of Agni Dev he worshiped Sahadev and paid tribute.

After this Sahadev went down south and controlled Tripuraa, then Paurav kingdom and then defeated the king of Sauraashtra and the preceptor of Kaushik(s) Aakriti. Staying in Sauraashta, Sahadev sent a messenger to King Rukmee, the son of king Bheeshmak, of Bhojkat kingdom (this is also duplicated) who was the friend of Indra. Remembering his friendship with Krishn Rukmee immediately accepted the defeat from Sahadev and paid tribute o him. Sahadev then further proceeded to south and controlled Shoorpaarak, Taalkat, Dandak, Paundrya and Dravid from Aandhra, Talavaan, Yavan.

Then he came to seashore and sent a messenger to Vibheeshan the grandson of Pulastya, and he readily accepted the defeat taking it as the act of Time. He sent  diverse kinds of jewels and gems, and sandal and also wood, and many celestial ornaments, and much costly apparel, and many valuable pearls to the son of Paandu. And the intelligent Sahadev, accepting them all, returned to his kingdom.

It is strange that Gita Press published MBH says that Sahadev sent Ghatotkach to Vibheeshan in Lankaa, but here in KMG's translation there is no mention of Ghatotkach anywhere. It is not known whether even he went with them or not.

[2-31] Vaishampaayan Jee said - "Now I will tell you the feats of Nakul. He proceeded towards west. He went through the mountainous region of Rohitak (maybe present Rohtak) which was very dear to Kaarttikeya. First he encountered with Mattamyoorak(s). After defeating them he came to Saireeshaak - a desert country Mahett. There he defeated Aakrosh and Dashaarn, Shivi, Trigart, Maalvaa(s), and Madhyamkeya(s). He then defeated Utsav-Sanket tribe (this is also a duplicate - see 2-26 first paragraph). He took over Gramaneeya who was living on the se shore and the Shoodra and Abhiras living on the banks of Saraswatee. Then he won the whole of the country which is named after the five rivers (maybe the Panjaab) then the Amar Mountain, Uttar-yotish and Divyakoot cities, Dwaarpaal tribe. Then he sent the messengers to Vasudev and Vasudev with all Yaadav accepted his defeat. The he proceeded towards Sakal city of Madra Desh and subjugated Shalya. Shalya also accepted he defeat because of affection. Then he came back to his place. he brought the materials which was adjusted on 10,000 camels' back with difficulty.

2-Sabhaa Parv - Digvijaya Parv Ends Here


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