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Chapter 23

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23-Story of A Braahman

Shuk Dev Jee said - "Indeed, only Bhagavaan's Leelaa is worth listening, so replying to Uddhav's question, Krishn said - "Hey disciple of Guru Brihaspati Jee, Often we do not see such saintly people who can tolerate evil people's language. Human beings feel more from bad speech rather than from arrows. In this regard, I tell you a very old story, listen to it - "There was a Braahman in Ujjain. He had collected a lots of wealth through trade. He was very stingy, greedy and lusty. Neither he used to enjoy his wealth himself, nor he used to spend it on anybody else, nor he used to spend it on any Yagya etc. His all relations and friends were very unhappy with his this attitude. Because of his such life, the Devtaa of Panch Mahaa Yagya got very angry at him and because of their anger he started losing his wealth. Some was stolen by thieves, some was taken by his relatives. Thus his all wealth was lost.

So during this time neither he enjoyed it himself, nor he earned any Dharm. He got very sad on being without wealth and Vairaagya arose slowly in his heart. He repented for earlier days of his life and thought that a stingy person's life is useless, because in this Lok, he collects the wealth and does not enjoy it and after death he goes to Narak because he has not done any Dharm. "I have fallen from my Dharm. In this craziness I have lost my whole life, wealth, strength etc. Now I am at this stage that if at all my life remains, then I should feel contented, should do good for others, and may do Tap. I should not feel desperate about it, because Raajaa Khatwaang also got Param Pad only in two Ghadee (48 minutes).

Krishn further said - "Uddhav Jee, Thus that Braahman untied the knot of "mineness" and became a quiet (Maun) Sanyaasee. He became detached from everything. After some time, when he became old, people used to trouble him, somebody snatched his Kamandal, somebody took his alms pot, somebody gave something to him then snatched the same from him. But he used to tolerate everything quietly. He took them as his fate. He did not blame human beings, Devtaa, body, or Planets, for all that but only his Karm and Kaal etc. Shruti and learned people say that only mind is the cause for them and even mind is the cause for the movement of this whole world. This mind is very powerful, because only this mind has created these pleasures, their cause Gun, and traits related to them. Because of those traits we do Saatwik, Raajasic and Taamasic Karm and because of those Karm Jeev gets various Gati (conditions). Mind does all efforts, while Aatmaa in spite of being with it is inactive. This knowledge is the principal power and the friend of Jeev. It observes everything with its never-diminishing Gyaan. When Jeev accepts the mind then it becomes the enjoyer of the pleasure and attaches itself to them. So one should control his mind.

The main objective of Daan, following one's own Dharm, Niyam, Yam, Ved study, good Karm etc all and Vrat, is that mind is concentrated and should start meditating Bhagavaan. Whose mind is calm, only he is Yogee; and whose mind runs away here and there, he hasn't got any benefit of any Daan, Yam, Niyam etc. All Indriyaan are in the control of mind, but mind is not under any control. Who can control mind, only he is the winner, although it is very difficult to win it."

Krishn further said - "So Uddhav Jee, When his wealth was gone, he became a changed person. Now he took Vairaagya and started wandering around freely on Earth. Therefore control your mind, and meditate upon Me with all your powers and concentration. This is the only gist of all Yog etc."



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