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1. Yudhishthir As a King
2. Yudhishthir in Exile
3. Yudhishthir in A-Gyaatvaas
4. Yudhishthir in Mahaabhaarat War

Yudhishthir in Exile: Yudhishthir Saves Life of Duryodhan
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Yudhishthir has always been following Dharm and justice. Duryodhan was not silent even after sending them to Van. So Shakuni suggested - "You go there pretending that you are there for hunting, camp there where they are staying and try to hit their self respect." So Duryodhan, Dushaasan and Karn went in Kaamyak Van where Paandav were staying, and camped there. They were enjoying good food, music and dances etc.

Paandav came to know about this but they didn't say anything. Only sometimes Bheem used to be angry at their behavior. One day Duryodhan saw a Gandharv girl passing through. He got attracted to her and called her in his camp at night. She complained about this to her brother Chitrarath, the King of the group. They were all respectful to their King, so they came to Duryodhan's camp to punish him. Soon they killed several guards and entered the tent where all were drunk and were entertaining themselves with dance and music. Everything came to halt as Gandharv entered the tent.

Gandharv arrested Duryodhan. Dushaasan and Karn ran away somewhere. Duryodhan's bodyguard sneaked away to Paandav and told everything to Yudhishthir. Yudhishthir immediately asked Bheem and Arjun to go there and get Duryodhan released from Gandharv. Both Bheem and Arjun were very angry at Duryodhan, so they didn't want to go to save him, but Yudhishthir said - "This is our duty to help our younger brother in his bad times. We may quarrel among ourselves some other time, but we should not show our differences to outsiders. For outsiders we are one. So go and help him."

Both had to go there. Arjun was surprised to see his old friend of Swarg, Chitrarath there. As Chitrarath also saw Arjun, after a brief talk he released Duryodhan free and went away. In fact this whole drama was played by the order of Indra, as he came to know about Duryodhan's bad intentions. Bheem and Arjun came back to their camp. Duryodhan asked his bodyguard "Who informed Paandav about me?" The bodyguard said - "I did." "Do you know that they are our enemy?" "Yes, Mahaaraaj." "Still you did it?" "Yes, I had to save my Crown Prince." "But not at that price, so you will be punished for this."  Later Duryodhan punished him with death sentence. Thus Duryodhan went to insult Paandav but got insulted himself.

Yaksh's Questions and Yudhishthir's Answers
His characteristic, of being polite with everybody, once saved the life of his brothers while they were in the forest. Once a Braahman came to them and asked their help. He said - "A deer was wandering about that my two sticks used to make fire and the churning staff struck fast into its antlers. The deer ran speedily and went out of the Aashram. I am worried about my Agnihotra. Please follow him and bring back my things, so that my Agnihotra is not stopped." All Paandav went to follow him, they found him, and shot some arrows also at him but he escaped. They were tired so they sat under a tree. They were all thirsty and wanted to drink some water. Yudhishthir asked Sahadev to climb on a tree and look for any place of water. Sahadev climbed on a tree and saw some birds flying around at some distance.

So he told this to Yudhishthir and went to bring some water. It passed quite some time, but Sahadev didn't come back. Then Yudhishthir sent Nakul, he also went but didn't come back. Then Yudhishthir sent Arjun, he also went and didn't come back and in the last he sent Bheem, but he also went and didn't come back.

Now Yudhishthir got worried because he knew his brothers' powers. They were all powerful, and it was not easy to defeat them let alone kill them and who could kill them? So he proceeded towards that side to which his brothers went. He found his brothers lying dead on the shore of a water pond. He thought how they all could be dead because they all were very mighty that even gods could nor defeat them, let alone kill them. Besides, there was no sign of fight, no sign of weapon wounding, and no sign of any kind of beating.

Yudhishthir also tried to take water from that pond that a voice spoke: "Yudhishthir, wait, if you want to drink water of this pond, first reply my questions." Yudhishthir said - "Who are you? Is this pond yours? Have you done this to my brothers? Why?" The voice spoke: "Yes, I am a Yaksh, this pond is mine, I have killed your brothers because I asked them the same thing that if they wanted to drink water from this pond, they should reply my questions first, but nobody cared."

Yudhishthir said - "Well, ask what do you want to ask, I will try my best to answer your questions." Then that voice asked 64 questions and Yudhishthir replied all of them correctly. These questions have very deep meaning and has a special place in MBH. Then voice said - "Now I can make your one brother alive. Tell me which one you want?" Yudhishthir said - "If this is so, then make my Sahadev alive." Yaksh asked - "Why do you want to bring only Sahadev alive leaving such mighty brothers like Bheem and Arjun?"

Yudhishthir said - "I know that Bheem and Arjun are my very mighty brothers, but still I would like you to make Sahadev alive because this will keep us two brothers alive, one from each mother." Yaksh got very pleased to hear this reply and he made all his brothers alive. Yudhishthir said - "Please, if you don't mind, now I want to ask you one question - "Who are you? You cannot be a Yaksh because Yaksh do not have power to bring dead people alive. Tell me your true identity." Yaksh then showed him his real form and said - "You are right. I am not the Yaksh, I am your father Dharm Raaj. I just wanted to see you that is why I came here and created this scene. I was the deer who took away that Braahman's things. Take them. Bhagavaan bless you." Yaksh further said - "Now you ask something from me." Yudhishthir daid - "Our A-Gyaatvaas is going to start very soon. If you are pleased with me, please grant us the boon that we are not recognized by anybody." "So be it." and Dharm Raaj disappeared. Yudhishthir's all brothers stood up as if nothing happened to them and all came back.



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