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1-Introduction to Planets-1

What is a Planet
Planet means Graha in Hindi language. Graha is anything which can hold matter. Dispersed matter or energy is Som; and dense or compact form of matter is Agni.
In Som Yagya, 40 pots are used to hold or keep Som - they are called Graha. Parallel to that,
there are 40 Devtaa in Chakra Poojaa of Tantra,
there are 40 zones of Brain in Charak Sanhita,
there are 40 chapters of Shukla Yajur Ved.
there are 36 elements of ┼Ъaiva philosophy. These too are called Graha; Grahan means to hold.

Difference Between Planet, Nakshatra and Star
BPHS, ch 3 Verses 1-6 say :
"---- Out of the many luminous bodies that are seen in the sky, some are called stars, while others are called planets. Those which have no movement and appear fixes in the sky are termed Nakshatra. Those bodies that continuously move through the background of these Nakshatra, are called planets ( Graha).---- -" In many places in Upanishad, it is mentioned -- Sun, Moon , Planets and Nakshatra --"

I feel Shatapath Braahman, is referring to five planets - Mars, Mercury, Jupiter, Venus and Saturn.
In astrology, though Sun is а star and Moon is the satellite of the Earth, are called Luminaries.
The nodes - Raahu and Ketu are called Chhaayaa Graha.
In Astrology, thus the rules for assessment, whether a celestial body is a Planet (Graha) or a Star, are divided in following groups:
1. For luminaries Sun and Moon
2. a. For Mercury and Venus - which are placed in inferior orbit than Earth
    b. For Mars, Jupiter and Saturn -which are placed in superior orbit than Earth
3. For nodes - Raahu and Ketu - which are sensitive points but no physical body.

Birth Nakshatra of Various Planets
Sun was born in Vishaakhaa Nakshatra
Moon was born in Krittikaa Nakshatra
Mars was born in P-Aashaadhaa Nakshatra
Mercury was born in Shravan Nakshatra
Jupiter was born in P-Phaalgunee Nakshatra
Venus was born in Pushya Nakshatra
Saturn was born in Revatee Nakshatra
Raahu was born in Bharanee Nakshatra
Ketu was born in Aashlesha Nakshatra

--If the birth Nakshatra of a planet (as described above) is afflicted by a powerful (enemy) planet then the three kinds of calamities, 1. Adhidaivik, 2. Adhibhautik, 3. Adhyatmik may result. Even if the planet is otherwise favorable, its presence in the Lagna at the time of commencement of travel should be avoided.



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