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Page 34:  Sarg 95-99

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Sarg 95-Raam Calls Seetaa to Prove Herself 

After that those children recited that epic for several says. After the six Kaand, Raam came to know that they were Seetaa's sons, He sent two messengers to Vaalmeeeki's Aashram with the message that if Seetaa is pure and clean, then She should come and convince Ayodhyaa's public. If Seetaa wants to clear our black spot then She should come here and take vow to be clean and pure.

Maharshi said to the messenger - "Raajaa's orders will be obeyed. Husband is the highest for a woman so She will surely obey this." Messengers told this reply to Raam. Raam got very happy to hear this and said to Rishi Gan and kings - "Tomorrow you may see Seetaa taking vow with your own eyes." Rishi and kings admired Raam greatly and said - "Only you can behave in such a way in this world."

Sarg 96-Vaalmeeki Presents Seetaa as Sinless

First thing in the morning, Raam called all Muni Gan and kings in royal court. Vashishth, Jaabaali, Kashyap, Vaamdev, Vishwaamitra, Deerghtamaa, Durvaasaa, Pulastya, Garg, Chyavan, Shataanand, Shakti, Bhaargav, Vaaman, Maarkandeya, Vaaman, Modgalya, Suprabh, Naarad, Parvat, Gautam etc many great Rishi came and sat on their Aasan. The whole public was very anxious to listen to Seetaa's vow.

At that time Vaalmeeki Jee came with Seetaa who was coming lowering Her head. Her eyes were full of tears, but She was continuously remembering Raam in Her heart. Vaalmeki Jee said to Raam - "Your wife is the highest among all Pativrataa women, bears good character and always meditates you. Both these boys are the sons of Seetaa. I am the 10th son of Prachetaa and I do not remember speaking even one untrue sentaence. I do not tell lies. This is the whole truth, and nothing but the truth. These children are yours. I brought Her in my Aashram considering Her good character. She is innocent, sinless, still She will convince you about her innocence because of the fear of the public. I have known from Yog power that although you know that She is sinless, still you left Her because of the fear of the public."

Sarg 97-Seetaa Proves Herself Again

Raam said to Maharshi - "After hearing from you, now I do not have any doubt in Her purity and cleanliness.  Seetaa has already passed the fire test in the presence of Devtaa in Lankaa. We brought Her to Ayodhyaa only after that test. But I had to leave Her because of public talks. Lav and Kush are our sons, I know that. I believe that I will love Her as before."

At the same time Braahman, Aaditya, Vasu, Rudra, Vishwadev, Rudra Gan, Naag and Siddh Gan also came there. Cool, slow air started flowing around and it was all happiness all around. Then Seetaa came in colored clothes and stood joining Her palms together. She said - "If I have even thought about any other man except Raam then this earth should split and I fall into it. If I am pure and Pativrataa then Maa Prithvi should take me in her lap."

At the same time Prithvi split and a throne came out of it. Devee Prithvi was sitting on that throne. Devee lifted Seetaa with her both hands and the throne went to Rasaatal. Devtaa showered flowers. All public stood without even blinking their eyes in the Yagyashaalaa.

Sarg 98-Brahmaa Jee Consoles Raam 

Raam got very sad at disappearing of Seetaa in Rasaatal. He started weeping, then said angrily - "Our Lakshmee-like Seetaa got disappeared in front of me? If we brought Her after killing Raavan, then I can bring Her back from Rasaatal also. Hey Prithvi, Seetaa took birth from you at the time when Raajaa Janak was tilling his land. Thus you are my mother-in-law. You return my Seetaa back, otherwise you take me also there. Wherever Seetaa will live, I will also live at the same place. If you will not return my Seetaa as She was, then I will hurt you along with mountains and caves, and destroy you." 

Seeing Raam so much grieved, Brahmaa Jee said - "Hey Raam, You are the incarnation of Vishnu. You should not be so sad. Seetaa has gone to Naag Lok. You listen to this Vaalmeeki written Uttar Kaand attentively. This is very good epic. Your character is described in this epic, so you listen to its remaining part." Brahmaa Jee went away after telling this to Raam.

Raam said to Vaalmeeki Jee - "Hey Tapaswee, All Rishi Gan are curious to listen to my future. Therefore the remaining part should be recited tomorrow." Lav and Kush also went to their hut built from leaves.

Sarg 99-Remaining Raamaayan

Next day Raam called all Muni and kings and told His sons to recite the remaining part. Lav and Kush started reciting. After Seetaa had left for Rasaatal, Raam completed His Yagya with great difficulty. He sent off all Vaanar, Raakshas and kings and came back to Ayodhyaa. He was extremely sad in Ayodhyaa. He did not remarry so in every Yagya He used to keep a gold statue of Seetaa beside Him.

Raam ruled for 10,000 years according to religious rules. He did Vaamdev, Agnishtom, Atriraatra, etc Yagya His public was very happy in His kingdom. Clouds rained enough, Prithvi gave enough grains, there was never a disease to anybody. Nobody died untimely. After long time Kaushalyaa died, after her Sumitraa and Kaikeyee also died and all lived with Raajaa Dasharath. Raam donated to a lots of Tapaswee and did Yagya to satisfy Pitar.






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