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Chapters 24-25

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24-Saankhya Yog

Krishn Jee further said - "Hey Uddhav Jee, Now I tell you the Saankhya Shaastra. In olden times many great Rishi Muni have followed it and whosoever has followed it, he leaves the "differential wisdom" immediately. Brahm has no alternative. He is the single most Truth. He is beyond mind's thought and speech's description. The same Brahm is divided into two parts, Maayaa and Jeev, or scene and seer. One of them is called is Prakriti. Only Prakriti has taken the form of Action and Cause. And the other one is called Purush [which is Gyaan]. Uddhav Jee, Only I created Kshobh in Prakriti according to Jeev's good and bad actions and my own creation of three Gun - Sat, Raj, and Tam. They created action-powered Sootra; and Gyaan-powered Mahat-Tattwa. These both are together. When Vikaar (impurity) entered in Mahat-Tattwa, there appeared Ahankaar. The same Ahankaar deludes people. It is of three types - Saatwik, Raajasik and Taamasik. From Ahankaar appeared Panch Tanmaatraa, Indriyaan and mind. That is why this Ahankaar is both conscious and unconscious. From Taamas Ahankaar appeared Panch Tanmaatraa and five Bhoot; and from Raajasik Ahankaar appeared Indriyaan. From Saatwik Ahankaar appeared Lords of 11 Indriyaan.

They all got together by my inspiration and created this Universe as an egg. This egg is my abode. When that egg was stabilized in water, then I entered that egg in Naaraayan form. Then a lotus flower appeared from my navel. On that flower appeared Brahmaa Jee. First Brahmaa Jee did severe Tapasyaa, then created three Lok - Bhoo (Prithvi), Bhuvah (space) and Swah (Swarg) and their Lords. Swar Lok was for Devtaa; Bhuvar Lok (space) was for Bhoot, Pret etc; and Bhoor Lok was for human beings. Mahar Lok, Jan Lok, Tap Lok and Satya Lok etc, above these three Lok, became the abode of Siddh people. Brahmaa Jee created seven Paataal Lok also - Atal, Vital, Sutal etc Lok for Asur and Naag. All species live according to their Karm only in these three Lok. People get upper Lok by doing Tap, Yog, and Sanyaas; and my Lok by doing my Bhakti.

This whole world is based on Jeev's Karm and their Sanskaar. Only I in the form of Kaal prescribe the fruits of their Karm. Because of these Karm and their fruits, sometimes Jeev gets upper species and sometimes lower species. All materials are made up of by the combination of both Prakriti and Purush. Whatever is in their beginning and in the end also, the same is in their middle also, the same is the Truth. Vikaar (form) is for understanding only, as bangles, ear-rings etc are Vikaar of gold (they were gold before, they will be gold after, and they are gold in the middle). The gist is that whatever is in the beginning, middle and end, only that is the Truth. Thus the Truth is Paramaatmaa only. This all is manifestation of Prakriti, Paramaatmaa is the one who orders it and Kaal makes them appear. This three-fold thing is in fact the form of Brahm.

Till Paramaatmaa's power continues, they also continue to live, and the Creation cycle also continues. Only here various Lok are created, sustained and destroyed. When I enter the Kaal form and intend to do Pralaya (Great Destruction), then it all gets destroyed. The process of destruction is that beings' bodies are absorbed in grains, grains in seeds, seeds in land, land in smell Tanmaatraa. Smell is absorbed in Jal, Jal in its own attribute Ras, Ras in Tej (Agni) and Tej in its Tanmaatraa Roop, Roop in Vaayu, Vaayu in its Tanmaatraa touch, touch in Aakaash and Aakaash in its Tanmaatraa sound. Indriyaan go to their cause Devtaa and then finally in Raajas Ahankaar.

Raajas Ahankaar is absorbed in Saatwik Ahankaar mind, sound Tanmaatraa is absorbed in Panch Bhoot cause Taamas Ahankaar. And the three Ahankaar which are able to confuse the whole Universe, are absorbed in their creator Mahat-Tattwa Gyaan-power and Action-power. Main Mahat-Tattwa is absorbed in its own cause Gun. That Gun is absorbed in hidden Prakriti, and Prakriti is absorbed in Kaal, Kaal is absorbed in Maayaa Jeev and Jeev is absorbed in Me - Aatmaa. Aatmaa does not get absorbed in anything. It stays in its own form. Hey Uddhav Jee, Who sees the Creation in this way, he does not get confused. Even if some confusion arises in his mind it goes away soon by Gyaan. I see both Actions and the causes. I have told you everything from Creation to Pralaya and Pralaya to Creation. This should clear your all doubts."

25-Nature of the Three Gun

Krishn Jee further said - "Hey Uddhav Jee, Everybody has different Gun that is why all people's nature is different. Now I will tell you which Gun is responsible for what kind of nature.

Sat Gun's nature is - Sham (control of man), Dam (control of Indriyaan), Titikshaa (tolerance), Smriti (memory), Santosh (contentment), Tyaag (sacrificing or leaving something), detachment, Shraddhaa (devotion), Lajjaa (shame), Rati (love), Daan (giving alms), Vinaya (politeness), and Saralataa (clear heart).

Rajo Gun's nature is - desire, efforts, pride, Trishnaa (wanting more and more, or dissatisfaction), asking wealth from Devtaa, differentiation, enjoying pleasures, enthusiasm for war etc, desire for Yash (fame), laughing, bravery, working hard forcefully.

Tamo Gun' nature is - Anger (intolerance), Lobh (greed), telling lies, Hinsaa (violence), asking for anything, Paakhand (showing something else than what it is), working hard, Kalah (quarrelling), Shok (sorrow), Moh (attachment), Vishaad (sorrow), Deenataa (poverty), Nidraa (sleep), Aashaa (hope). Bhaya (fear), laziness etc.

Now you listen to about the mixed Gun natures. "This is me" and "This is mine" - this type of mind includes three Gun. When a man is busy in Dharm, Arth and Kaam, then he attains Shraddhaa from Sat Gun, love from Raajas and wealth from Tamo Gun. This is also the mixture of three Gun. When a man is busy in Sa-Kaam Karm, Grihasth Aashram, and loves his own Dharm behavior, at that time also three Gun are present there.

Mental peace and control on Indriyaan demonstrate the Sat Gun, desires etc are manifested in Rajo Gun and anger and violence etc are manifested in Tamo Gun mind. When a person worships Me with daily activities with Nish-Kaam feelings, he is under Rajo Gun effects and who worships Me to hurt anybody he is under the effect of Tamo Gun. In fact cause of these Gun is the mind of Jeev only. I have nothing to do with them. Because of these three Gun only Jeev gets attached to wealth or body.

Sat Gun is clear, peaceful and enlightened. When it suppresses Rajo and Tamo Gun, then the man feels joy, does Dharm and earns knowledge. Rajo Gun is the cause of "making differences". Its nature is attachment and to do something. When Rajo Gun is main, then the mind feels sorrow, does Karm and becomes famous and rich. Tamo Gun manifests as A-Gyaan. Its nature is laziness and foolishness. When it rises, then a being hopes a lot and of various types, gets sad and attached, starts killing [killing is not only killing a person or animal or bird or taking somebody's life; to destroy everything of somebody is also like killing, to snatch somebody's livelihood is also like killing], and becomes idle in his laziness or sleep.

When mind is happy and joyful, Indriyaan are calm (do not desire for anything), body is fearless, and there is no attachment, then one should know that Sato Gun is on rise. This is the means to attain Me. When working for some time, Jeev's Buddhi starts wandering away, Gyaan Indriyaan get dissatisfied, Karm Indriyaan start doing bad Karm, mind also start wandering about and body becomes ill, then one should take that Rajo Gun is on rise. When Buddhi does not understand what his Gyaan Indriyaan are communicating, mind becomes very sad and wanders around in search of happiness, A-Gyaan and sadness are on increase, then take that Tamo Gun is on rise.

When Sat Gun is on rise, Devtaa get powerful; when Rajo Gun is on rise, then Asur get powerful; and when Tamo Gun is on rise Raakshas get powerful. In Sat Gun people are conscious; in Rajo Gun people are subconscious; and in Tamo Gun people are unconscious. Tureeya (Bhagavaan) is the same in all these three states and the same is pure Aatmaa. Braahman who study Ved continuously, gradually attain upper Lok. Tamo Gun takes them towards the lower Gati as trees etc; and Rajo Gun gives human body. Who dies at the time of rising of Sat Gun, he attains Swarg; who dies at the time of rising Rajo Gun, he attains Manushya Lok (Prithvi Lok, or Bhoo Lok); who dies at the time of rising Tamo Gun, he attains Narak. But who are above these three Gun, they attain Me.

When any Dharm activity is done  with Nish-Kaam feelings, it is called Saatwik; when any Karm is done with some desire, it is called Raajas; and when any Karm is done to trouble or to show off to people, it is called Tamo Gun. Knowledge of Pure Aatmaa is Saatwik; considering Aatmaa as doer and enjoyer is Raajas Gyaan and considering him as body is totally Taamsik Gyaan. Beyond these three types of Gyaan is Gyaan of My real form - that is Nir-Gun Gyaan. 

Living in forests is Saatwik living, living in villages is Raajas living, living in a gambling places is Taamasik living, and living beyond them in temples is Nir-Gun living. A man is Saatwik when he does a Karm without any attachment; is Raajasik when he does a Karm with desire; and a Taamasik when he does a Karm without thinking of any good to anybody. Besides, beyond these Karm, who does Karm for Me only, without any pride, he is Nir-Gun doer. When somebody has the love for Aatm Gyaan, that is Saatwik; love with selfishness is Raajas; and love to do A-Dharm is Taamasik. Who loves to serve Me only, that is Nir-Gun love.

Food which is healthy, clean and pure and is got without asking for, is Saatwik; which tastes good is Raajasik; and which creates troubles and is unholy and impure, it is Taamasik. Taking pleasures within and thinking about Aatmaa is Saatvik; taking pleasures outside and by outer means is Raajsik; and taking pleasures through A-Gyaan and on asking is Taamasik. And whatever pleasure is attained through Me it is beyond Gun and Divine.

Materials, place, results, Kaal, Gyaan, Karm doer, love, states (conditions), Devtaa or human being etc bodies, they are all three Gunee. Whatever is related to Prakriti and Purush, all are related to Gun whether they are experienced or enjoyed by eyes etc, or heard about from Shaastra or thought by Buddhi. Whatever Yoni (species) or Gati a Jeev gets, they all are according to his Gun or Karm. All Gun are related to mind [that is why Jeev can control them easily]. Who controls them, he attains Me through Bhakti Yog and attains My Roop or Moksh in the end.

This human body is very difficult to get. From this body only, it is possible to attain Tattwa Gyaan (elemental knowledge). Thus all human beings should not be attached to Gun and meditate upon Me only."



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