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Why Dushyant Did Not Recognize Shakuntalaa?
Rishi Kanv had gone to Som Teerth and Shakuntalaa had fallen in love of Raajaa Dushyant. Once Shakuntalaa was sitting lost in Dushyant's thoughts, that Durvaasaa Rishi came there with his disciples and when he was not attended for some time, he got severely angry. He gave Shaap to Shakuntalaa - "In whose thoughts you are sitting lost, he will forget you."

When Shakuntalaa's friends heard about this, they asked for his forgiveness on behalf of their friend. Durvaasaa Rishi said - "I cannot take my Shaap back, but I can bless her that after seeing something, he will recognize her and they will live happily after." And he went away

Kanv Rishi knew everything about Shakuntalaa through his Yog power in Som Teerth only. So when he came back to his Aashram and knew about her pregnancy, he sent her to Raajaa Dushyant along with some of his disciples. When she arrived in Dushyant's court, he refused to recognize her under Durvaasaa Muni's Shaap. She wanted to show his ring to him but she couldn't find it, because it fell in a river on the way to coming to Dushyant while drinking water from the river.

She became very sad and came out of the court crying. She was so much crying that she was about to faint that an Apsaraa lifted her and took her to Maareech Rishi's Aashram on Hemkoot Parvat. Maareech Rishi kept her like his own daughter and knew everything about her through his Yog power. There Shakuntalaa gave birth to a baby boy who was named as Sarvdaman.

In fact, a fish swallowed Shakuntalaa's ring and a fisherman caught that fish for his food. When he cut its stomach, he found a ring. He came to sell that ring in the market for getting money. The ring was identified as King's ring and his soldiers arrested him misunderstanding him as a thief. They took him to Raajaa Dushyant. When the King saw his ring, he recollected everything. He rewarded the fisherman and freed him. Now he always remembered Shakuntalaa and longed to see her.

After some time, King of Swarg Lok Indra, asked help from Dushyant to fight with Asur. While returning to his city after defeating Asur, Raajaa saw an Aashram and there he saw a child playing with lion's cubs. He was trying to count his teeth. Seeing this Raajaa was very impressed with that child. He stopped by there and asked his father's name. He said - "My father's name is Raajaa Dushyant." Raajaa understood, he met his mother there and took her to his palace as his wife.

The same Sarvdaman became famous as Bharat and the King of Aaryaavart.



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