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Page 33:  Sarg 91-94

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Sarg 91-Preparation of Ashwamedh Yagya

Later with the permission of Raam, Lakshman, Vashishth Jee, Vaamdev, Jaavaali, and Kashyap etc Rishi were invited to do Ashwamedh Yagya. When they came, Raam greeted them and asked their permission to do Ashwamedh Yagya. Rishi Gan got very happy to hear this and admired His idea. Raam said to Lakshman - "Invite Sugreev with his army to see this Yagya, Vibheeshan also with Raakshas, Braahman from near and from far with their wives, men, women, Siddh, Chaaran etc. Build Yagyashaalaa in Naimishaaranya on the banks of Gomatee River, 

Invite everybody and treat them appropriately. Send the army in front, behind them should be 100,000 (1 Lakh) carts filled with wheat, rice, Moong (green beans) etc eatables; Ghee, oil etc sweet smelling materials and gold. You all brothers should also go with all mothers." Thus obeying Raam, Bharat, and Shatrughn collected all materials and started towards Naimishaaranya. Sugreevv and Vibheeshan also came there to see this Yagya.

Sarg 92-All Are Served Well 

After Bharat and Shatrughn had left with all kinds of materials, Raam sent Krishnsaar named horse [for the Yagya]. Lakshman went with the horse along with the army. When Lakshman had left, Raam came to Yagyashaalaa. He got very happy to see the architect of the Yagyashaalaa and kings coming from various countries. Bharat and Shatrughn were busy in welcoming guests. Sugreev and Vaanar were offering food to Braahman. Vibheeshan was serving Rishi Muni. many houses were built ready to live for incoming kings.

Thus preparations for Ashwamedh Yagya were going on peak with great enthusiasm. Whoever asked for anything, he got the desired thing. Beggars did not have anything short there. Heaps of gems were always there to donate to beggars. Thus this Yagya continued for one year.

Sarg 93-Lav and Kush Come to See Raam's Yagya 

Hearing the news of Raam's Ashwamedh Yagya, Vaalmeeki Jee also came there. He stayed in a beautiful hut made with leaves with his disciples. Management team of the Yagya sent carts filled of grains, fruits, roots etc. Maharshi said to Lav and Kush - "My children, Here all kings, Rishi and Muni are present. Here you can recite your Raamaayan. You have got many kinds of fruits and roots for food. You will not get tired by eating them and your throat will also be good for singing. 

If Raam invites you to sing there, then you may sing it before Him also. And as I have told you, you recite 20 Sarg only daily. When you recite this Kathaa, you must not wish for money, because whosoever eats fruits, roots, what he will do of money. You must not disregard the King also as the King is the father of all human beings. If Raam asks you, "Whose sons are you?" tell Him, "We are Maharshi Vaalmeeki's disciples." Recite it in the morning." Lav and Kush agreed to this and slept in the hut.

Sarg 94-Raam Invites Lav and Kush to Sing

Next day Lav and Kush did Havan after taking bath and start reciting Raamaayan. When Raam heard the poetry in such a sweet voice rhythm, He got highly impressed . He called Rishi, Muni, kings, Braahman, musicians, Shaastra knowers, astrologers, logicians, artists and other qualitative people there and offered them appropriate Aasan. Then He called Lav and Kush and asked them to recite Raamaayan. Lav and Kush started singing it. All the audience got hold his breath. Nobody looked contented hearing that recitation. All kings, Rishi Gan looked at those children with great joy.

All said among themselves, "There is a great resemblance between Raam and these children. If they had worn royal clothes, there was no difference between them. After Lav and Kush had finished their recitation after the 2oth Sarg of Baal Kaand, Raam said to Lakshman - "Brother, Give them 18,000 gold coins from our royal treasury. Lakshman immediately brought that money from the treasury and gave it to them, but they did not accept it. Everybody got very surprised to see this. 

Raam asked them - "Children, How long is this epic and who has written it?" Children replied - "Mahaaraaj, Maharshi Vaalmeeki has written this. It contains 24,000 Shlok, 100 Vyaakhyaan, and 500 Sarg along with Uttar Kaand besides six Kaand. Maharshi has narrated your life history in this epic. If you wish to listen to it, then listen to it daily after finishing your daily chores." After saying this Lav and Kush went to their Aashram and Raam also came to His Yagyashaalaa happily.






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