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Chapters 1-2



1-Kings in Kali Yug

Pareekshit Jee asked - "Hey Shuk Dev Jee, Now when Krishn had left this world for His Paramdhaam, who ruled this Prithvi in the past and who will rule this Prithvi in future." Shuk Dev Jee said - "I have already told you that in the lineage of Brihadrath, father of Jaraasandh, the last King will be Puranjan or Ripunjay. His minister's name will be Shunak. He will kill his Swaamee and coronate his own son Pradyot as King. Pradyot's son will be Paalak, Paalak's son will be Raajak, and Raajak's son will be Vishaakhayoop. Vishaakhayoop's son will be Raajak and Raajak's son will be Nandivardhan. These five kings of Pradyot Vansh and will be known as Pradyotan. They will rule for 138 years.

After that, there will be a King named Shishunaag. His son will be Kaakvarn, his son will be Kshemdharmaa, and his son will be Kshetragya. Kshetragya's son will be Vidhisaar (maybe Bimbisaar), Vidhisaar's son will be Ajaatshatru, his son will be Darbhak, and his son will be Ajaya. Ajaya's son will be Nandivardhan, and his son will be Mahaanand. These ten kings will be in Shishunaag Vansh and all these kings will rule for 360 years combined.

Then from a Shoodra wife of Mahaanand, there will be a son named Nand (see "How Chaanakya Met Chandragupt"). He will be very powerful. Mahaanand will own "Mahaapadm", that is why he will be called as Mahaapadm also. He will be the cause of end of Kshatriya kings. And from then forward, the kings will be often Shoodra Varn or non-religious.

Mahaapadm will be the single most king of Prithvi. Nobody will be able to disobey him. He will be like another Parashuraam in respect of killing Kshatriya. He will have Sumaalya etc eight sons. They will all be kings and they all will rule for 100 years. There will be a Braahman called as Kautilya, or Chaanakya or Vaatsyaayan (see Chandragupt Maurya). He will kill Nand and his eight sons. After him Maurya Vansh kings will rule this Prithvi. The same Braahman (Chaanakya) will coronate Chandragupt Maurya as King. Chandragupt's son will be Vaarisaar, his son will be Ashokvardhan, and his son will be Suyash, Suyash's son will be Sangat, and Sangat's son will be Shaalishook, Shaalishook's son will be Som Sharmaa, and his son will be Shatdhanvaa and his son will be Brihadrath. These ten kings will rule for 137 years. (see " Maurya Dynasty (137 years)")

see p 875 of Bhaagvat Puraan (Skandh 12, chapter 1) for details - here the number of Maurya kings is given as nine; but there is one more king named Dasharath who is mentioned at the fifth place from Chandragupt in Vishnu Puraan etc; so maybe after counting him there will be ten Maurya kings.

Brihadrath will have an army-chief, named Pushpmitra Shung. He will kill his King and will become the King himself. His son will be Agnimitra, then his son will be Sujyeshth, and his son will be Vasumitra, his son will be Bhadrak and Bhadrak's son will be Pulind, Pulind's son will be Ghosh, and Ghosh's son will be Vajramitra. Vajramitra's son will be Bhaagvat, and his son will be Devabhooti. These 10 kings of Shung Vansh will rule for 112 years." (see "Shung Dynasty (112 years)")

Shukdev Jee further said - "After Shung Vansh kings' rule, this Prithvi will be under Kanv Vansh's rule. These kings will have less qualities than their previous kings. The last King of Shung Vansh Devabhooti will be a bad king and he will be killed by his minister Vaasudev from Kanv Vansh. Vaasudev's son will be Bhoomitra, Bhoomitra's son will be Naaraayan, and Naaraayan's son will be Susharmaa. Susharmaa will be a very good king. These Kanv Vanshee four kings will be called Kaanvaayan and will rule for 345 years in Kali Yug. (see Kanv Dynasty)

Susharmaa will have a Shoodra servant, name Balee. He will be of Andhra caste and will be very powerful and wicked. He will kill Susharmaa and rule for a few years. Then his brother Krishn will be the King. Krishn's son will be Shreeshaant Karn, and his son will be Paurnmaas, and his son will be Lambodar. Lambodar's son will be Chibilak, and his son will be Meghswaati, and his son will be Atmaan, and his son will be Anishtkarmaa, and his son will be Haaleya, and his son will be Talak, and his son will be Pureeshbheeru. His son will be Sunandan, and his son will be Chakor. Chakor will have eight sons. They will all be called Bahu. Among them the youngest will be Shivswaati and he will be very brave and win his enemies. Shivswaati's son will be Gomateeputra, and his son will be Pureemaan. His son will be Medshiraa, his son will be Shivskand, his son will be Yagyashree, and his son will be Vijaya. Vijay will have two sons - Chandravigya and Lomaghi. These 30 kings will rule for 456 years.

Hey Pareekshit, After this, seven Aameer, 10 Gardabhee and 16 Kank of Avbhrati city will rule. They all will be very greedy. After them eight Yavan and 14 Turk will rule. After them will be 10 Gurund and 11 Maun kings. Besides Maun kings all will rule for 1,099 years. Maun kings will rule for 300 years 1,099 + 300 = 1399 years). After that there will be a King named Bhootnand in Kilkilaa City. His son will be Vanagiri, then his brothers Shishunandi, Yashonandi and Praveerak, all will rule for 106 years. They will have 13 sons who will be called Baahleek. After them, Pushpmitra named Kshatriya and his son Durmitra will rule. These Baahleek Vanshee kings will rule at different places during the same period. Among them seven will be in Aandhra Desh and six will be in Koshal Desh, some will be the rulers of Vidoor-bhoomi and some will be the rulers of Nishadh Desh.

Then will come Vishwasphoorji in Magadh Desh. He will be called Puranjaya II. He will convert Braahman into Pulind, Yadu and Madra etc lower castes - Mlechchh castes. He will protect Shoodra and trouble Braahman, Kshatriya and Vaishya. He will displace Kshatriya and rule from Haridwaar to Prayaag. Hey Pareekshit, As the end of the Kali Yug will come closer, Braahman of Sauraashtra, Avantee, Aameer, Shoor, Arbud and Maalav Desh will not follow their Sanskaar. Shoodra and non-Hindu will rule on banks of Sindhu River, banks of Chandrabhaagaa River, Kauntee Puree and Kaashmeer. All these kings will be non-Hindu in their thoughts and behavior. These cruel people will not hesitate to kill women, children, Brahmin etc.

2-Dharm of Kali Yug

Shuk Dev Jee said - "As the end of Kali Yug will come much closer, Dharm, truth, piousness, forgivingness, kindness, age of people will decrease. Whosoever will have wealth he will be regarded as qualitative and of high status. At the time of marriage, people will not see family, ability etc, boys and girls will marry at their own interest. The more tactics a person will know the more intelligent he will be. Who will not be able to give any money, they will not get justice. Whosoever will be bigger PAAKHANDEE, they will be considered higher Saadhu (saint). each other's consent will be enough only for marriages, there ill be no need of formal ceremonies. Far ponds will be considered as Teerth, and Gangaa, Gomatee like rivers, and parents will be ignored. All the four Varn will behave like Shoodra. Men will consider their in-laws as their own relatives. Because of Kali Yug human beings' size will be shorter, weak and sick. In such a situation Bhagavaan Himself will take Avataar with the help of Sat Gun.

There will be a Vishnuyash Braahman in Sambhal village. He will be a great devotee of Shree Hari. Bhagavaan will appear in his house as Kalki Avataar. He will ride His Devdatt horse and kill the evil people with his sword. He will travel the whole Prithvi on His horse and will kill numerous robbers hidden in the form of kings. After that people will be devotee of Shree Hari and His children will again be happy and healthy. When Shree Hari will take Avataar as Kalki, at the same time Sat Yug will start and the children of the people will be full of Sat Gun. When Moon, Sun and Jupiter together will enter Pushya Nakshatra in the same sign, at the same time Sat Yug will start.

Hey Raja Pareekshit, From the time of your birth to the time of coronation of Raja Nand will take 1,115 years. When Sapt Rishi rise in the sky, at that time, only two stars can be seen among them. If you draw the line from the middle of them towards South, you can see a Nakshatra. Sapt Rishi live with that Nakshatra for 100 years. At the time of your birth and even now, they are with Maghaa Nakshatra. 

When Krishn finished His work here and He went to His Paramdhaam, from the same day Kali Yug came in this world. Pareekshit, When Sapt Rishi were in Maghaa Nakshatra then only Kali Yug began. The duration of Kali Yug is of according to Dev-Varsh is 1,200 years, (432,000 human years). When Sapt Rishi will be in Poorv-Aashaadh Nakshatra, then Raajaa Nand will rule, and since then Kali's effect will start increasing. When 1,000 Divine years (360,000 human years) will be over, then only Sato Gun feeling will start in the people by the grace of Kalki Bhagvaan, and people will be able to their real form. From then only Sat Yug will start.

Hey Pareekshi, I have told you all this only about Manu Vansh, and that also in brief. In the same way Braahman, Vaishya and Shoodra lineages should also be considered in each Yug. About whoever Rishi and saints I have told you about, now they are known only by names. They don't live any more.

Brother of Raajaa Shaantanu (father of Bheeshm Pitaamaha) Devaapi, and Maru from Ikshwaaku Vansh are still living in Kalaap Graam [near Badrik Aashram]. They have a lot of Yog power. In the end of Kali Yug, they will come again by the order of Kalki Bhagavaan and will spread Varn, Aashram and Dharm like before. Sat, Tretaa, Dwaapar and Kali are the only four Yug and they manifest their effects on people in their times. Everybody on this Prithvi says "mine, mine", but everybody dies. One may say King or anything to this body, but in the end this body will be converted into dust. Therefore who troubles others for this body, he knows neither his own welfare nor others. Many great people have lived on this Prithvi, but everybody has died. Now only their stories remain."



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