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Page 31:  Sarg 82-86

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Sarg 82-Raam Goes Back to Ayodhyaa 

Raam did Sandhyaa and Soorya worship after doing Aachman from that pond, he ate some Kand, roots and fruits and took rest in Agastya Muni's Aashram. After finishing His daily chores he asked Muni's permission to go back to Ayodhyaa. Muni Jee said - "Hey Raam, You are very polite and Dharm Knower. A human being who has your Darshan is worshipped by Devtaa too. Who is not your well-wisher, he goes to Narak (hell). You may go back to your city and take care of your public religiously." Then Raam boarded His Pushpak Vimaan and went away. All Muni blessed Him by raising their hands. Soon Raam arrived in Ayodhyaa. There He asked His gatekeeper to call His younger brothers.

Sarg 83-Vritraasur Becomes Powerful

Bharat and Lakshman came immediately. Lakshman said - "Hey Raajaa, Now you do Ashwamedh Yagya which destroys all sins. Indra got free from Brahm Hatyaa after doing this Yagya. Before Asur and Devtaa used to live affectionately. Then there was an Asur named Vritra who was a Dharm knower and intelligent. Prithvi was full of grain and wealth under his rule. Grain used to grew without tilling the land. He used to take care of public according to Dharm.

At one time, with the desire of Tap and detaching himself from Maayaa and Moh (intense love), Vritra handed over his kingdom to his son Madhureshwar and went to forest. Scared of his intense Tap Indra went to Vishnu along with other Devtaa and prayed Him - "Hey our Protector, Vritraasur has controlled all Lok through his Tap. If his Tapasyaa had completed, it will be very difficult. He is very mighty and religious. We cannot win him. Please protect us. Because of your favor he has been controlling all Lok. But you fight with him, we cannot live even for a moment. Please save us."

Sarg 85-Vishnu Gives His Powers to Indra

Lakshman said - "Hearing Devtaa's prayer, Vishnu Bhagvaan replied - "Vritraasur is my friend. I do not want to kill him myself, but I have to do your good too, so I give my one part to Indra, the second one in Indra's Vajra form and third one in Prithvi. That is how Indra will be able to kill him easily."

So Indra etc all Devtaa went where Vritraasur was doing Tap. Seeing his Tap he seemed invincible to Devtaa. At that time Indra cut his head with His terrible Vajra. As soon as he died, the whole world got frightened. "I have killed Vritraasur without any of his fault". Thinking thus Indra ran away from there fearing Brahm Hatyaa. When the sin of Brahm Hatyaa started hurting His body, then Devtaa prayed Vishnu - "Vritraasur was killed by your grace and now Brahm Hatyaa is affecting Indra. Please free Him from this Paap." Vishnu said - "When Indra will do Ashwamedh Yagya to please me then only he will be free from His sin of Brahm Hatyaa.

Sarg 86-Indra's Paap is Divided in Four Parts 

Indra started shaking like a hurt snake. All beings of Trilok were also in trouble. All rivers, Van, ponds got dry because of lack of rains. Devtaa got worried seeing the Lok destroyed like this. Then they went to the place where Indra was lying unconscious along with Brihaspati and many Rishi to do Ashwamedh Yagya. When this Yagya, done to pacify Brahm Hatyaa, got complete, Brahm Hatyaa herself came in person and said - "Hey Devtaa, Tell me now where should I live?

Devtaa said - "You get divided in four parts." Brahm Hatyaa said - "I will be in rivers through rains from my one part; in young women for three days from my second part; in Prithvi (nothing will grow in it) from my third part; and in evil people who will kill innocent Braahman from my fourth part. Thus I will live at four places in four parts." After saying this Brahm Hatyaa went away. Indra got clean and He re-established Himself on His throne and the whole universe got peaceful. You also do the same by doing Ashwamedh Yagya.






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