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5-About Planets

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5-About Planets

Graha governances -
Soorya is the soul of all.
Chandra is the mind.
Mangal is one's strength.
Budha is speech-giver, while
Guru confers knowledge and happiness.
Shukra governs semen (potency), while
Shani denotes grief.

Graha cabinet.
Surya and Chandra are of royal status -  see
Mangala is the Army chief.
Budha is Prince-apparent .  are
Guru and Shukra are the ministerial Grahas.
Shani is a servant.
Rahu and Ketu form the Graha Army.

Gender of the Graha.
Soorya, Mangal and Guru are males.
Chandra and Shukra are females
Budh and Shani are neuters.

Primordial Compounds.
The Panch Bhoot, space, air, fire, water and earth, are, respectively, governed by Guru, Shani, Mangal, Shukra and Budh.

Castes of Graha
Guru and Shukra are Braahman.
Soorya is a royal Graha,
Chandra and Budh belong to commercial community.
Shani rules the Shoodra (4th caste).

Gun of Graha
Saattwik Graha are the luminaries - Sun and Moon,
Raajasik Graha are Guru, Shukra and Budh
Taamasik Graha are Mangal and Shani
[BPHS, Ch. 3, Sl. 12-15, 19-22]

[BPHS, Ch. 3, Sl. 49-60]
49-50. Exaltation and Debilitation - For the 7 Grahas, from Soorya on, the exaltation Raashis are, respectively, Mesh, Vrishabh, Makar, Kanyaa, Kark, Meen and Tulaa. The deepest exaltation degrees are, respectively, 10, 3, 28, 15, 5, 27 and 20 in those Raashis. And in the 7th Raashi from the said exaltation Raashi each Graha has its own debilitation. The same degrees of deep exaltation apply to deep fall.

51-54. Additional Dignities -

Planet Sign Mool Trikon Exaltation Debilitation Own Bhaav
Soorya's Leo/Sinh first 20 deg   Libra latter 10 deg
Chandra Tauru/Vrishabh latter 27 deg first 3 deg Scorpio  
Mangal Aries/Mesh first 12 deg   Cancer latter 18 deg
Budh Virgo/Kanyaa second 5 deg first 15 deg Pisces last 10 deg
Guru Sagittarius/Dhanu first 10 deg   Capricorn latter 20 deg
Shukra Libra/Tulaa first 15 deg   Virgo latter 15 deg
Shani Aquarius/Kumbh first 20 deg   Aries latter 10 deg

Relationships Among Planets

55. Natural Relationships
Note the Raashis, which are the 2nd, 4th, 5th, 8th, 9th and 12th from the Mool-trikon of a Graha. The Graha ruling such Raashis are its friends, apart from the Lord of its exaltation Raashi. Lords other than these are its enemies. If a Graha becomes its friend as well, as its enemy (on account of the said two computations), then it is neutral, or equal.

56. Temporary Relationships
The Graha, posited in the 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 10th, 11th, or the 12th from another, becomes a mutual friend. There is enmity otherwise. (This applies to a given Janma Kundalee)

57-58. Compound Relationship
Should two Graha be naturally and temporarily friendly, they become extremely friendly. Friendship on one count and neutrality on another count make them friendly. Enmity on one count combined with affinity on the other turns into equality. Enmity and neutralship cause only enmity. Should there be enmity in both manners, extreme enmity is obtained. The Jyotishi should consider these and declare horoscopic effects accordingly.

59-60. Ratio of Effects
A Graha in exaltation gives fully good effects (100%), while in Mool-trikon it is bereft of its auspicious effects by one fourth (remains only 75%). It is half beneficial in its own Bhaav only 50% remains). Its beneficence is one fourth in a friendly Raashi (remains only 25% only). In an equal's Raashi 1/8th of auspicious disposition is useful. The good effects are nil in debilitation, or in enemy's camp. Inauspicious effects are quite reverse with reference to what is stated.

5. Awakening, Dreaming and Sleeping States
[BPHS, Ch. 45, Sl. 5-29]
If a Graha is in its own Raashi, or in exaltation, it is said to be in a state of awakening (alertness). In the Raashi of a friend, or of a neutral it is in dreaming state, while in an enemy's Raashi, or in debilitation it is in a state of sleeping.

6. [Results] According to a Graha, being in Awakening, Dreaming, or Sleeping states, the results, due to it will be full, medium, or nil.

7. Other Kinds of States
There are 9 kinds of other Avasthaas, viz. (1) Deept, (2) Swasth, (3) Pramudit, (4) Shaant, (5) Deen, (6) Vikal, (7) Dukhit, (8) Khal and (10) Kop or Kupit.

8-10. If a Graha is
in its exaltation Raashi, he is in Deept Avasthaa
in his own Raashi, he is in Swasth
in a great friend's Raashi he is in Pramudit
in a friendly Raashi, he is in Shanta
in a neutral Raashi, he is in Deena,
if a Graha is Yuti with a malefic, he is in Vikal,
if he is in an enemy's Raashi, he is in Dukhit,
if he is in a great enemy's Raashi, he is in Khal and,
if a Graha is being eclipsed by Soorya, he is in Kop.
Depending on such a state of the Graha, the Bhaav, occupied by it will obtain corresponding effects.

11-18. Yet other Avasthaas
Lajjit, Garvit, Kshudhit, Trishit, Mudit and Kshobhit are the other kinds of Avasthaa, due to the Graha. Placed in Putra Bhaav,
--If a Graha is associated with Raahu, or Ketu, or with Soorya, Shani, or Mangal, it is in Lajjit Avasthaa.
--If a Graha is in his exaltation, or in Mool-trikon, it is Garvit.
--If a Graha is in an enemy's Raashi, or Yuti with an enemy, or receives a Drishti from an enemy, or even, if a Grah is Yuti with Shani, the Avasthaa is Kshudhit.
--If a Graha is in a watery Raashi and receives a Drishti from a malefic, but does not receive a Drishti from a benefic, the Avasthaa is called Trishit.
--If a Graha is in a friendly Raashi, or is Yuti with, or receives a Drishti from a benefic, or is Yuti with Guru, it is said to be in Mudit Avasthaa.
--If a Graha is Yuti with Soorya and receives a Drishti from, or is in Yuti with a malefic, or receives a Drishti from an enemy, it is said to be in Kshobhit.
The Bhaavas, occupied by a Grah in Kshudhita, or in Kshobhita Avasthaa are destroyed.

19-23. The learned should estimate the effects, due to a Bhaav, in the manner, cited above, after ascertaining the strength and weakness.
Weak Graha cause reduction in good effects, while stronger ones give greater effects.
If a Graha, posited in Karm Bhaav (10th), is in Lajjit or Kshudhit Avasthaa, or Kshobhit Avastha, the person will always be subjected to miseries.
If a Graha in Putra Bhaav (5th) is in Lajjit Avasthaa, there will be destruction of progeny, or there will be only one surviving child.
Surely the wife of the native will die, if there is a Graha in Yuvatee Bhaav (7th) in Kshobhit, or in Trishit Avasthaa.

24-29. Effects of Garvit, Mudit, Lajjit, Kshobhit, Kshudhit and Trishit Avasthaa
--A Graha in Garvit Avasthaa will cause happiness through new houses and gardens, regalship, skill in arts, financial gains at all times and improvement in business.
--A Graha in Mudit Avasthaa will give residences, clothes, ornaments, happiness from lands and wife, happiness from relatives, living in royal places, destruction of enemies and acquisition of wisdom and learning.
--A Graha in Lajjit Avasthaa will give aversion to God, loss of intelligence, loss of child, interest in evil speeches and listlessness in good things.
--A Graha in Kshobhit Avasthaa will give acute penury, evil disposition, miseries, financial debacles, distress to feet and obstruction to income, due to royal wrath.
--A Graha in Kshudhit Avasthaa will cause downfall, due to grief and passion, grief on account of relatives, physical decline, troubles from enemies, financial distress, loss of physical strength and an eclipsed mind, due to miseries.
--A Graha in Trushit Avasthaa will cause diseases through association with females, leading over wicked deeds, loss of wealth, due to one's own men, physical weakness, miseries, caused by evil people and decline of honor.

6. The Lords of the twelve signs are as under:
[Phaala Deepika, Ch. 3]
Aries -- Mars
Libra -- Venus
Taurus -- Venus
Scorpio - Mars
Gemini - Mercury
Sagittarius -- Jupiter
Cancer - The Moon
Capricorn - Saturn
Leo - The Sun
Aquarius -- Saturn
Virgo - Mercury
Pisces -- Jupiter

Signs of Exaltation, Debilitation and Mool-trikon

The Signs of Exaltation and Fall For All Planets
of the 7 planets from the Sun onwards are as under:
Planet        Sign of exaltation        Sign of fall
The Sun             Aries                        Libra
The Moon          Taurus                       Scorpio
Mars                  Capricorn                 Cancer
Mercury              Virgo                       Pisces
Jupiter               Cancer                     Capricorn
Venus                 Pisces                       Virgo
Saturn                Libra                      Aries

This means that the 7th or the opposite sign from the sign of exaltation of a planet, is the sign of fall or debilitation.

Planet Highest Points of Exaltation Lowest Point of Debilitation
The highest points of exaltation and the lowest points of debilitation of the various planets are as under:

Planet              Deep Exaltation Degree               Deep Fall Degree
The Sun           Aries 10th degree                       Libra 10th degree
The Moon         Taurus 3rd degree                     Scorpio 3rd degree
Mars                Capricorn 28th degree             Cancer 28th degree
Mercury           Virgo 15th degree                       Pisces 15th degree
Jupiter            Cancer 5th degree                      Capricorn 5th degree
Venus               Pisces 27th degree                     Virgo 27th degree
Saturn              Libra 20th degree                     Aries 20th degree

7. The Mool-trikon signs of the planets
The Sun onward are Leo, Taurus, Aries, Virgo, Sagittarius, Libra and Aquarius respectively. Below are given the portions of the own sign and Moola-trikon from the Sun onwards:

Planet                Sign Moolatrikona portion                Own sign portion
The Sun                    Leo 0 - 20                                  20 - 30
The Moon                 Taurus 0 - 3                                  4 30
Mars                        Aries 0 - 12                                12 - 30
Mercury                   Virgo 15 - 20                             20 - 30 (0-15 deg Exaltation)
Jupiter                    Sagittarius 0 - 10                       10 - 30
Venus                        Libra 0 5                                 5 - 30
Saturn                      Aquarius 0 - 20                         20 - 30

[Phal Deepikaa, Ch. 2]
35. Mercury, Saturn and Venus are the friends of Raahu and Ketu. Mars is neutral to them. The rest - the Sun, the Moon and Jupiter are enemies.

36. The planets should be considered adversely disposed, if they are eclipsed (by the rays of the Sun), debilitated (be in a sign of debilitation or Navaansh), if they are in any enemy's house or if they occupy the 6th, 8th or the 12th house from the Ascendant. If they occupy other places, they are said to be well disposed.

If there be a query whether the water in a reservoir (or in an irrigation project) will increase or decrease, increase in water should be predicted if the Moon be in the 12th 11th, 1st, 6th, 5th or the 7th house at the time of the query.



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