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7-Uttar Kaand

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Page 35:  Sarg 100-102

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Sarg 100-Bharat Goes to Win Gandharv

After some time, Buddhaajit, the King of Kaikaya Desh, sent Garg Muni to Raam with some gifts for Him - 10,000 horses, blankets, many gems and jewelry. Raam got very happy to hear the coming of Angiraa Rishi's son Garg Muni. He went one Kos with His brothers to welcome Maharshi, brought him in the city and asked his welfare. He took Maamaa's gifts from him and asked the reason of his coming and if there was any message from Maamaa Yudhaajit.

Maharshi Garg said - "Listen to the message which Yudhaajit has sent to you. On the banks of Sindhu River, the son of Gandharv Raaj Shailoosh rules with 30 million (3 Crores) Gandharv. This country is very beautiful. You win that country and expand your kingdom." Hearing this Raam looked at Bharat and said - "Hey Maharshi, Bharat's two sons - Taksh and Pushkal along with Bharat will go there, kill those Gandharv and win their kingdom. And Bharat will habitat two cities. After handing over them to his sons he will come back." So Bharat Jee went there with Garg Muni and his sons and a huge army.

Sarg 101-Bharat's Children Get Kingdom 

Yudhaajit got very happy to see Bharat coming with a huge army. He took his own army also and both armies surrounded Gandharv. The battle continued for 7 days but nobody won. Then Bharat used Samvart named Kaalaastra which killed 30 millions (3 Crores) Gandharv in a moment. Bharat habited two cities - Takshshilaa and Pushkalaavat, handed over to Taksh and Pushkal respectively. Bharat stayed there for five years to settle them, then he came back to Ayodhyaa and told everything to Raam.

Sarg 102-Lakshman's Sons Also Get Kingdom

Raam got very happy to hear about Raajya Abhishek of Bharat's two sons. He said to Lakshman, I wish that your sons - Angad and Chandraketu should rule in such country where the public is always happy." Bharat said - "Kumaar Angad may rule on beautiful Kaarupath Desh and Chandraketu may rule on Chandrakaant. According to Bharat Raam won those countries and habited two cities and left Bharat to help Chandraketu, and Lakshman to help Angad in their ruling and came back to Ayodhyaa, Lakshman spent one year with Angad and came back to Ayodhyaa. Bharat also lived with Chandraketu for one year, then came back to Ayodhyaa. Thus 10,000 years passed ruling religiously.






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