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Reading through the scriptures, I came across through some of the important information about many things. The information about Rishi is summarized below with most Rishi and Rishikaa (Rishi women - Rishi' wives. sisters or daughters etc) names and their brief necessary details. Normally it is very difficult to remember their names and their genealogy and relationship with other Rishi. That is why this list has been prepared - to bring all those names here at one place and show their relationship with each other, Some have their short description, some have their detailed description, while some do not have at all. Many unpopular names have the name of their source also in front of their names -
Ram = Raamaayan
MBH = Mahaabhaarat
Bhag = Bhaagvat Puraan

There are a few Raakshas who were Braahman, such as - Alambooshaa, Jataasur, Raavan, Kumbhkarn, Vibheeshan, Vritraasur etc.

Origin of Rishi

All Rishi are Brahmaa's descendents. In the beginning Brahmaa Jee had 10 Maanas Putra (sons from his intention) - (1) Atri, (2) Pulah, (3) Kratu, (4) Mareechi, (5) Daksh, (6) Vashishth, (7) Pulastya, (8) Angiraa, (9) Bhrigu, and (10) Naarad. Naarad Jee came out from Brahmaa Jee's lap, Daksh from his thumb, Vashishth Jee from his Praan, Bhrigu from his skin, Kratu from his hand, Pulah from his navel, Pulastya Rishi from his ear, Angiraa from his mouth, Atri from his eyes and Mareechi from his heart.

From among these 10 sons, Brahmaa's 4 sons did not marry and decided to go for Tap - Pulah, Kratu, and Naarad. The remaining 6 Rishi got married and had children from them. Brahmaa Jee asked them to produce children, but Brahmaa Jee was not satisfied from their progress in this regard, so he divided himself into two parts - Manu and Shataroopaa. They were not Rishi. Manu had 2 sons - Uttaanpaad and Priyavrat and three daughters - Prasooti (married to Daksh), Aakooti (married to Ruchi Prajaapati) and Devahooti (married to Kardam Rishi). Manu's two sons were the kings. Daksh did not have any son. Kardam Rishi had Vishnu's Avataar Kapil Muni as his son, but Kapil Muni did not marry so his progeny did not extend.

Besides these 10 sons, Brahmaa Jee had some other Rishi also as his sons born from him - such as Kardam Rishi (married to Manu's daughter Devahooti) and had 9 daughters and one son, Vishnu's Avataar Kapil Muni as his son, from her. He married his 9 daughters to various sons of Brahmaa Jee, and then they had Rishi children from them.



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