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Krishn's First Worship and Shishupaal's Opposition

[2-35] Vaishampaayan Jee said - "On the last day of the sacrifice, when the King was to be sprinkled over with the sacred waters, all Rishi including Naarad Jee gathered in the compound and discussed many things. At that there was no Shoodra nearby, nor anyone without vows. Seeing Yudhishthir's wealth Naarad Jee became very satisfied and seeing all the Kshatriya he became very thoughtful. he recollected the words of the old people in Brahmaa's court that all Deities have incarnated on Earth; and Naaraayan told the Deities to incarnate on Earth, kill one another and come back to Heaven. Naarad knew that the same Naaraayan, also called Shambhoo, had also born as Kshatriya in Yadu Vansh. He thought, since He Himself is there, He can complete this work Himself. Thinking thus he was sitting in Yudhishthir's sacrifice.

At that time, Bheeshm said - "O Bhaarat, Offer Arghya now to each king. Listen Yudhishthir, It has been said that the Guru, the sacrificial priest, the relative, the Snaatak (students), the friend and the king - these six deserve the Arghya. The wise have also said that who as lived them for one full year, he also deserves for Arghya. These kings have been staying with us for some time that is they deserve for Arghya, and the first Arghya should be offered whoever is the foremost among them." Yudhishthir said - "O Grandsire, Tell me who is that foremost here whom I should offer the Arghya first?"

Vaishampaayan Jee said - "Bheeshm judged with his intelligence that who is that foremost, towhom Yudhishthir should offer the Arghya first, and said - "Krishn is that foremost to whom you should offer the Arghya first." Hearing this Sahadev presented the first Arghya to Krishn and Krishn accepted it. But Shishupaal could not tolerate it and abused Bheeshm and Yudhishthir first and then Vaasudev.

[2-36] Shishupaal said - "This man is not worthy to receive the first Arghya, because he is not a ing among all these great kings. O sons of Paandu, You are children, you do not morality because it is very subtle. Bheeshm also is also of little knowledge who has advised you like this. How can this man of Dashaarh race accept the worship when he is not even a king. If you regard Him as the oldest, then even His father is present here, then  how can He be the oldest? If you regard Him as your well-wisher and supporter then Drupad is here. If you consider Him as your Guru, then Drone is here. Do you consider Him as your Ritwij? then Dwaipaayan Jee is here. When he is here how can he be worshipped first? When Bheeshm who will not die unless he desires, hw can you worship Him?

When Ashwatthaamaa who is learned in every branch is here, why should you worship Krishn? When The king of kings Duryodhan is here, or Kripaachaarya is here, then why should you worship Krishn? When Drum, the Guru of Kimpurush is here, why should you worship Krishn? When the invincible Bheeshmak and king Paandyaa are here; and that foremost of kings - Rukmee and Eklavya and Shalya, the king of the Madra, are here, then why should you worship Krishn? Karn who always boast for his strength, who is the favorite disciple of Parashuraam, and who can vanquish in battle all the kings alone, why should you worship Krishn? The slayer of Madhu is neither a sacrificial priest, nor a Guru nor a king. If you had to worship Him like this, why did you invite all these kings her to insult them?

We did not pay tribute to Yudhishthir just because of fear, or for any gain, but we paid itbecause he desire imperial dignity from motives of virtue and still he is insulting us? If this is not the insult, hen what is it that you are worshipping Him when He is not of a royal family. This wretch has killed the kig Jaraasandh. By offering Arghya to Krishn, it seems that here is no righteousness in the son Dharm - Yudhishthir. O Maadhav, If these Kuntee's sons were so mean, at least you should have enlightened them before accepting the first worship. Why did you accept it when you are not worthy for this worship? Actually Kuru princes have insulted the coming kings but they have insulted you. As a wife is to an eunuch, a fine show is to a blind, the royal worship is to you who is not a king. We have seen Yudhishthir, Beeshm and this Vaasudev."

After saying this Shishupaal walked out of the assembly.

[2-37] Vaishampaayan Jee said - "Seeing him walking away, Yudhishthir got up swiftly, followed him and said to him in polite words - "O King, Whatever you have said is not proper for you to say. It is highly sinful. Do not insult Bheeshm that he does not know what virtue is. See, many kings who are older than you have approved this worship of Krishn. You should patiently bear with it. O Ruler of Chedi Desh, Bheeshm knows Krishn very thoroughly, you also know Him and me too."

Bheeshm said - "Who does not approve the worship of Krishn, he is not worthy of any polite words. When a Kshatriya is vanquished by another Kshatriya, the anther Kshatriya becomes his Guru. I do not see any Kshatriya who has not been vanquished by the son of Saatwat race - the son of Saatwat race means Krishn. He is being worthy to be worshipped not by us alone but by he three worlds. Therefore only he should worshipped fist and not any one else. You should never think otherwise. I have waited upon many learned people, mighty kings but not found even one like Sauree (Krishn). We have worshipped Him because of His fame, Hs heroism and His success.

Among the Braahman, the superior is he who has knowledge; among Kshatriya, the superior is he who has more strength; amongst the Vaishya, the superior is he who has wealth and possessions; and amongst the Shoodra the superior is he who is older; and that superior should be worshipped. Why we have worshipped Govind, there are two reasons of this - He has knowledge of Ved and its branches and has strength. Who else is like Keshav who is so distinguished as Him? He has all possible qualities, there approve His worship. He is preceptor, father, Guru and thus is worthy of first worship. He is sacrificial priest and Snaatak. He is the origin of universe, all creatures have sprung from Him only. He is the un-manifest primal cause (A-Vyakt Prakriti), the Creator, the Eternal. All Moo, stars, planes etc have emerged from Him.

As Agnihotra is the foremost among all the Vaidik sacrifices, Gayatree is the foremost among the meters, as the king is foremost among men, as ocean is foremost among all the rivers, Moon is foremost among all the stars, as the Sun is among all the luminous bodies, Meru is the foremost amongst all mountains, Garud is the foremost amongst all the birds, in the same way Keshav is the foremost among the three worlds. This Shishupaal is merely a child and that is why he does not Krishn and speaks like this about Him. If Shishupaal does not think the worship of Krishn proper, then let him say who is proper to be worshipped first?"

[2-38] Vaishampaayan Jee said - "After having said this, Bheeshm got silent. Then Sahadev said - "If any of you does not agree that Krishn should be worshipped, then my foot is paced on their heads, an let anyone should reply me, and the intelligent kings should approve this worship." When Sahadev showed his foot, no one among wise or mighty said anything, rather flowers showered on Sahadev's head and a Divine voice said - "Excellent, excellent." Naarad Jee who knew past and future, said - "These people who will not worship Krishn will be regarded as dead though alive and will never be talked on any occasion."

After this Sahadev worshipped all others and completed the ceremony. Then Suneet (Shishupaal) spoke again angrily - "When I am here t lead you, what are you thinking? Let us fight with Vrishni and Paandav." The coming kings also seemed angry and got prepared for a battle. Krishn also understood that now the kings were coming towards Him.

2-Sabhaa Parv - Arghya Haran Parv Ends Here


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