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Chapter 29-31

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29-Bhaagvat Dharm and Uddhav Goes to Badarik Aashram

Uddhav Jee asked - "I feel that Yog Saadhanaa that you have proposed, is very difficult for those people who have not controlled their mind. Therefore you tell the simplest way to get Param Pad easily. You know that, when Yogee try to concentrate and they are not able to concentrate then they leave it in despair and get sad. So be kind on them and tell them the salvation path."

Krishn Said - "Now I tell you My that Bhaagavat Dharm by following which human beings can easily cross this world. My Bhakt should do all Karm for Me and increase time of My meditation gradually. He should live in holy places and follow my Bhakt's behaviors. He should celebrate My festivals alone or together with singing dancing, playing instruments etc. Whosoever Saadhak does My Darshan in all beings, only he should be considered real Gyaanee. When a Saadhak behaves in this way, his competition, jealousy, insult and pride etc like characteristics go away. He should not care of others if they make a mockery of his this behavior (seeing Me in everybody). One can attain this with a little practice after some time. This clears all doubts automatically. Whatever are the means to attain me, I consider only this best, that one should see and treat everything like Me. Uddhav Jee, This is my Bhaagvat Dharm. I Myself have decided it. Once you start it, no hurdle can stop it. This Dharm is Nish-Kaam. This is Nir-Gun also, that is why I have decided it the best. If while doing this kind of Bhakti, the Saadhak offers Me even his other useless Karm also, then also those Karm become Dharm.

I told you the Brahm Vidyaa in brief and in detail. This Brahm Vidyaa is very difficult to understand even for Devtaa, leave human beings alone. Our dialog is very pious, who will read this daily, he will become holy. And who will hear it daily, he will attain My Param Bhakti and will be free from Karm bond. Have you understood the Swaroop of Brahm well? Is your heart clear now of all doubts? You should never tell this to the people who are proud, atheist, thief, and who do not love Me or who have no Bhakti for Me. Tell only those who do not have these ill-wills, are Bhakt of Braahaman, are of loving nature and clean character. If any Shoodra or woman is also interested in Me, you can also tell him or her. Human beings get Moksh from Gyaan, Dharm from Yog, Kaam from Karm, and Arth from trade, but for devotees like you, I am all kinds of fruits. When a human being abandons all his Karm and surrenders them to Me, I give him Moksh and he becomes My Swaroop by joining Me."

Shuk Dev Jee said - "Hey Pareekshit, Now Uddhav Jee had obtained all the knowledge of Yog path. His heart moved with love and affection towards Krishn Jee. He touched His feet, prayed Him and said - "Now you please bless me such that my devotion to your feet continues." Krishn said - "Now by My order you go to Badarik Aashram. That is My Aashram only. There you will become clean by taking bath in Gangaa River and drinking her water. Only the Darshan of Alak Nandaa River will destroy your all sins. There you wear tree bark, eat Kand, Mool (roots), fruits and be in yourselves without desiring for anything. Bear heat and cold and sorrow and pleasure with uniform mind. What I have told you ponder over it. In the end you will also attain Me."

Uddhav Jee circumambulated Him, touched His feet, but could not bear His separation. He started weeping, then he took His Paadukaa (shoes) and went to Badarik Aashram. There he became Bhagvaan Swaroop after doing Tap.

30-Destruction of Yadu Kul

Pareekshit Jee asked - "When Uddhav Jee went away to Badarik Aashram, what Bhagavaan did in Dwaarakaa? How did He end His Leelaa? When women used to see Him they continued to look at Him for a long time. In the same way when saints hear the story of Krishn, they want to hear it more and more. At the time of Mahaabhaarat war, when Krishn was sitting on my grandfather's (Arjun's) chariot whosoever left his body at that time, he got Mukti. How did He end His such wonderful Roop?"

Shuk Dev Jee said - "When Krishn noticed that many bad omens were happening in the sky and on Prithvi, He said about them to all Yadu Vanshee in Sudharmaa Sabhaa (court) - "Now there are many bad omens occurring in Dwaarakaa, that is why we should not stay here even for a couple of Ghadee (1 Ghadee = 24 minutes). Women, children and old people should move to Prabhaas Kshetra. You know that Saraswatee flows to west and fall in the sea. There we will take bath, keep fast and worship Devtaa. Then we will donate cows, land, gold, clothes, elephants, horses, chariots to Braahman. This method destroys all kinds of bad omens.

All Yadu Vanshee agreed on this and they immediately crossed the sea by boats and started their journey towards Prabhaas Kshetra on chariots. There they did Shaanti Paath and other auspicious Karm, but Kaal was not favorable to them, so they started drinking Maireyak wine which disoriented their mind. They soon got drunk and starting fighting with each other with their weapons. Pradyumn was fighting with Saamb, Akroor with Bhoj, Aniruddh with Saatyaki, Subhadra with Sangraamjit, Krishn's brother Gad with Krishn's son Gad, Sumitra with Surath. Everybody was mighty and was trying to kill each other. All from Dashaarh, Vrishni, Andhak, Bhoj, Saatwat, Madhu, Arbud, Maathur, Shoorsen, Visarjan, Kukur, and Kunti Vansh also started fighting each other. When their arrows were finished and bows were broken, they started digging out the Erakaa grass from seashore [this was the same grass which grew out of that Moosal powder which was thrown by Raajaa Ugrasen after grinding the Moosal coming out of the stomach of Saamb]. As that grass came into their hands it converted into very hard and strong Mudgar [a bat like baseball bat]. They started fighting from those Mudgar now. When Krishn tried to stop them, they took Krishn and Balaraam as their enemy and ran to beat them. Krishn and Balaraam also started throwing that Erakaa grass on them. [see Braahman Shaap for full details]

When all were killed then Balaraam Jee left his body for his Dhaam. Seeing Balaraam's going to his Dhaam, Krishn also sat down under a Peepal tree. He assumed His Chaturbhuj Roop. He kept His left foot on His right thigh. There was a bird-killer named Jaraa. He made the arrowhead of that Moosal's remaining piece. He saw Bhagavaan's red foot from a far place, he thought it was a deer's mouth, so he aimed that arrow at it. When he came near to pick his game, he found a Chaturbhuj Purush. But now he had already committed a crime. He asked for His forgiveness and requested Him to kill him. But Krishn gave him Swarg."

It is believed that this hunter Jaraa was Baali (Sugreev's brother) in his previous birth and was killed by Raam. Raam killed him hiding behind a tree, that is why in this life, he, means Jaraa, also killed Krishn from hiding.

Shuk Dev Jee further said - "Krishn takes the body at His own will, so when He ordered thus, the hunter circumambulated Krishn three times, greeted Him, and rode on a Vimaan and went to Swarg. Daaruk came searching for Krshn and stood in ront of Him. He saw Krishn sitting in Aasan position under the Peepal tree and very strong weapons were serving Him in person. He said - "Prabhu, When I don't see you, I get very sad, I cannot find my way around. It all seems dark to me." He was saying thus, that Bhagavaan's chariot flew away in the sky along with flag and horses. Divine weapons followed Him. Daaruk got astonished to see all this. Then Bhagavaan said - "Daaruk, Now you go to Dwaarakaa and tell the people there about Balaraam's and My going to our Dhaam. Tell them that they should not live in Dwaarakaa any more after I have left it, because when I will not be here, the sea will sink it. All, including my parents, should go to Indraprasth under the guidance of Arjun. You follow My Bhaagvat Dharm and considering it My Maayaa be calm and patient." Hearing this Daaruk circumambulated Him, greeted Him and went to Dwaarakaa."

31-Bhagavaan Goes to His Lok

Shuk Dev Jee said - "After Daaruk had left, Brahmaa Jee, Shiv- Paarvatee Jee, Indra etc Lok Paal, Mareechi etc Prajaapati, Pitar, Siddh, Gandharv, Naag-Chaaran, Yaksh-Raakshas, Kinner, Maitreya etc. Braahman came to see Bhagavaan's ascending to His Lok. They all were singing the Leelaa of life of Bhagavaan Krishn. The whole sky was filled with their Vimaan (airplane). Krishn established Himself in His Aatmaa. Because Bhagavaan's Swaroop is the basis of meditation for His devotees and resting place for all Lok, that is why He did not burn His body through Yog and went to His Dhaam with His body. At that time drums were beaten in Swarg, and flowers were showered. Satya, Dharm, Dhairya, Keerti and Shree Devee also followed Him. When He entered His Dhaam even Devtaa couldn't see going Him. They were all very surprised at this. As the lightening lights in clouds and its movements are not seen, in the same way even the great Devtaa couldn't know about Krishn's speed and all went to their Lok.

Hay Pareekshit,  This is not difficult for Bhagavaan, who can take birth and does Leelaa; it is all His Maayaa, it is all His acting. The son of Saandeepan Guru was already dead. but He brought him back with his human body. Your body was already burned by Brahmaastra, but He made you alive. He even won Shankar Jee and sent the bird-killer who aimed his arrow at Him, to Swarg with his body. In this situation, couldn't He keep His body here permanently? Sure, but He just didn't want it that way. By doing this He showed that He didn't have any concern to save it in this world. The spiritual people should not try to keep their body. Whoever will read or listen to this Kathaa, he will get Bhagavaan's Param Pad.

Daaruk returned to Dwaarakaa with the sorrow of Krishn's leaving and started weeping putting his head on Vasudev and Ugrasen's feet. He told the whole description of destruction of Yadu Vansh. People there got very sad and went there where their relatives were lying dead. When Devakee, Rohinee and Vasudev Jee did not see their sons, Balaraam and Krishn, they fainted. They also left their bodies there only. Women identified their husbands' bodies and they became Satee with them. All women became Satee with their husbands including Balaraam Jee, Vasudev Jee and Krishn's sons'. Bhagavaan's wives left their body by meditation.

Arjun was already very sad, but he gathered himself remembering Geetaa's preaching and did Pind Daan of those Yadu Vanshee to whom nobody was there to do. After Bhagavaan left, Samudra sunk the whole Dwaarakaa, except Krishn's residence, in a moment. Shree Krishn still lives there. Arjun came back to Indraprasth with all remaining women, children and old people. There he rehabilitated them and coronated Vajra, Aniruddh's son. Your grandfather knew about the destruction of Yadu Vansh only from Arjun. Then they coronated you and went to Himaalaya.

Whosoever listens, reads, or tells this story (Krishn's story) he gets free from all sins."




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