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Page 32: Sarg 87-90

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Sarg 87-King Il's Story 

Pleased with Lakshman's words, Raam said - "Whatever stories of Vritraasur killing and Ashwamedh Yagya you told me, they are all true. In olden times there was one Il named religious king. He was Prajaapati Kardam Muni's son. He ruled this Prithvi with his own might and courage. He took care of his public like his own children. Even Naag, Devtaa, Asur, Raakshas all used to fear from him. Once he arrived in the forest preying where Bhagvaan Kaartikeya was born. At that time Bhagvaan Shankar was enjoying there with Paarvatee Jee in female form. With the power of Shankar Jee, birds and animals were also turned into females.

Il also came in that Van and found all his soldiers, including himself, in female form. Seeing this he got very sad. After knowing that this was all because of Shankar Jee, he went into the shelter of Shiv Jee. Shiv Jee said - "You may ask any Var except your manhood." He got very sad hearing this so he didn't ask for any Var. Then he went to Paarvatee Jee and said - "Be kind to me, Maa." 

Paarvatee Jee understood his purpose, so She said - "Hey Raajan, I can give you only half Vardaan. You can ask half Var from Shankar Jee and ask half Var related to manhood or womanhood from me."  Raaja got very happy to hear this, he said - "Hey Bhagvatee, I should be a woman for one month and a man for another month. Give me only this Var." Paarvatee Jee said, "As you wish. When you will be a man, you will not remember anything of your being woman and vice versa." So Hey Lakshman, After that Raajaa Il lived as man for one month and Ilaa named woman for another month.

Sarg 88-Raajaa Il's Life as Man and Woman 

Bharat and Lakshman asked - "Il must have felt very bad living like this." Raam said - "In the first month Raajaa Il was wandering with his women friends in that forest on a hill. Budh, son of Chandramaa, was doing Tap in a pond. Ilaa entered the pond with his women friends. Budh got distracted, seeing that beautiful woman. He came out of the pond, went to his Aashram and thought "if she is unmarried then she is for me". Then he called all those women and asked them - "Whose wife is this most beautiful woman? And why has she come here?" Women said - "She is our mistress and is still unmarried. She also wanders in this forest with us." Then Budh knew all about Raajaa Il by his Yog power and said to those women - "You build an Aashram here on this Parvat and wander here in Kinnaree form, you will soon get Kinnar husbands."

Sarg 89-Il has a Son-Pururavaa 

Then Budh sent all those women with Kinnaree form and then said to Ilaa - "O beautiful, I am Chandramaa's son Budh. You enjoy with me as my wife. Ilaa found herself in a lonely place so she accepted his offer and Budh used to live with her. Thus Chaitra Maas passed in a moment and at the end of the month, Il woke up on the bed instead of Ilaa. He found a Tapaswee nearby in the water raising his hand and doing Tapasyaa.

He said to him - "Hey Tapaswee, I came with my soldiers. I don't know where have they gone." As Budh knew about his Shaap, that he had no remembrance of his being woman, so he said to Il - "Hey Raajan, There was a heavy hail storm, so all soldiers were killed in that storm and you slept in my Aashram frightened with storm. But now you need not to be frightened, you may stay back here in my Aashram and eat fruits and flowers.

Raajaa Il said - "Hey Tapaswee, Now I will go to my kingdom, and see my wife and children. If I will not go now then my eldest son Shashbindu will become the king, that is why I cannot stay here any more." But Brahm Gyaanee Budh managed to keep him there for one year. For one month he used to enjoy living with Budh and next month he used to do religious activities. In the ninth month, Ilaa gave birth to a son. Ilaa gave that son to Budh. He got known as Pururavaa. Thus Raajaa Il passed one year as woman for one month and as man for another month in enjoyment and religious discourses.

Sarg 90-Later Life of Raaja Il 

Hearing this wonderful story of the birth of the son of Ilaa, Lakshman and Bharat said - "Please tell us the story of his later years." Raam said - "After one year has passed, when Raajaa Il became the male, then Budh called Rishi Chyavan, Durvaasaa, Samvart etc and asked the solution of Il's problem.

While Budh was consulting these Muni, Pulastya Muni and Kardam Rishi also came with Balatkaar and Omkaar Muni. Kardam Rishi said - "Hey Munivar, There is no hope for his good, until Bhagvaan Shankar is happy so we should do an Ashwamedh Yagya to please Shankar Jee to do good for him." All Muni supported this and the Ashwamedh Yagya was done nearby Budh's Aashram. At the end of the Yagya, Shankar Jee said - "Hey Rishi, I am very happy with your Bhakti and Ashwamedh Yagya. What good should I do for Il?" Muni said - "Hey Prabhu, Return his manhood for ever, this is our wish." Mahaadev Jee fulfilled their wish and disappeared. All Rishi went to their places and Raajaa Il started ruling the kingdom by habiting a city named Pratishthaan Pur.






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