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Raajsooya Yagya-2

[2-32] Vaishampaayan Jee said - "Thus protected by Yudhhishthir, the city started flourishing. Yudhishthir's treasury room as so much filled with wealth that it was not going to be empty even in the next 100 years. So seeing the condition of his treasury now Yudhishthir set his mind to celebrate his sacrifice. His ministers also told that the time for his sacrifice has arrived, so he should start making preparation for it. They were talking like this that Krishn came there. Yudhishthir welcomed Him and asked His welfare. When Krishn settled down in His seat, Yudhishthir said to Him - "It is because of your grace that now the whole country is in my control and I have lots of money. Now I wish to spend that money, according to Braahman, in sacrificial fire. Please permit me to do this sacrifice along with you and my younger brothers. Therefore be at the head of the sacrifice, if you will be there I will be cleansed from all the sins."

Krishn said - "Yes, You may start your sacrifice now. I always wish you good. Employ me also in some work, because I should also obey your command." Yudhishthir said - "When you have come, and you agree with me, it means all the success is mine."

Vaishampaayan Jee said - "As Krishn said, people started collected materials for the Yagya. Let Indrasenaa, Vishok, Puru and Arjun should start collecting food - every article of tasty food with good smell to attract Braahman." Sahadev immediately complied with orders and reported the matter to Yudhishthir. Dwaipaayan (Vyaas Jee) appointed the priests. He himself became the Brahmaa of the sacrifice, and Dhananjaya's race Susaman became the chanter of Saam Ved hyms, Yaagyavalkya became the Adhwaryu, and Pail, the son of Vasu and Dhaumya became the Hotaa (see " Chaaturhotra Yagya" for the explanation of these terms). All of them recited benedictions on the sacrificial ground. According to Braahman's needs people built many structures which looked gods' temples.

When everything got ready, Yudhishthir asked Sahadev to send invitations to all to come to his sacrifice. Sahadev called the messengers and asked to invite all the Braahman, Kshatriya, Vaishya and respectable Shoodra to the Yagya. The messengers also went to invite them and brought many known strangers with them. Braahman performed the installation ceremony and Yudhishthir entered the sacrificial ground. Numerous Braahman were there. Countless of craftsmen had erected numerous buildings and structures for this day. Only two words were heard there, "give" and "eat". Yudhishthir gave thousands of cows, beds, gold coins, and damsels. The Yudhishthir sent Nakul to Hastinaapur to brig Bheeshm, Drone, Dhritraashtra, Vidur and Kripaa and his cousins.

[2-33] Vaishampaayan Jee said - "Nakul came to Hastinaapur and formally invited Bheehm and Dhritraashtra. All came there happily to attend the sacrifice. Thousands of others also came to this sacrifice with expensive jewels. Dhritraashtra, Bheeshm, Vidur, all Kaurav bothers, King of Gaandhaar Subal and his son Shakuni, Achal, Vrishak and Karn and Shalya, Baalheek, Somdatt and Bhoori, Bhoorishravaa and Shal, Ashwattaamaa, Kripaa, Drone and Sindhu's king Jayadrath, Yagyasen with his sons, Shalya (is this repetition or he is some other king?), Bhagadatt of Praag Jyotishpur along with many Mlechchh, many mountain kings, Brihadwal,  and the king of Paundrya Vaasudev, the kings of Bang and Kaling and Akasth and Kuntal and Maalavaa, Andhak and Dravid, the king of Sinhal, the king of Kashmeer, the king Kuntibhoj, king Gauravaahan and many other kings of Baalheek, and Viraat with his two sons (Viraat had four sons, why did he come with his two sons only?), Maavel, and Shishupaal with his son - all came to the sacrifice.

Balaraam, Aniruddh, Kanak and Sharan, Gad, Pradyumn, Saamb, Chaarudesh, Ulmuk, Nishath, Angavah and many Vrishni(s). At the command of Yudhishthir they all were assigned the mansions which were full of edibles and adorned with tanks and tall trees and he worshipped them as they deserved. These mansions were white and high like Mount Kailaash and were fully furnished. They had high walls around them, their windows were covered with net-works of gold and their interiors were furnished with rows of pearls, their flights of stairs were easy of ascent and the floors were all laid over with costly carpets. They were all hung over with garlands of flowers and perfumed with excellent aloes. White as snow or the Moon, they looked extremely handsome even from the distance of a Yojan. Their doors and entrances were set uniformly and were wide enough to admit a crowd of persons.

[2-34] Vaishampaayan Jee said - "Yudhishthir proceeded and worshipped Bheeshm and Drone and said to Bheeshm, Drone, Kripaa, Ashwatthaamaa, Duryodhan and Vivinshati - "Help me to complete this sacrifice. The large treasure here is yours, consult among yourselves and guide me." Then he appointed all of them to their suitable offices. he appointed Dushaasan as the in charge of food and all enjoyable items. Ashwatthaamaa was to attend on Braahman. Sanjaya was appointed for return worship to kings. Bheeshm and Drone were appointed to check what was done and what was not. Kripaa looked after the valuable gems, pearls and diamonds, and distribution of gifts to Braahman.

Baalheek, Dhritraashtra, Somdatt an Jayadrath were enjoying as the Lords of the sacrifice. Vidur (Kshattaa) he knower of all the morality became the disburser. Duryodhan became the receiver of the tribute that was brought by the kings. Krishn engaged Himself washing Braahman's feet at His own will. None came there with less that a hundred in number or weight or measure. Everybody brought large number of jewels. Each king wanted to sow that his share to complete the Yagya was greater than the other. Everybody was satisfied there.

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