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How the Planets Got the Houses

The Divine Sun is the King of the Planetary kingdom and the Moon is his consort. So the whole Zodiac of 12 Signs belong to the Royal Divine couple. The Sun rules over the first 6 Signs beginning from Leo and ending with Capricorn - Leo, Capricorn; and the Moon is ruling other 6 Signs from Cancer - counting being done in anti-clockwise. The idea is that the Sun and the Moon are living in their respective palaces, Leo and Cancer, and rule their respective dominions. Or it may be said that these two signs are the front and hind portions of the same palace.

Basis of the Assignment of These Houses
Yavan Jaatak, chapters 79 -54 says - “The Lords of the years are in order the Sun, Mercury, Saturn, Mars, Venus, the Moon, and Jupiter; they are also the Lords of the months. Know that the two Lords of the Ayan in a year are always said to be the Sun and the Moon.” The seasons are 6 Lorded by the planet of the first day of the season.

Mlechcha followed the conjunction of Sun and Moon with the nodes as forming the basis of Yug. Theirs is “Grahan Yug” marked by the revolution of the nodes around the zodiac.

This couple was noted for their generosity, so the remaining planets, except Raahu and Ketu, went to them to ask for a house to live in.

At first went Mercury (Budh), who is closest to the Sun, to ask for a house, so the Sun gave him the House Sign just next to his, that is Virgo (Kanyaa); but he was not satisfied with one house so he went to the Moon and asked for a house to live without telling her that he had already got a house from the Sun. The Moon also gave him the house Gemini (Mithun), next to his own. That is how Mercury got two houses - Virgo and Gemini. The former (Virgo) is the negative house, while the latter one is positive.

Aquarius Pisces Aries Taurus Gemini Cancer Leo Virgo Libra Scorpio Sagittarius Capricorn
Saturn(P) Jupiter(P) Mars(P) Venus(P) Mercury(P) Moon Sun Mercury(N) Venus(N) Mars(N) Jupiter(N) Saturn(N)

This news reached to Venus, so he also went to Sun and asked for a house o live in. The Sun had lots of houses so he gave him a house next to Mercury (Virgo), the Libra. When he saw that Mercury had two houses, so he went to the Moon also and asked for a house. The Moon didn't know that he had already got a house with Sun so she also gave him a house next to Mercury (Gemini), the Taurus.

Now the news reached to Mars. He was not going to be behind, so he also went first to the Sun. The Sun gave him a house, next to Venus (Libra), the Scorpio; and like others he went to the Moon also and got another house next to Venus (Taurus), the Aries.

Now the turn was of Jupiter. he went to the Sun and got a house next to Mars (Scorpio), the Sagittarius; and like others he also went to the Moon and asked for a house. Since the Moon still had a couple of houses left, she gave him a house next to Mars (Aries), the Pisces. Jupiter was very happy.

Saturn was the last. When he heard, he also ran to the Sun to own a house. Luckily the Sun had one house left, he gave that house to Saturn, the Capricorn. Now Saturn took a chance to get a house from the Moon also, so he went to the Moon also. The Moon also had one house left - the Aquarius, so she gave it to him.

Raahu and Ketu
Since Raahu and Ketu were Raakshas, they came to know about all this in the last. They also went to the Sun and the Moon but since they did not have any house left now, they could not help them. At this Raahu and Ketu got very angry. Since then they are after this royal couple and whenever they get a chance (on Amaavasyaa and Poornimaa) they swallow them.

Knowledge According to Raashi
The 'I know enough' attitude is justified for people in Naisargik Saturn state (up from 72 yrs) which is an indication for 'Mrit Avasthaa' of very old people, which means 'dead' or better 'very old'. These people have the obligation to give further and to spread their precious knowledge to the younger generation. Unconsciously they prepare themselves for their return to their true home - the beyond. To all others - we all have to tame our 'Taamas' which want to convince us 'Oh, now I have enough knowledge'. This is an illusion, and a dangerous one.

The Raashi of learning are Gemini (Raahu, Mercury MT), Virgo (Mercury MT), Sagittarius (Jupiter MT) and Pisces (Neptune MT, Jupiter 2nd sign). The Baalaadi Avasthaa of learning are Baal and Kumaar, Yuvaa is more applying to the learnt issues. Vriddha persons are guiding and leading other people.
"Everyone is forced to act helplessly according to the qualities he has acquired from the modes of material nature; therefore no one can refrain from doing something (action), not even for a moment."

"The spirit soul bewildered by the influence of false ego thinks himself the doer of activities that are in actuality carried out by the three modes (Sat, Raj and Tam) of material nature."

"One who can see that all activities are performed by the body, which is created of material nature, and sees that his self does nothing, actually sees."
Understand the meanings of each Raashi, Graha and Nakshatra, this is the most important - astrology is the science of combination, logical thinking and intuitive knowledge. This makes it an art and a natural science as well. If you do so you'll be better than many so-called 'astrologers' in your and in other countries. What must be adapted to modern 21st century is the way of interpretation, not the methodology, which is perfect in Vaidik Astrology.

Systems in Astrology
There are several systems to construct and look at the chart -
Someone uses Jaimini or KP System (Krishnamurti Paddhati)
Someone uses Lal Kitab

Remedial Measures    see     Remedy Section
Remedial Measure is the unique feature of Vaidik Astrology (Jyotish) that allows one to solve his or her problems by modifying the Karm through Vaidik ways. It lessens the negative energies of one's Karm to bring peace, harmony and prosperity in his life. Jyotish Remedial Measure means a conscious effort which may include ----
chanting (Jap) of Vaidik prayers (Mantra),
wearing of gemstones (Ratn) or Rudraaksh, ,
fasting (Upavaas) on certain days,
wearing amulets (Yantra or Kavach),
donating to the poor or Braahman (Daan),
offering selfless services (Sevaa) to others,
Performing daily or occasionally special Poojaaa (Jaap or worship)
contributing to Vaidik fire-rituals (Yagya) etc etc.

Remedy is a very powerful tool of Vaidik Jyotish and through it there might be great or even complete reconfigurations in the stage of a person's life.



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