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Chapters 26-27

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26-Vairaagya of Pururavaa

Krishn Jee said - "So this human body is the primary means of attaining Me. Jeev's all Yoni (species) are full of three Gun. Jeev frees itself from them by Gyaan. Because all Sat, Raj and Tamo Gun which are seen outwardly, are only Maayaa and not real, so by attaining Gyaan, human being does not get bound with them, in spite of living with them. The reason?  Because they do not exist. Ordinary people, who are busy only enjoying pleasures and satisfying their hunger of food, Gyaanee people should not sit with those A-Sat people, because their followers also attain the same Gati.

First Ilaa's son Pururavaa got a kind of mad after Urvashee had left for Swarg. Later, when he got to his senses he got Vairaagya. Pururavaa, like a mad person, ran naked after Urvashee rushing to Swarg. He was asking her to stay for some time more. He was not yet satisfied with Urvashee's company. Later he said to himself - "See, I was such a fool that this desire made my mind so dirty, that I lost so many years of life. When the Sun rose, and when he set, I couldn't know, and she didn't take even a moment to leave me and I? who is the emperor and keep my public in discipline, am running after her naked. Is this life? Whose heart has been stolen by a woman, his knowledge, Tapasyaa, Shaastra knowledge, everything is useless. This body is made of skin, flesh, blood, bones etc and if a person loves it that what is the difference between a man and a worm which lives in fasces. I myself am such a fool, there is no fault of Urvashee in this. I myself lost control on my Indriyaan." When Raajaa thought this way, then he dropped the idea of Urvashee and he stabilized himself in Me.

That is why all people should seek the company of saints. Saints' main characteristic is that they do not want anything. They are always calm. They do not feel any dualities (for example: in happiness-sorrows, day-night, cold-heat etc) - they live with all kinds adversities without any problem. They always think about Me. They are not proud of anything, as they are not attached with anything. They always tell my stories. These stories wash the listeners' sins. Who listen to those stories, Bhakti arises in them for me; and whoever has got my Bhakti, he has nothing to want any more.

27-Kriyaa Yog

Uddhav Jee asked - "Now tell us about Kriyaa Yog with which your devotee use to worship you. Devarshi Naarad, Bhagavaan Vyaas and Aachaarya Brihaspati say this repeatedly that Kriyaa Yog is the best way to do your worship. First of all You told this Kriyaa Yog to Brahmaa Jee, then he told it to his sons Bhrigu etc Rishi and Shankar Jee told this to Paarvatee Jee. This is the best not only for Braahman, Kshatriya etc Varn and Brahmchaaree and Grihasth people, but for women and Shoodra too."

Krishn said - "Uddhav Jee, Karm Kaand is so extensive that it has no limits, still I will describe it in brief. There are three methods to worship Me - Vaidik, Taantrik and Mixed. Among these one can adopt anyone whatever he considers appropriate for him. First of all, one should  get his Yagyopaveet Sanskaar done with Shaastra method and become Dwij, then worship Me with love and devotion. Listen to that method - worship Me in an idol, or in Ved, or in Soorya, or in Jal, or in heart, or in Braahamn with Poojaa materials.

Worshipper should start My worship by cleaning his mouth and taking bath in the morning to get cleaned for methodical bath. Then take bath again with both Vaidik and Taantrik methods with soil and ash etc. Then do Sandhyaa Vandan according to Ved. Then intend to do My worship which liberates from Karm bondage and should worship Me with both Vaidik and Taantrik methods. 

My idols are of eight types - stone, wooden, metal; soil or sandalwood etc, picture, sand, in the heart, and gem-studded. Or there are two other types of my idols - according to moving and non-moving type. When you worship non-moving type of idols, then do not do Aavaahan and Visarjan (concluding) daily, but you have a choice with moving idol, you may do it or you may not do it. Still with sand idol you must do Aavaahan and Visarjan daily. Soil and sandal idols should not be given bath, just wipe them, but all other idols should be given bath. Although My Poojaa is done with special materials, but Nish-Kaam devotees may worship Me in their hearts or whatever is available. Bath, clothes, jewelry etc are used to worship stone or metal idols.

If you are worshipping sand idol or soil Vedee, then you should worship its body parts and their chief Devtaa through Mantra. If you are worshipping in Agni then you offer Aahuti with Ghee mixed Saamagree. If you are worshipping Soorya, then you offer Arghya (Jal) and if you are worshipping Jal then do Tarpan. When My devotee offers Me even water with love, then I also accept it with love. And if my non-devotee offers Me lot many things then also I don't get satisfied with them. When I am pleased with only with Jal then if you are offering Me incense, flower, Dhoop, light or lamp (Deepak) and sweets and fruits, it is a big thing for Me.

Worshipper should first collect the material for worship, then spread the Kush on the floor so that its front parts should be towards East. Sit facing East or North on that Aasan, then start the Poojaa process. If one is sitting before the immovable idol, then one should sit in front of it. First do Ang Nyaas and Kar Nyaas methodically. Then do Mantra Nyaas in idol then wipe away the previous Poojaa materials with hand. Then worship the water-filled Kalash with incense and flower; then from another water-filled Kalash sprinkle water on Poojaa materials and himself. Later fill three pots with water for Paadya, Arghya and Aachman from Kalash and drop Saamagree in all the three Kalash with proper method. In Paadya Paatra, there may be Shyaamaak (Saanve grains, Doob grass, lotus, Vishnu Kraantaa and sandalwood paste, Tulasee leaf); in Arghya Paatra there may be (Gandh, flower, rice, barley, Kush, sesame seeds, mustard seeds, Doob grass); and in Aachaman Paatra there may be (nutmeg - Jaayaphal, clove, etc). Then Abhimantrit all the three pots with Hridaya, Shiro, and Shikhaa Mantra and in the last Abhimantrit all the three Kalash with Gaayatree Mantra.

Then one should meditate upon Me in his heart after cleansing his body through Praanaayaam. Great Rishi Muni meditate Jeev Kalaa (form) after My Akaar, Ukaar, Makaar, Bindu and Naad of Omkaar, these five Kalaa. This Jeev Kalaa is in the form of Aatmaa. When your heart and  body are filled with its Tej (light), then worship it with all your heart. Then do My Aavaahan (invocation) and establish Me in the idol. Then worship Me by Ang Nyaas through Mantra.

Imagine Dharm etc Gun and Vimalaa etc powers in My Aasan, means in the four corners of the Aasan one should imagine Dharm, Gyaan, Vairaagya and Wealth. Adharm, A-Gyaan, A-Vairaagya and poverty are the four side sticks in four directions. Sat, Raj and Tam, these are three planks for sitting. And on that Aasan, Vimalaa, Utkarshinee, Gyaanaa, Kriyaa, Yogaa, Prahlee, Satyaa, Eeshaanaa and Anugrahee, these nine powers are sitting. There is one 8-leaf lotus on that Aasan. Its Karnikaa (central place) is very beautiful with yellow color.

Imagining like this offer Me Paadya, Arghya and Aachaman. Then to attain Moksh Bhog (enjoyment) worship Me with Vaidik and Taantrik Mantra. Sudarshan Chakra, Paanchjanya Shankh, Kaumodakee Gadaa, sword, arrow, bow, Hal, Moosal, worship these eight weapons in eight directions and  worship Kaustubh Mani, Vaijayantee Maalaa and Shree Vats mark also at their appropriate place. First establish Nand, Sunand, Prachand, Chand, Mahaabal, Bal, Kumud, Kumudekshan, these eight Paarshad in eight directions, Garud Jee in front; and Durgaa, Vinaayak, Vyaas and Vishwaksen in four corners and then worship them. Establish Guru on left side and eight Lok-Paal in eight directions, worship them by sprinkling water, Arghya and Paadya method.

If you can do, then daily bathe me with sweet smelling water (sandal, Khas, camphor, Kesar) and pronounce Mantra also. Then dress Me up with clothes, Yagyopaveet, jewelry, leaf, Maalaa, sweet smells, sandalwood paste etc. Then offer Me water Aachman, sandalwood paste, flower, rice, Dhoop, Deep. If possible offer Me Naivedya of jaggery, Kheer, Ghee, Pooree, Pooaa, Laddoo, Halavaa, yogurt, Daal (beans) etc. Treat the idol with Panchaamrit, apply sandalwood paste, show me mirror and sing and dance on special festivals.

Then establish the Agni in Havan Kund. Light the fire and grow it with the wind of hand. Put 20-20 Kush to four sides of the Vedee, and sprinkle the water on them. Put Samidhaa (wood) in the Kund and then keep Havan Saamagree on the north side of the Kund and sprinkle water on it with the water of Prokshanee pot. Then imagine Me in the fire like this, that My idol is shining like melted gold and it is spreading peace all around. There are four arms in which Shankh, Chakra, Gadaa, and Padm are seen. My yellow Peetaambar is flowing. There is a crown on my head, bangles are in my wrists, Shree Vats mark is on my chest, Kaustubh Mani is in my neck. Then worship Me by offering Aahuti with dry Samidhaa dipped in Ghee. Then do Havan with other Saamagree dipped in Ghee.

After this, do Havan with "Om Namo Naaraayanaay", the eight-letter Mantra and 16 Mantra of Purush Sookt. Then remember Naaraayan and do Jaap of Bhagavaan's Mool Mantra - "Om Namo Naaraayanaay". Then offer Aachman to Bhagavaan, and offer his Prasaad to Vishwaksen. Then offer betel leaf (Paan) and flower to Isht Dev. Tell My stories, listen to My stories, sing and read Stotra written by old Rishi or local people. Then put his head on My feet and hold My feet with both hands and say, "I am drowning in this world sea, kindly save me." and put the offered Maalaa on his head and consider it as My Prasaad. If somebody wishes to do my Visarjan then imagine that a divine light has come out from the idol and is absorbed in me.

If possible worshipper can build My temples, plant flower gardens etc. If you establish My idol then you get the kingdom of Prithvi, if you build My temple then you get Tri-Lok kingdom, and if you organize My Poojaa then you get Brahm Lok, and if you do all the three then you attain Me."



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