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Page 36:  Sarg 103-107

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Sarg 103-Kaal Comes to Raam

One day Kaal came in the form of a Tapaswee at the door and said to Lakshman - "Atibal Muni has sent me to Raam for some necessary work." Lakshman informed Raam about his coming. Then he brought the Tapaswee inside. Raam asked his welfare and offered him gold Aasan. He said - "Hey Muni Dev, Please tell me the message of Maharshi Atibal." Muni said - "I am supposed to give you this message in a lonely place. Besides by the order of Muni you will have to promise me that whoever will see us talking or listen to our talks, you will kill him." Hearing this Raam asked Lakshman to remove the gatekeeper and stand as gatekeeper himself and said - "Whoever will hear our talks, he will surely be killed by me." Then Raam asked Muni to give Him the message.

Sarg 104-Kaal Delivers the Message

"Hey Raajan, Pitaamaha Brahmaa Jee has sent me here. I am all-devouring Kaal. In a previous age you created me from your internal power, that is how I am your son. Brahmaa Jee has said - Whatever period was allocated to you for the protection of Prithvi, is now complete. In the beginning of Creation, you first created me sleeping in the Mahaa Samudra; then to Anant named Naag; and then produced two Madhu and Kaitabh named mighty Raakshas by Maayaa. Then you produced Kaal from your navel, then you produced me from it. You asked me to create universe, but you accepted the responsibility of sustaining the world at my request, and to protect the world you appeared in Vishnu form.

You protected all creatures by appearing as a mighty son from Aditi's womb. Seeing people in trouble by Raavan you decided to incarnate in Mrityu Lok for 10,000 years. Hey Bhagavan, now that period is also complete. Brahmaa Jee has sent me only to remind you. If you want to stay here for some more time to take care of public, you may stay back for some more time. And if you want to go to Dev Lok, then come to Dev Lok." Raam said - "I came here because Dharm was decreasing and evil people were troubling saints. Now I will do as Brahmaa has said. I will go there where I have come from."

Sarg 105-Lakshman's Kaal Comes 

When Raam and Kaal were talking, Durvaasaa Muni came to Raam's palace and said to Lakshman - "I have come here to see Raam and I have a very important work. Take me to Him." Lakshman said - "Hey Bhagavan, Raam is busy at this moment, you may wait for some time." Durvaasaa said angrily - "Don't make me furious. Take me to Raam immediately, otherwise I will give Shaap to all - kingdom, city, Raam, Bharat, your children."

Lakshman thought as what to do now. He quickly decided that it was better to die instead of destruction of everything, so he went to inform Raam about Durvaasaa Muni's coming. Then Raam met Muni Durvaasaa after seeing off Kaal and said politely - "Hey Braahman, What can I do for you?" Durvaasaa Muni said - "Hey Raam, Today is the end of my 1,000 year fast, so satisfy me with food." Raam offered him food happily and saw him off. Then he became sad remembering His promise made to Kaal. He thought, "Now my time has come along with my brothers, that is why it has to happen like this."

Sarg 106-Lakshman's Swargaarohan

Seeing Raam sitting lowering His head, Lakshman said - "You shouldn't be sad for me. Kaal's behavior is very strange. You keep your Dharm and promise by killing me." Raam got extremely sad hearing Lakshman's words, but He called His ministers and Purohit and told them about the coming of Muni's messenger, His promise, and coming of Durvaasaa Muni. Vashishth Jee said - "O long-armed, We know about your separation from Lakshman and your destruction. Don't break your promise, leave Lakshman. If somebody breaks the promise then his Dharm is destroyed."

Raam said to Lakshman - "Hey Saumitra, To keep my Dharm, I leave you. Both leaving and to kill a good man  are alike." Hearing Raam Lakshman started weeping. He came out immediately and went to Sarayoo River, instead of going to His own home. There He did Aachman and controlled His all Indriyaan. He stopped breathing. Devtaa showered flowers and Indra took Lakshman with His body to Swarg, but no human being could see it.

Sarg 107-Raam Informs Everybody About His Going

After leaving Lakshman, Raam got very sad. He told His Purohit to make preparations for Bharat's coronation and He Himself decided to follow Lakshman. All courtiers got stunned hearing this. Bharat got unconscious. Later Bharat said - "I do not want kingdom without you, I tell you the truth. Lav and Kush are now capable to rule. Hand over Kaushal to Kush and Uttar Kaushal to Lav. And the send the message to Shatrughn of our going."

Vashishth Jee said - "Hey Raam, Look at your public and act according to their wish." Raam asked - "Tell me what to do ?" Public said - "Hey Raajaa, You don't leave us, take us with you. This is our wish that we, along with our family, live near you feet." So Raam gave Kaushal to Kush, and Uttar Kaushal to Lav and performed their Abhishek. After the Abhishek, Raam made them sit in His lap, gave them a lots of wealth and sent them to their kingdoms with a lots of army. He sent a messenger to Shatrughn also.






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