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2-Planets (Graha)-Introduction-2
[From a file from Jyotish_Remedies Group]

Origin of Planets
There are 9 Planets in Indian astrology - (1) Sun, (2) Moon, (3) Mars, (4) Mercury, (5) Jupiter, (6) Venus, (7) Saturn, (8) Raahu, and (9) Ketu. From where they came? In the beginning of the beginning there was Brahmaa Jee. He had 10 Maanas Putra (brain children) - (1) Atri, (2) Daksh, (3) Mareechi, (4) Angiraa, (5) Bhrigu, (6) Vashishth,  (7) Pulah, (8) Pulastya,  (9) , (10)

From among them -
Atri's son was Chandramaa (Moon)
--Chandramaa had the son named Budh (Mercury) from Brihaspati's wife Taaraa
Daksh Jee had 60 daughters, 27 of them married to Chandramaa and became Nakshatra (constellations)
Mareechi had a son named Kashyap. Daksh married his daughters Aditi, Diti, Danu to Kashyap Jee and Khyaati to Bhrigu Jee
--Aditi had 12 Aaditya and Soorya (Sun or Vivaswaan) was one of them
----Soorya's son is Shani (Saturn or Shanaishchar)
--Diti had Daitya as her sons and
--Danu had a son named Viprachitti - and Viprachitti had the son named Raahu who became Raahu and Ketu after Saagar Manthan.
Angiraa had a son named Brihaspati (Jupiter or Guru)
Bhrigu Jee had a son named Shukra (Venus) from Khyaati

Their planetary details are given below.

Planet Ruling Nakshatra Ruling Sign/MT Benefic/
Friend Enemy Exalted/
Owns/MT Gem
(1) Sun (Male) Krittikaa,
Leo Malefic     Aries
Libra 10 deg
  Ruby, Red Garnet
(2) Moon (Female) Rohinee,
Malefic Malefic Benefic   /
Scorpio 3 deg
  Pearl, Moonstone,
White Coral
(3) Mars (Male) Mrigshiraa,
Mangal is the first class benefic and alone can give a Raaj Yog. Mars is the first class benefic and alone can give a Raaj Yog.   Saturn /
Cancer 28 deg
  Red Coral
(4) Mercury Aashleshaa,
Malefic Malefic     /
Pisces 15 deg
Green Jade
(5) Jupiter (Male) Punarvasu,
  Benefic     /
Capricorn 5 deg
  Yellow Sapphire,
(6) Venus (Female) Bharanee,
Malefic Malefic Benefic   /
Virgo 27 deg
Clear Sapphire,
Zircon, Topaz, Quartz
(7) Saturn Pushya,
Malefic Malefic     /
Aries 20 deg
  Blue Sapphire
(8) Raahu Aardraa,
Virgo or
MT Gemini
Malefic     Taurus/
(9) Ketu Ashwinee,
MT Virgo
Malefic     Scorpio/
  Cat's Eye,

*MT means Mool-Trikon
**Raahu acts like Saturn and Ketu acts like Mars

About Planets
Avasthaas (States) of Planets
Relationships Among Planets

Types of Planets

There are many types of planets, the following are the main --

Which Planets are - Aatm Kaarak, or Maarak or Yog Karak?
For Libra rising - Saturn is Raaj Yog planet? [but because Saturn was in 12th House while I was born, so I had to suffer with many griefs. So Saturn MD was also bad for me from all the houses - lost all money, new wife, wife's surgery, car accident, loss of baby, separation from wife, bankruptcy, divorce, father's death - all in the first 6 years.
Mars is in the 10th house, and it's very happy there but poorly placed in Cancer.

Benefic and Malefic Planets -
Planets can be malefic or benefic. Malefic means bad and benefic means beneficial. Some are Natural Benefic or Malefic, some are Functional Benefic or Malefic. Malefic is defined as the inharmonious aspect to any planet or house. The Hindi word for this is "Paapee", causing Sin or giving the results of Sin. Their energies remains in control when they are placed in 3rd and 6th Houses, they do not cause material losses, but when they are in 11th House though one may collect Paap/Sins to their basket. This is strictly applicable to House when you observe them in Natal chart and/or Raashi oriented charts when you want to apply these on planets as fix significator.

Malefics inspire extreme desire to that house in which he is occupant, for example, Mars in 12th will mean great desire to spend, any amount in pocket will be short of his budget, one may resort to endless ventures at the cost of family, blood relatives and yet may not succeed. So is the case with Saturn in 12th, people get inspired to invest in fix property, or they would invest in such things from which they can not withdraw their money easily.

5th Lord - Benefic
9th Lord - Benefic

Malefic Planets - Sun, Moon, Mercury, Saturn, Raahu, Ketu
Benefic Planets - Mars, Jupiter, Venus

Gandant Planets
Planet having longitude between 0 to 4 degree and 26 to 30 degree in Pisces/Aries, Cancer/Leo and Scorpio/Sagittarius junction are called planet in Gandant. They create serious health problem, accident, break in relationship etc giving us lot of physical and mental pain.

--Planets at the end of all signs cause health as well as relationship problems and the related houses - like marriage, profession could not get stable.
--Whereas, planets at the beginning of sign - are weak and helpless to give the result expected of them, for example, delay in marriage, delay in getting job, children etc etc.

Remedial Measures like Mahaa-mrityunjaya Mantra are advised for Gandant planet. For planets at the beginning of the sign, measures need to be taken to strengthen them.

Planets in Retrograde -
Some planets go backward during their revolution period and are called in Retrograde. When any Planet goes Retrograde in his Exaltation Sign, it is almost fallen.

There are 5 positions of every Planet -
Exaltation - at its highest,
Debilitated - when it is in the opposite Sign of its Exaltation, it is Debilitated
Combust (burnt) - when it is very near to Sun, it is combust
The Sun is also benefic, more than Jupiter that is I consider.
Jupiter is pretty good, but depends on placement.
Saturn and Jupiter are the 2 spiritual planets - Jupiter gives us grace, and expansion of life..... and
Saturn gives us contraction, and teaches us to seek silence and solitude where God resides, as well.
Gauree is consort of Lord Shiv, also known as Paarvatee. She is the Isht Devee of the watery planet - Moon thus the connection.
Some say that one should not consider Planets' debilitation or exaltation at all.



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