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Index-Chandragupta Maurya

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Index-Chandragupta Maurya

King Nand's

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Cast of Chandragupta Maurya

Magadh Kingdom
Dhanaanand   -     King of Magadh, of Nand Vansh (his real name was Ugrasen)
Amaatya Raakshas  -    Chief Minister of Nand
Mahaapadm Nand  -  Father of Dhanaa Nand
Shaktaar  -  Chief Minister of Mahaapadm Nand
Durdharaa  -  Daughter of Nand

Meghaa  or Takshitaa or Sanjanee -  Durdharaa's maid and friend, otherwise spy of Chaanakya ( as named Sanjanee by Chaanakya)
Chitraroopaa   -   Dancer in the court of Nand, otherwise spy of Chaanakya

Gajabaahu  - Chief Army General
Bhadrasaal  -  Saamant of Sahaal State of Magadh
Kaaravee Naath  -  Half Brother of Nand, Saamant of Lokhandee. In Charge of Lokhandee Mining Area
Baalee  -  Kaarvee's companion
Chaturaanan  -  Internal Security Chief of Paataliputra

Chaitanya  -  A citizen of Raaj Griha whom Chandragupt saved from dying
Rishyamukh  -  A citizen of Raaj Griha, spy of Bhadrasaal to get information from Chaaankaya's army

Mrignayanee  -  Granddaughter of the King of Karavaasaa Chitrasen, later Nand brought her to Paataliputra, she committed suicide after
              helping Chandragupt

Chanak  -  Aachaarya in Mahaapadm Nand's time
Chaanakya  -   Son of Chanak, Teacher at Takshshilaa University, in Dhanaa Nand time
Purush Datt   -  Personal disciple of Chaanakya
Badar Bhatt  -   Personal disciple of Chaanakya
Sukhdev  -  Aachaarya in Takshshilaa.  Opponent of Chaanakya.
Chandragupt  -  son of Muraa, Chosen disciple of Chaanakya
Muraa  - Mother of Chandragupt

Aambheek  -  Son of Aambhi King
Shashaank  - first the friend of Aambheek, later the friend of Chandragupt
Digvijaya   - first the friend of Aambheek, later the friend of Chandragupt, later the Prince of Asaakya

Birajoo  -   a friend of Chandragupt in the times when he was slave, he lost his life to save Chandragupt from Nand

Ahiryaa  -  Chief of Akhanavee Tribe of Vindhya Mountains forest
Sukhadaa  -  Nephew of Ahiryaa  and spy of Bhadrasaal (from Magadh)

Nayantaaraa  -  from Kapilvastu, the sculptor, in whose pillars Chandragupt hid and reached Paataliputra

Poras and Alexander
Poras (Puru or Parvateshwar)  -  King of Panchnad (Panjaab)
Malayaketu  -  Son of Puru
Kalyaaneee  -  Daughter of Puru
Indradatt  -  Chief Minister of Puru, Friend of Chaanakya

Alexander  -  King of Greece
Seleukas  -  Army Chief and a good friend of Alexander
Calasthenese  -  A Philosopher of Alexander
Euromos  -  The Yavan Leader of Aambheek, Alexander left him in India over Aambheek



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