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Chapter 28

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Krishn said - "Although in practical, this world seems of two types according to the seer and the scene, that is Purush and Prakriti, but in reality it is only one, that is why neither one should admire anybody nor insult anybody. One should treat all like ourselves. All Indriyaan are the actions of Raajas Ahankaar. When they sleep, then Jeev also gets unconscious - means it does not remember the outer body. At that time, if mind is not asleep, it wanders around in dreams, otherwise it also sleeps in deep deathlike sleep.

In the same way, when Jeev forgets its own Roop and sees various other things then he gets stuck in dream-like false scenes; or is absorbed in death-like A-Gyaan. When there is nothing like Dwait (dual), then what is good and what is bad [nothing is good nothing is bad, all are the same]. All things of the Universe can be expressed by speech or can be thought by mind, therefore, because of being seeable and perishable, they are all false. Whatever is hidden, or whatever is seen, both are Aatmaa and Aatmaa is omnipotent. Whatever Universe we are seeing, Aatmaa is the cause of it. Only that Aatmaa creates it, sustains it and destroys it.

Although practically Aatmaa seems different from this Universe, but, spiritually, there is nothing else except Aatmaa. It is only Aatmaa which cannot be described, rest of the things can be described. Therefore, there is a feeling of these three things in Aatmaa - creation, sustaining, and destruction, or Adhyaatm, Adhi-Daiv and Adhi-Bhoot are baseless. They are not there but we only feel that they are there. This is all game of Maayaa. Who knows the secret of my these words, he neither admires anybody, nor insults anybody. He wanders about in this world with equal feelings like Soorya. It has been proved that this world is untruth and perishable because of being created, sustained and destroyed."

Uddhav Jee asked - "Aatmaa is seer and body is scene; Aatmaa is self-illuminated and body is unconscious; Atmaa is imperishable, Nir-Gun, and pure, while body is perishable, Sa-Gun, and impure; Aatmaa is illuminated like fire, while body is unconscious like wood. Then why is this birth and death Roop world?" Krishn said - "In fact this world does not exist; still, till this relationship of Aatmaa and body exists, an A-Gyaanee feels it true. As one feels so many troubles in dream, but in reality they are not there, still until the person wakes up it all seems true [otherwise it is not true]; in the same way who think about the joys and sorrows of this world, while the world is not there, their birth and death Roop world does not end. Hey Uddhav Jee, In fact Ahankaar is the main root of sorrows, happiness, fear, anger, greed, Moh, etc; Aatmaa has no connection with them.

When Aatmaa considers this body as his own and assumes it his own form, then its name becomes Jeev, which is the Ling body made up of Gun and Karm. The same is called Sootraatmaa or Mahat-Tattwa and the same wanders about under the influence of Kaal Parmeshwar. In reality, mind, speech, Praan, body, all are the results of Ahankaar. Understanding the Swaroop of Aatmaa and An-Aatmaa separately is Gyaan, because as you attain the knowledge, the existence of Dwait (dual) is diminished, and to do this is to hear Ved and Shaastra after purifying one's heart. Besides, reading the sayings of great people are of immense help.

The gist of all this is that whatever was in the beginning of the world, and whatever will be in the end, the same is in its middle also; there is nothing else except it [and if it is there it is false]. There are many types of jewelry made from gold, but before jewelry it was gold, and after jewelry also it will be gold, therefore in the middle also it is gold. Although in practical it is jewelry (earrings, bangles, chains etc), but in reality it is gold. In the same way, I am the beginning, the end and the middle of this Universe. Only I am the Truth Tattwa.

There are three states of mind - conscious, subconscious, and unconscious. Because of these states there are Sat, Raj and Tam Gun; and there are three parts of this world - Adhyaatm (10 Indriyaan), Adhi-Bhoot (5 Bhoot - Prithvi, Jal, Vaayu, Agni, Aakaash); and Adhi-Daiv (Indriya's Lords Devtaa). Because of whoever's existence all these three things seem like Truth; and whoever's existence is there in Samaadhi, even when these three things are not there, the same Tureeya Tattwa Brahm is there. Whosoever was not before Creation, and will not be after Pralaya and is not in the middle, that is only imagination. This is definite Truth that whatever material is made of whatever, by whom it is illuminated, the same is its real Roop and the same is its Paramaarth Sattaa (authority).

This Raajas impure (Vaikaarik) Creation is visible in spite of not being here. Only Brahm is manifested in this whole Creation, therefore whatever, the mind, Panch Bhoot etc are, they all are the forms of Brahm only. There are four means of thinking about Brahm - Shravan (hearing), Manan (thinking), Nididhyaasan (meditation), and Swaanubhooti (Swa-Anubhooti means feeling by oneself). And teaching these means is the job of Guru. One should think through them and do "Nishedh" of body etc material.

The process of "Nishedh" is - because this body is the Vikaar (impurity) of Prithvi that is why it is not Aatmaa. Indriyaan, their Devtaa, Praan, Vaayu, Jal, Agni and mind are also not Aatmaa, because like body they are also nourished by grains. Buddhi, Chitt, Ahankaar, Aakaash, Prithvi, Shabd (sound) etc pleasures and Gun's proportional state are also not Aatmaa, because they all are unconscious and can be seen or heard. Who has known my form very well, whether his Indriyaan are controlled or wander around, it does not matter at all; because Gun are both inside and outside, and Gun have no relation with Aatmaa. How the Sun is affected by coming or scattering of clouds? As Vaayu cannot dry Aakaash; fire cannot burn it; water cannot wet it; dust and smoke cannot make it dirty; and seasons cannot influence it, because they are all momentary; in the same way, Sat, Raj and Tam Gun related Karm also cannot touch Aatmaa. Aatmaa is beyond them.

Uddhav Jee, As without treatment a disease cannot be cured and it comes back repeatedly, in the same way attachment always tries to destroy such person's Yog whoever's desires and Sanskaar of Karm have not been destroyed and whoever is attached to his family. Jeev, because of his Sanskaar, is always busy in doing Karm since birth till death but he who sees Tattwa, in spite of doing Karm and living in this world, does not get involved in this world.

Who has established himself in His Swaroop, [and he has forgotten everything] he does not know even about his own body that it is standing or sitting, eating food or resting. This kind of Gyaanee Purush does not consider the external pleasures different from his Aatmaa. As people do not consider the things of dream as truth, in the same way Gyaanee people do not consider the things as true which are different from them

If Saadhak's body is ill with some sickness, then he should try to cure that sickness first - heat and cold through Sun and Moon's thinking, Vaat etc diseases through appropriate Aasans; and family-related hurdles through Tapasyaa, Mantra, medicines etc; Kaam and anger through meditation and Keertan. The ideas which take one towards his downfall should be treated by serving great people. Who is always busy in My Yog Saadhanaa, his all desires are destroyed and he attains Param Aanand."



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