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Page 37:  Sarg 108-111



Sarg 108-Shatrughn Comes to Raam 

Messengers arrived in Mathuraa Puree  soon and told Shatrughn about all - leaving Lakshman, Raam's going to Swarg, Raam's sons Abhishek, going of public with Raam; and in the end asked him to come soon. Hearing this terrible story of destruction of family, Shatrughn called Kaanchan named Purohit and told everything to him. He told him about the leaving of his own body too. Then Shatrughn performed Abhishek of Subaahu for Mathuraa and Shatrughaatee for Vaidish; and divided the wealth and army between them. He came to Ayodhyaa with the same messengers.

When he came to Ayodhyaa, he saw Raam sitting wearing only minimum silken clothes. He said to Raam - "I have come here after performing the Abhishek of my sons and making up my mind to go with you. Please do not order me to do anything else, because I do not want to disobey you in any way." Seeing Shatrughn's firm intention and decision, Raam said - "All right, You also come with me." Then all Vaanar, bears, Raakshas came to see Raam - "We will also go with you otherwise we will be like dead here." Sugreev said - "Hey Raam, I have done Angad's Abhishek and I am also ready to go." 

Raam accepted their offer and said to Vibheeshan - "Hey Mitra, You will live and rule Lankaa till this public, Prithvi and my stories will stay. You always worship Jagannaath Jee, Devtaa of Ikshwaaku Kul." Then He said to Hanumaan - "Hey Pavan-Putra, You may wander in this world obeying me till my stories are alive in this world." Then Raam said to Jaambvaan, Maind and Dwivid - "You should be alive till Kali comes." Then He said to others - "As you have said, you may come with me."

Sarg 109-Everybody Goes With Raam

Next day morning Raam said to Vashishth Jee - "Three fires of my Agnihotra should go in front with Braahman, materials and Vaajpeya Chhatra (umbrella) . Then Purohit Vashishth Jee completed all rites of Raam'a Mahaa Prasthaan, then Raam started for the bank of the Sarayoo carrying Kush in hand, reading Ved. On His right side was Padm (lotus flower) and Shree (Lakshmee), on His left side was Prithvi, various arrows, bows, other weapons in human form. Ved Gaayatree, Omkaar, Yashtrakaar followed Raam in Braahman form. Animals, birds, children, old people, servants, women of palace, Bharat, Shatrughn, ministers, public, employees, Agnihotra also followed Raam. Everybody was happy, nobody was sad. Whoever came to see this procession, they also started following Him. Thus all followed Raam and nobody was seen in Ayodhyaa.

Sarg 110-All Arrive in Their Respective Lok

When Raam arrived on the banks of westward Sarayoo, then Brahmaa Jee came with millions of Vimaan. Dev Gan started showering flowers. As Raam entered Sarayoo, Brahmaa Jee said from the sky - "Hey Vishnu, Please come to Dev Lok along with you brothers. You may enter in whichever form you prefer - Vaishnav, idol, or sky. You are immortal, nobody can know your Maayaa." Hearing these words of Brahmaa Jee Raam entered Vaishnav Lok with His brothers with their mortal body.

Rishi, Gandharv, Daitya, Daanav all prayed Vishnu-like Raam. Indra said - "We are blessed by your coming here." Then Vishnu said to Brahmaa Jee - "Please give them some living place to all of them who have come with me. They are all my Bhakt. They have come with me leaving their interest in their own lives because of their love to me."

Brahmaa Jee said - "Whoever living beings are born in Tiryak Yoni and meditate you, they go to Sanaatan Lok, thus they all will go to Sanaatan Lok. Vaanar and bear may take their Devtaa form, Sugreev will enter Soorya Mandal." Hearing Brahmaa Jee, the people who were standing on the Goprataar Ghaat of Sarayoo River, sat in the waters with tears flowing, left their bodies and boarded their Vimaan. All kinds of living being left their bodies in Sarayoo waters and went to Dev Lok. Brahmaa Jee went to HisLlok after sending all to Swarg Lok.

Sarg 111-Importance of This Epic

This is Vaalmeeki written Raamaayan with Uttar Kaand. Brahmaa has also admired it. It describes only that Vishnu's character and life story who is Omnipresent, who has gone to Swarg Lok from Mrityu Lok. The great Rishi, Devtaa, Maharshi get peace after hearing or reading it. This epic increases age span, destroys sins, gets sons, get wealth. And whoever reads it daily he gets sons and grandsons in this Lok and goes to Swarg Lok after death. Whoever reads even one Shlok of this epic, he is freed from all kinds of sins. Whosoever reads it any time of the day - morning, afternoon, he does not fall ill. After Raam Ayodhyaa will be without human beings for many years. Then later Rishabh Naabh will habitat Ayodhyaa in his times.

Iti Uttar Kaand
Iti Vaalmeeki Raamaayan





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